I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1113

Jiang Chen had always worried that if he used all his strength, he might reveal his identity, so he chose to forbear!

But now, it’s different!

Just now, Jiang Chen clearly felt that a very familiar force quietly entered his within the body!

“Huang Tian!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, but there was a wicked smile on his face.

However, this time Huang Tian didn’t give a lot of power. It just made Jiang Chen’s cultivation base temporarily reach Divine King.

Furthermore, Huang Tian’s methods are quite profound, which changed Jiang Chen’s Source Aura, and even his soul, even Dao Soul, was covered with one after another zodiac aura!

In this way, even if Jiang Chen used all his strength, these people couldn’t see any weak spot or Ni Duan!

Even the emperor is here, he can’t clearly understand his foundation!

After all, Huang’s strength of Heaven might have contended with the emperor!

“This hill, I want it.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked towards a hill next to Martial God, the voice fell, and people rushed to the top of the hill!

Without waiting for a few people on the top of the mountain to react, Jiang Chen punched out one after another, without any fancy!

However, every punch fell, giving people a feeling of unmatched!

The fist shook, and the trembling void was distorted. The people on the top of the mountain didn’t even have room to resist, they were directly blown off!

“No way?! Titled god, actually… actually overwhelming Divine King!?”

“This…how is it possible!?”

… …

The people all around exclaimed, in their eyes, Jiang Chen’s realm at the moment is still a titled god.

After all, Huang Tian’s methods are indeed extraordinary, helping Jiang Chen hide many things.

“There are two things, but it’s a pity, you can’t.” Martial God taunted on the hill next to him with a look of contempt.

But, he also frowns, constantly looking at Jiang Chen, always feel like he has been seen somewhere.

“Is it OK, I didn’t say it with my mouth.” Jiang Chen lightly said, a killing intent flashed deep in his pupil!

“Taixu guy! You are too much!”

“Too cruel!”


Suddenly , On the top of the mountain opposite Jiang Chen, there were a few angry shouts and screams!

Everyone hurriedly looked, and saw that the young man of the Taixu clan was full of blood, and even licked his scarlet lips.

Under his feet, there are still some mutilated corpses, a bloody one!

And the group of creatures who occupied that mountain before, have no one’s life at this moment, they are all swallowed by the young man of the Taixu clan!

“A long time ago, you were our blood food.” The Taixu clan didn’t care, lightly said: “Nowadays, it’s just a hundred clan stand in great numbers, I don’t want to fight What that’s all, if you really want to fight, I will be enough to swallow everything!”

“This era is different from the ancient times! In this era, it is not your evil race that has the final say!”

“You also know that Hundred Clan stand in great numbers!? Under Hundred Clan stand in great numbers, what are you so imaginary!?”


all around, Human Race, and even Monster Race creatures are angry.

They feel that this young man of the Taixu clan is too cruel, and will swallow alive people at every turn!

“hmph! I ate, what can you do with me?” The young man of the Taixu clan raised his eyebrows, glanced across the creatures all around, raised his chin slightly, and said, “Remember, The name of the deity is Crown Prince!”

“What!? He is Crown Prince!?”

“The most powerful powerhouse of the younger generation of the Taixu family, Crown Prince!?”


At this moment, the exclamation sounded one after another, and even the expressions of the emperors standing outside the Formation changed!

The name of Crown Prince, in this era, can be described as a resounding Quartet Star Domain!

It is not only extremely powerful, but also the highest in the last ages innate talent aptitude!

However, its most famous is not strength, but brutality and blood!

Any creatures that are hostile to him, from their debut to the present, no one has survived, they have all been swallowed by him!

Even, not long ago, he swallowed a white luan!

“Fortunately, I am not interested in you today. I came here today, one for medicine pill, and the other for the kid of the Jiang clan!” Crown Prince raised his eyebrows, his eyes fell on Jiang Chen Body.

I saw him look contemptuous, with a hint of greed in his eyes, and said: “I haven’t eaten the Jiang clan for a long time, and I almost forgot the taste.”

” Then your body soaks your feet!” Jiang Chen is not to be outdone, knowing that the body of the Taixu clan is a pool of black blood!

“You! Impudent!”

Who knows, after hearing this, Crown Prince suddenly got excited!

I saw the fierce light in his eyes exposed, staring at Jiang Chen fiercely, and said: “You will die very miserably later!”

“Take your feet!” Jiang Chen continued.

Jiang Chen also noticed that Crown Prince’s mood now seems to be wrong.

Especially when I heard the word soaking feet, it seemed to be about to run away!

“Hiss…this Jiang clan boy is really fat enough, how can I say this casually!? I don’t know if this is the taboo of the Taixu clan!”

“You can keep your voice down. I heard that there was an Old Ancestor from the Taixu clan, who was beheaded and transformed into his body. As a result… the other party was a murderer, so he held the old Ancestor from the Taixu clan. Soak your feet…”

“No way!? And this and other things!? Who is that murderer? Dare to take the Taixu clan to soak feet!?”

Many people are whispering, which makes Crown Prince even more unhappy, and the black blood is boiling behind him, as if he is going to run away!

“Boy! The deity killed you!”

After a few breaths, Crown Prince couldn’t help it after all. Under the angry roar, he was about to move towards Jiang Chen and rush away.

But, at this moment, on the six hills, suddenly there was a glow of light rising up!

Look carefully, in every glow, there is a pure medicine pill shrouded in Hunyuan!

The scent of pill is fragrant, and every medicine pill is branded with big runes!

“The pill is out!”

“Quickly grab it!”


The creatures in the Xuanshan rioted, they Although I don’t know what medicine pill these are, but I know, just grab it!

For a time, the creatures in the hanging mountain shot one after another, and some even rushed to the top of the mountain where Crown Prince was completely fearless of Crown Prince!

This is to seizing food from the tiger’s mouth!

Similarly, someone rushed to the top of Martial God!

However, more people rushed towards the hill where Jiang Chen is located!

After all, the cultivator present is the lowest cultivation base of Jiang Chen!

“Interesting, do you really think I am a soft persimmon?” Jiang Chen expression condensed, waved his left hand in the air, and took medicine pills into his hands.

The right hand is the stamp of a fist, the zodiac aura erupts like a yellow dragon-like, sending a group of people rushing out!

But, suddenly, a splitting the air sound sounded behind Jiang Chen!

Immediately, without waiting for Jiang Chen’s reaction, a cold glow cut through the void and directly nailed Jiang Chen’s head!

“Who!?” Jiang Chen was furious. If his fleshy body were not very strong, this cold glow was enough to penetrate his head and even wipe out his Divine Soul!

“en? Fleshy body so strong?” At the same time, a dark figure manifested not far behind Jiang Chen, with a hint of surprise on his face.

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