I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1115

Using the six mountains as the cage and the six dragons as the chain to block the four directions, a special rule and order are formed, just for trapping and refining the demonic path inside the pill furnace of the hanging mountain, the emperor !

At this moment, the emperors woke up. The medicine pill soared on the six mountains before was not the real medicine pill, but the divine light power that overflowed when refining the demonic path emperor!

However, it is too late to know this at this moment!

The seal here is broken, the demonic path emperor was born, and at the moment he was born, he must break through the shackles and step into the extraordinary!

There is no emotion in his eyes, his face is pale, but his lips are scarlet!

He stared at the creatures all around and didn’t say a word, but with his mouth open, many people screamed instantly!

The Essence, Qi, and Spirit within the body are passing fast, moving towards the demonic path emperor within the body flowing away!

“Come on!”

“Demonic path the emperor!”


At this moment, even the emperor is panicking!

They have never taken that step. Compared with this demonic path emperor, simply is nothing, and there is no room for resistance!

“My God, I almost died there!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen has already taken Jiu Princess and Fire Dragon away from Xuanshan.

He secretly rejoiced that if it hadn’t been for the warning from the lantern bearer and the three wisps of Primal Chaos Qi, he might be swallowed up like that group of people now!

“He is not only a demonic path emperor…should be a demon!” Princess said solemnly: “The man who cultivates the demon, the impossible demon energy on his body is so strong, and the impossible is so pure!”

“Follow him, life is important!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

But, as soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Chen saw an old acquaintance out of the corner of his eye, flying towards them!

“Just right!” Jiang Chen eyes flash with a cold light, that person is not someone else, it is Martial God!

Obviously, Martial God also escaped!


At this moment, Martial God expression condenses, looking towards Jiang Chen, who is coming back, said solemnly: “I’m not leaving yet!? Some are time to fight, Have to pick now!?”

“You are different from others.” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, within the body the zodiac gas exploded, and the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow emerged one after another!

Next moment, without waiting for Martial God’s reaction, Myriad Transformations Tianzhan took out directly, and a Shocking Heaven Sword light burst out of Jiang Chen’s hands!

“Myriad Transformations!? You are Jiang Chen!?” Martial God reacted quickly, with a sense of horror in his eyes!

However, this sword glow is so fast that it was cut off before Martial God could react!

“The world is big, but in my opinion, it is really small!” Jiang Chen coldly said, stepping out, holding Martial God’s head, and crushing it!

“You can’t kill me! I am the dísciple of True Martial Palace, you kill me, True Martial Palace will not let you go!” Martial God was panicked.

He is already the Divine King. If he does not have such a big fear of Jiang Chen, he can compete with Jiang Chen.

Unfortunately, whether it is Martial God or the dead gods, they respect Jiang Chen from the bottom of their hearts!

This is the case. At this moment, Martial God has no power to resist and is directly suppressed by Jiang Chen!

“True Martial Palace!? What the hell is that!? The six worlds are all destroyed, you are now threatening me with the power of Great Thousand Worlds!? Are you stupid!?” Jiang Chen contemptuously said.

After that, Jiang Chen’s palm suddenly slammed, Martial God’s head exploded in an instant!

However, Martial God is extraordinary after all, retaining a ray of Divine Soul and soul, and wants to escape from Jiang Chen’s hands!

It’s just that, at this step, how can Jiang Chen let Martial God go!

If you let him run away, you will not only offend True Martial Palace, but also expose the identity of Jiang Chen!

When the time comes, this world is so big, I am afraid that there is really no place for Jiang Chen!

“Let me go! I tell you where the moon god is!”

And when Jiang Chen imprisoned the soul of Martial God, Martial God panicked!

He hurriedly spoke, his eyes were full of fear, but there was also a hint of hope and pleading.

He doesn’t want to die!

Finally came to Great Thousand Worlds, and finally entered the True Martial Palace. He wanted to become a great man and achieve a great cause!

“en?! Moon God!?” Jiang Chen hearing this, immediately stopped, said solemnly: “Where is she…?”

“She lost her memory and still Didn’t wake up.” Martial God said hurriedly, not daring to neglect.

“Say! Where is she!” Jiang Chen eyes flash with a cold light, killing intent without any concealment!

You must know that for two lives, Luna is the reverse scale of Jiang Chen!

“It’s in the True Martial Palace! When Guardian opened many passages to the Great Thousand Worlds, she also went in.” Martial God said: “You let me go! I will help you in the True Martial Palace Take care of her!”

“hmph! You can believe what you say!?” Jiang Chen coldly said: “At the beginning, when I was Tianchen, what a new job you were! But what did you give me!? It’s a betrayal!”

“This time is different! I can make a contract with you! If I do anything I’m sorry for you, you can kill me with a single thought!” Martial God I was in a hurry, I opened my soul at this moment, and I must take the initiative to sign a contract with Jiang Chen!

And Jiang Chen hesitated and fell silent.

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen sighed and stared at Martial God, said solemnly: “Help me take care of her! If she hurts a bit, I will scrape you a bone and a flesh!”

“If she hurts an inch or a point, I will shave your soul!”

After that, Jiang Chen raised his hand to seal the seal and directly agreed with Martial God. Servant contract!

So far, Jiang Chen can decide the life and death of Martial God in a single thought!

“This time, I will not betray you!” Martial God said hurriedly.

Human, this is sometimes the case, in order to survive, you can give up everything!

“How is his life now?” Jiang Chen asked.

“True Martial Palace is valued.” Martial God said: “But she is too simple, and her memory has never recovered. If no one helps her, she will suffer at True Martial Palace.”

“hmph!” Jiang Chen coldly snorted, said: “From now on, she will live, you will live, she will die…you are better than dead!”

“Yes, yes.” Martial God hurriedly nodded , How dare to say half a word!

However, Jiang Chen didn’t plan to just let Martial God go.

After all, after Jiang Chen fell, Tianchen Divine Sect died. That many people, Martial God also has a share!

If you don’t kill Martial God today, how can you be worthy of those people who died in Tianchen Divine Sect! ?

“The lives of those who died in the Divine Sect of Tianchen Sect in your hands…you should think about how to repay it.” Jiang Chen said coldly.

As soon as these words came out, Martial God fell silent immediately.

The person who killed that many Tianchen Divine Sect, how can you pay him back! ?

For a while, Martial God didn’t know what to say.



Without waiting for Martial God to think about it, a huge thunderbolt suddenly appeared in the sky of this pack dragon world!

After that, I saw a vague illusory shadow manifesting outside the sky, and there was a palm wrapped around the Star River, as if it came across the long river of time and space from beyond millions and millions li!

A terrifying imposing manner enveloped the entire pack dragon world!

“Transcender!” Someone exclaimed, seeing that the palms of Star River moved towards Xuanshan were suppressed!

Obviously, this Transcender is here for the emperor of the demonic path!

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