I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1114

There were many people who came to Xuanshan this time. Some people have been hiding in the dark, trying to find the right time to take one or two medicine pill.

But this person is different!

He has been lurking, not for medicine pill, but for killing Jiang Chen!

What made him didn’t expect is that Jiang Chen’s fleshy body is so powerful that it is unbreakable!

“You are courting death!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen complexion is gloomy, a zodiacal aura exploded, and his palms suppressed it, like a cloud falling down!



The sneak attacker had no time to evade, and he shook Jiang Chen’s palm, his whole person exploded instantly, even his soul Nothing left!

At this moment, all around people panicked a bit.

They can’t imagine why a titled god has such battle strength!

Under one palm, a Divine King was directly shocked to death!

“This guy is not simple! Let’s stay away from him.”

“The Jiang family is indeed not to be trifled with.”


For a time, many people retreated and chose a few other hills.

Jiang Chen didn’t walk around, occupying his own hill, and soared up the medicine pill with peace of mind.

Until the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Jiang Chen received more than 30 medicine pills, each medicine pill is very precious, the fragrance is tangy, and there are big runes in the medicine. Emerge on the pill!

“This place…Why are there these medicine pill?” Jiang Chen wondered, could it be that under these hills, place of charm and beauty?

If not, why do these medicine pill appear for no reason?

“Boy! Medicine pill is also finished, now it’s time to count the matter between us!”

At this moment, there are no medicine pill soaring out of the six hills. , Everyone is over.

Crown Prince looked towards Jiang Chen, is coming step by step.

At the same time, Martial God is also standing not far away, constantly wandering between Jiang Chen and Crown Prince.

He wants to take this opportunity to suppress Jiang Chen and Crown Prince, in order to show his power, so that he will be valued and cultivated by True Martial Palace!

However, before the three of them played against each other, on the main peak in the middle, there was a one after another bell!

The bell is very loud, like thunder, but after listening carefully, the bell seems to be…heartbeat!

“There are creatures in the main peak!?”

“What’s the matter with this heartbeat!?”


At this moment, even the emperor outside Formation was moved.

Be aware that the main peak of Xuanshan has not experienced any fluctuations since ancient times!

Can’t get in there, there are prohibitions on Formation everywhere!

But now, the sound of one after another heartbeat came from the main peak!

And, with the passage of time, the heartbeat sound became louder and louder, until finally, it exploded like real thunder!

At the same time, the Formation and the prohibition on the main peak are actually falling apart!

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, the Formation and prohibitions on the entire main peak have completely disappeared!

After that, everyone saw a pill furnace manifesting on the top of the main peak!

Pill furnace all around, the big runes turned into blossoming lotus flowers up and down, and even more rules turned into True Dragon hovering around the pill furnace all around!

Above the pill furnace, there seems to be a Primal Chaos Azure Lotus blooming, out of the ordinary!

“Is that the real Supreme Treasure of Xuanshan?!”

“With the breath of time, the pill furnace has existed for a long time, perhaps longer than the age I have waited to live Long!”


Besides the Formation, several emperors were frightened, with their pupils shining brightly, as if to clearly understand the pill furnace!

However, this place is extraordinary, gathering Power of Heaven and Earth, and more special rules, even the emperor can hardly see through everything here!

even more how, this pill furnace is obviously extraordinary, how can it be clearly understood!

“Be sure to get this pill furnace! Regardless of whether there is a medicine pill in it!”

“With the power of Power of Heaven and Earth, refining medicine pill for countless years…if so Being born, it will definitely cause a shock!”


Just as everyone was surprised and guessed, the natural phenomenon of the pill furnace all around suddenly disappeared!

Immediately afterwards, the six nearby mountains collapsed, gravel shot, and dust was flying!

The crowd rose in the air. When the dust settled, the expression of a group of people changed drastically!

I saw that under the six hills that collapsed and turned into ruins, there were six Dragon Veins!

The dragon tail faces outward, and the dragon head faces inward, gather with the hanging mountain!

“It’s True Dragon! Dragon Vein made from real dragon corpse!”

“It’s all Five Clawed Golden Dragon! King of Dragon Race!”


At this moment, Fire Dragon’s face became very ugly.

There were six Five Clawed Golden Dragons here, but they were made into Dragon Vein. This is a shame for Dragon Race!

However, not many people care about these Dragon Veins at this moment.

They all set their eyes on the hanging mountain, on the pill furnace!

At this moment, the pill furnace vibrates gently, swallowing the glow, and the avenue is humming all around it, like the sound of an ancient scripture.

After a few breaths, the lid of the pill furnace also began to vibrate, and something seemed to be born inside!

“If there is a medicine pill in it…then medicine pill is going to be against the sky!”

“Could it be…that can make people break through and achieve extraordinary medicine pill !?”


The emperor all around stared at him. If it is really that kind of medicine pill, then let’s not say that here, the whole world of pack dragons will be caught The storm is sweeping!

Even, this place will become a battlefield, and all races will come to compete for medicine pill!

However, this is just everyone’s guess that’s all.

“My Fuck You! Run!”

Suddenly, Jiang Chen screamed strangely because he had three strands of Primal Chaos Qi within the body. The slight consciousness, this is warning him!

Jiang Chen dare not care, after all, this is the first time Primal Chaos Qi has spread consciousness!

Of course, if only this is the case, Jiang Chen would not lose self-control so much.

Because the eyes of the lantern-bearer suddenly opened at this moment, the picture he saw was reflected in Jiang Chen’s mind!

In that pill furnace, there is no medicine pill, it is clearly a living person!

And that person, entangled by demonic energy, his eyes are pitch black, at the moment he is sitting in the pill furnace with a cruel and joking look towards the creatures of Xuanshan all around!

“What’s going on with you…?” Princess Nine was puzzled.

However, Jiang Chen has not had time to explain, the stove lid exploded!

next moment, a terrifying wind swept all around, and there was a pitch-black as ink demonic energy rising into the sky!

Immediately afterwards, this a side World was collapsing and cracking, and a natural phenomenon appeared in the sky!

At the same time, a avenue flower appeared in the sky of the hanging mountain!

That’s a sign of getting out of the shackles and stepping into the extraordinary!


“Someone wants a breakthrough!?”


Many people are shocked, and that Several emperors look pale!

Through the devilish energy, they saw a stalwart man looking towards them jokingly.

The emperor’s breath exudes from his body, but this breath is changing!

He, in Transcending Tribulation!

In the breakthrough!

“This is not a place for pill concocting, this is Land of Sealing!”

Finally, an emperor woke up.

In this place, the medicine pill is not conceived with Power of Heaven and Earth at all, but with Power of Heaven and Earth, with the power of Dragon Vein, refining the emperor on this demonic path!

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