I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1112

Martial God just came to Great Thousand Worlds not long ago. He doesn’t know what kind of creatures the evil race is.

However, the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds know that the evil race basically has no bottom line and no morals!

If you let them go together, then they go together. It’s still listening to you and giving you face…

“I feel the breath on you, it doesn’t belong Great Thousand Worlds!”

At this moment, the young man of the Taixu clan licked his scarlet lips, dropped a palm, and hit Martial God’s shoulder, scraping out a bunch of blood!

After that, he stepped aside, showing a greedy and enjoyable expression, and even swallowed the blood of Martial God stained on his hands into his mouth.

“Hiss…this smell…the breath of the ancestral world!” The greed in the eyes of the young people of the Taixu clan grew stronger, staring at Martial God, and said: “You! I’m going to eat!”

“Don’t grab it!” Jiang Chen angry roar, Martial God is his enemy, and it is natural to personally kill him today!

However, these words fell in the ears of the young people of the Taixu clan. It is undoubtedly that Jiang Chen wants to snatch “food!” from him.

“The Jiang clan does not eat Human Race. “The young man of the Taixu clan coldly said, the silhouette suddenly turned into a rain of tens of thousands of blood, just like an External Body Incarnation, directly submerging Martial God!

“You two, don’t you really think I’m a bully!?” Martial God roared, dancing with his fists, and shattered the tens of thousands of blood that the young people of Taixu had turned into!

After that, everyone saw that the young man of the Taixu clan was fisted by Martial God, and the black blood was spilled along the way, seemingly injured!

“This guy…is so strong!?”

“It is indeed the dísciple of the True Martial Palace, and his ability is overwhelming the young man of the Taixu clan!”


Many people exclaimed that they really didn’t expect Martial God to be so strong.


But, at this moment, a muffled noise came from Martial God!

Everyone looked intently and saw that Jiang Chen had come behind Martial God at some unknown time. Under a finger pointed, he almost penetrated the back of Martial God’s head!

If Martial God hadn’t reacted very quickly and moved sideways, I am afraid that this blow would be enough to kill Martial God!


At this moment, Martial God stared at Jiang Chen. He always felt that this person seemed familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere!

Jiang Chen was so stared at by Martial God, and his heart was furry, secretly thought that his identity should not be revealed!


Immediately, Jiang Chen couldn’t control that many anymore. Both hands forming seals and within the body divine force broke out, and the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow also appeared. !

The left hand condenses the Dragon Boxing, the right hand condenses the tiger’s palm, and both hands are pushed out horizontally. Strikes are on Martial God!

However, the current Martial God is extremely powerful, and it is also thrusting out with both hands, which actually blocked Jiang Chen’s attack!

And, Martial God waved a fist, like a star falling, and the power of horror seemed to gather the vast Power of Stars!

Under this fist, Jiang Chen didn’t have time to react, so he was shocked and flew out, and blood was spilled along the way!

“Who is this guy!? Isn’t it too fierce?!”

“The boy who retired first from the Taixu clan, and now belongs to the Zhenfeijiang clan again, this True Martial Palace’s dísciple…is really strong!”

all around, many people look stupid.

Although they know that the dísciple of True Martial Palace is very strong, they never thought that it could be so strong!

“Strong? Is he so strong?”

Suddenly, the young man of the Taixu clan stood up, stretched his shin bones, and said contemptuously: “This kind of stuff In my eyes, it’s just food that’s all.” After that, I saw him thrust out again, and at the same time the silhouette became illusory, and at the same time a black river of blood appeared!

The blood river seemed to fall from endless void, just like the Star River hanging upside down. It was shot down and blasted Martial God away!

Besides, Martial God’s body was stained with some black blood stains. At this moment, its fleshy body was flaring with smoke and seemed to be burned!

“My True Martial Palace and the Taixu clan are a little bit hypocritical, this little friend, don’t hurt my harmony.”

Just when the Taixu clan’s teenagers are about to do it again, The emperor of True Martial Palace spoke.


At this moment, the young man of the Taixu clan raised his brows and looked up towards the emperor of True Martial Palace outside the Formation, and then lightly said with a smile: “Okay, I’ll give you a face. If not… he is now the food in my mouth!”

“The rumors are true!? True Martial Palace really has something to do with the evil race!?”

“True Martial Palace can be said to be black and white, not to mention the evil race, it is said that the relationship with Divine Spirit Race is also very good!”


Many people are shocked. They only know that the inheritance of True Martial Palace is immortal, but they never thought that True Martial Palace has a relationship with the evil race!

However, they soon discovered that the emperor of True Martial Palace didn’t seem to care much about Jiang Chen.

“The relationship between True Martial Palace and the Jiang clan… doesn’t seem very good.” Someone whispered.

“The Jiang clan and the Taixu clan are rivals. Since True Martial Palace has a good relationship with the Taixu clan, it is naturally impossible to have a good relationship with the Jiang clan.” Someone explained.

At this moment, Jiang Chen stood up from a distance, expressing Ling Ran, and the power within the body was roaring!

However, after a few breaths, Jiang Chen suddenly put away the imposing manner, and even the power within the body calmed down!

Because Jiang Chen is afraid!

Know that there are emperors here, if Jiang Chen uses all his strength, he will definitely expose his identity!

The consequences are very serious!

Although Jiang Chen wanted to help his enemies, but he did not lose his mind!

“When this place is over, I will fight you again.” Jiang Chen looked towards Martial God, the killing intent in his eyes did not hide.

Martial God hearing this, sneered contemptuously, and said: “What about the Jiang clan? Just your cultivation base, if you fight with me, you will definitely lose!”

“Really?” Jiang Chen’s heart suddenly burst into anger!

Surely defeat?

If there is no emperor here, if you are not worried about your identity being exposed, you are a Divine King like you, I will punch you!

In the end, Jiang Chen did not continue to speak, but looked towards a hill next to Martial God.

There are a few Human Race youths occupying there, and the cultivation base is in the Middle God King, but it is not to be trifled with.

After that, Jiang Chen turned his gaze to several other hills.

From this look, Jiang Chen felt quite helpless.

Because the cultivation base of those who enter Xuanshan is in Divinity King Realm.

If you want to defeat these Divine Kings, unless Jiang Chen uses all his strength to expose his hole cards!

If you do that, Jiang Chen is probably not far from death.

“Although you are the dísciple of the Jiang clan, but… you are here as the cultivation base, I am afraid it will be a waste of time.”

“I’m all Divine. King, there are two great realms with you, what are you fighting with us?”


At this moment, many people laughed at them, and they were very happy.

After all, it is really comfortable for many people to mock the Jiang clan in aloof and remote normally!

However, Jiang Chen suddenly showed a smile, and the aura on his body suddenly changed, as if he had changed!

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