I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1116

It is impossible to measure how strong Transcender is.

The creatures at that level use Heavenspan, and they have the inexplicable Divine Ability.

Just like now, this Transcender slapped a palm at a distance, even the avenue wailed!

“The sky can’t destroy me, the earth can’t bury me, let alone extraordinary, Supreme can’t destroy me!”

At this moment, the emperor of the demonic path roared up, and the road above his head The flower bloomed, and within a few breaths, two petals appeared!

Dao gave birth to One, One gave birth to Two, Two gave birth to Three, Three Births Myriad Things means detachment!

However, the palm that looked like Star River had arrived, and it seemed to wrap the strength of Heaven, like the collapse of Star River, covering the entire hanging mountain!


Under one palm, there was a loud noise, as if this World was about to be shattered!

However, when the palm print disappeared and when all the glory was over, everyone saw that the emperor of the demonic path was still there!

It’s just that his fleshy body is cracked, and the flower of the avenue is broken!

But, he is recasting!

One of his blood is boiling, his own dao fruit is indestructible!

As he said, the sky is hard to destroy him, and the earth is hard to bury him. Even if Transcender shoots, it is difficult to suppress and kill him!

If not, I would not have been sealed here, but would be killed directly!

“The remnants of the ancestral world.”

Suddenly, outside the sky of the pack dragon world, a silhouette descended.

His body is hazy and seems to be in an endless river of time.

He is like the brightest star in the world, illuminating the entire pack dragon world!

Sentient beings are trembling, and they dare not look directly at the creature, and some people even kneel down and worship!

“Is this… Transcender?!” Jiang Chen’s body is also shaking. Transcender’s coercion is really not something ordinary people can resist!

“If he hadn’t condensed most of his breath, I’m afraid he would be able to destroy the entire pack dragon world by just standing there.” Nine Princess said solemnly.

“The remnants of the ancestral world!? A joke! How has my ancestral world ever been destroyed!? How come the remnants of my ancestors have been said!” The demonic path emperor’s expression is not good, but his eyes are unwilling.

He knows that there is a Transcender who has actually come, so today he can’t continue the breakthrough anyway!

“I couldn’t suppress and kill you back then, but this time…you have no way to survive.” The Transcender said, the voice seemed to come from outside the clouds of nine days, misty and void.

At the same time, another palm print fell, like a plain!

The stars outside the sky are falling, being refined, and along with the palm print, they are approaching the emperor of demonic path!

“The ancestral world will not be destroyed, the invincibility will eventually return! old bastard, you can’t kill me!”

At this moment, the emperor roars on this demonic path, and the words carry Not resigned, but also has endless confidence and domineering meaning!


next moment, I saw his body shattered and turned into rain, moved towards all directions and rushed away!

“Become a million, think you can escape?” The Transcender contemptuously said, his palm swept across the sky like dust, and wiped out all the light and rain!

After that, the Transcender didn’t stay, just left.

Obviously, he was very confident in himself. After sweeping away the light and rain, he decided that the emperor of the demonic path was dead!

However, somewhere in the Dragon World, where Jiang Chen is, a ray of light quietly fell on Jiang Chen’s hair!

And, Jiang Chen within the body, a ray of Primal Chaos Qi appeared, covering up this ray of light and rain!

If this is not the case, this last ray of light will not be able to escape the attack of the Transcender!

“Boy! Find a secluded place! Obedient! Otherwise I will kill you!”

Jiang Chen didn’t know it, but suddenly the emperor of the demonic path heard from his ears sound.

At this moment, Jiang Chen trembled all over, without saying a word, and left with Jiu Princess!

As for Fire Dragon and Martial God, Jiang Chen didn’t care about it!

After more than ten breaths, in the bamboo forest ten thousand li away from the hanging mountain.

Jiang Chen arranged the Formation Formation and let the nine Princess stay outside, then lightly said: “Senior? Are you still there?”

“Senior?! hmph ! The offal of Great Thousand Worlds, what right do you have to call me Senior! I am your Old Ancestor!” The voice of the emperor of demonic path sounded again, and at the same time the ray of light fell from Jiang Chen’s hair.

After that, the light and rain gathered and expanded continuously. After ten breaths, the emperor of demonic path appeared in front of Jiang Chen!

Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, the emperor of this demonic path was very decisive. He lifted his palm and wanted to kill Jiang Chen!

“Wait! I am also from the ancestral world!” Jiang Chen face deathly pale, almost screaming out!

He was afraid that he would slow down a little bit and he would die in the hands of the emperor of this demonic path!

“en? Are you from the ancestral world?”

At this moment, the emperor of demonic path was taken aback, and Jiang Chen also put away Myriad Transformations Tianzhan and Sanwei Primal Chaos. Qi.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s Source Aura is revealed!

“It’s really from the ancestral world!” The emperor of demonic path was stunned, and then he seemed very excited. Patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder and said, “It’s not bad, you deserve to be from my ancestral world. He has reached the realm of titled gods, and even has the title of Paragon.”

“Eh……” Jiang Chen was shocked, his own dao fruit was actually seen through by the other side!

“Boy, how is the ancestral world now? Has the seal been unlocked?” asked the emperor of demonic path.

Jiang Chen hearing this, shook his head directly, said with a bitter smile: “I am not from the ancestral world, I come from the six worlds.”

“Oh? From the funeral? “The demonic path emperor lightly said, suddenly his expression condensed, and asked: “How is the Six Realms now!?”

“Demonic path, the body of the invincible was also taken away.” Jiang Chen truthfully Said: “The Emperors of Great Thousand Worlds are coming, and the Six Realms are simply unable to stop them.”

“However, Demon Sovereign and Human Sovereign are still there, saving the Human Realm and Demon Realm. The Six Realms are now These two worlds are seeds and are slowly being recast.”

Hearing this, the emperor of Demonic Path couldn’t help but burst out an astonishing killing intent in his eyes!

I saw that his complexion is gloomy, clenched his fist, coldly said: “The emperor is coming, and the six worlds will be destroyed!? Good means!”

“Senior…you are now ……How is the situation?” Jiang Chen frowned, he could feel that the state of the emperor of this demonic path was not right at the moment.

Its cultivation base has fallen to Lord God Realm, and within the body blood energy is exhausted, even Life Aura is very weak!

“Do you think it’s easy to survive in the hands of Transcender? If it weren’t for a tens of thousands of people, keeping a trace of True Blood and soul, I would be dead now!” The emperor of demonic path said angrily.

“If it hadn’t been sealed for too long and the demon body was broken, the Transcender would not be able to kill me.”

Speaking, the emperor of demonic path looked up at this day, frowned , Seems to be thinking about something.

After more than ten breaths, he looked towards Jiang Chen again and said: “There is nowhere to go for the time being. Let me live with you for a period of time. They belong to the ancestral realm. They are all my own, so I can rest assured. “

“This… stay with me, I’m afraid it is not very safe.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

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