I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1117

Jiang Chen’s situation today is quite embarrassing.

He pretended to be the Jiang clan, but he happened to meet the Crown Prince of the Taixu clan. Jiang Chen felt that his identity would be revealed sooner or later.

After all, the two sides are old enemies. If you meet once, the other party may not notice it, but if you meet many times, you will be exposed sooner or later.

Furthermore, with the title of Paragon, it will surely attract the coveting of many people, and the situation is even more dangerous!

And this emperor of demonic path, the aura of the ancestral world on his body is too strong, it is difficult to follow Jiang Chen’s side!

“Boy, I think you are also a member of the ancestral realm, so you are not satisfied with you?” The emperor of demonic path stared and said: “I just give you pointers. Let your cultivation base advanced by leaps and bounds!”

“Senior, my current situation is really embarrassing.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, and then told this demonic path about his situation emperor.

After listening to the demonic path, the emperor had a weird expression, and immediately gave Jiang Chen a thumbs up, saying: “There is a kind! Dare to pretend to be the Jiang clan!”

However, The emperor of demonic path didn’t care at all. He patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said: “Don’t worry, my strength will be restored after a while, when the time comes, what’s the matter, I will cover you!”

“It will take a while, you are now…” Jiang Chen muttered, really wanting to tell the other party that your current cultivation base probably won’t beat me!

“Boy! What look in your eyes!? Think that my realm fell to the main god, I am weak!? I can tell you, I am the emperor who took those two steps! If there is an old fart Something, stop my breakthrough, I am now Transcender!” The emperor of Demonic Path said angrily.

“Fine, your uncle, you have the final say.” Jiang Chen had no choice but to let the other party follow.

Of course, Jiang Chen is also selfish.

He wants to learn something about the ancestral world from the emperor of demonic path!

After being reincarnated from this life, Jiang Chen has encountered many things along the way, and also has many doubts in his heart.

Since the collapse of the six realms, Jiang Chen has felt that all mysteries point to the ancestral realm!

Perhaps, his first life was in the ancestral world!

“Senior, I don’t know how to call you?” Jiang Chen said, looking at the other person’s body extremely weak, he couldn’t help but flipped his space ring, and then took out a few Linghua grass, said with a smile: “Senior, come to root Huazi?”

“Boy, sensible.” The demonic path emperor took the Linghua grass without refining, and directly stuffed it into the mouth, chewing, and said: “You Just call me Yuluo.”

“Yuluo Senior, what is going on in the ancestral world? Although I am from the ancestral world, I have never been to the ancestral world.” Jiang Chen is tentative Asked.

However, Yuluo shook the head and said: “When the ancestral world suffered a catastrophe, I fought with people in the outside world, and then I was sealed.”

” I am not very clear about what is going on in the Ancestral Realm.” Yu Luo said.

However, Yuluo told Jiang Chen that the ancestral world of the flourishing period was a pilgrimage to Myriad Realms!

The ancestral world at that time was the True King world!

Great Thousand Worlds that many worlds, all have to go to the ancestral world for a pilgrimage!

At that time, the ancestral realm had a life spirit, not called invincible, but truly invincible!

At that time, everything was fine in the ancestral world!

However, for some unknown reason, the many worlds of Great Thousand Worlds suddenly joined forces to attack the ancestral world.

Since then, the ancestral world has been in war.

“I have a feeling that Great Thousand Worlds attacked the ancestral realm, not for invincible Taoism, but for being instigated.” Yuluo frowns saying: “But I have no evidence, just a feeling “

“Instructed by someone? No way?” Jiang Chen exclaimed.

How strong is someone who can direct the entire Great Thousand Worlds! ?

Or, is it not a person who instigated Great Thousand Worlds, but an organization, a force?

But as Yu Luo said, he was just guessing. He only felt that the catastrophe was too sudden and unusual.

“Senior, I heard that the Ancestral Realm was sealed and cursed.” Jiang Chen said: “Then…Are there any living creatures in the Ancestral Realm now? Not all dead? Right?”

“This impossible!” Yu Luo immediately rejected, saying: “Although the ancestral realm has been destroyed, to be specific, the cultivator is dead, and the ordinary person is still alive.”


“That is the special rules and order of the Ancestral Realm, no one can break!”

Speaking of this, Yuluo is also curious, and asked: “Are you sure the Ancestral Realm is cursed “

“I also heard people say.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “It seems to go to the ancestral world to see.”

“Just you?” Yu Luo looked contemptuous Taking a look at Jiang Chen, he said: “Either you are a mortal, or your cultivation base has reached the emperor, otherwise…you can’t enter the ancestral world.”

“This is also the order and rules of the ancestral world? “Jiang Chen asked.

“Nonsense.” Yu Luo said in an angry tone: “In our era, he was born as an emperor, and only an emperor can enter the ancestral world.”

“Of course, there is also A group of people are born incapable of cultivation, they are mortals. But in the ancestor level, there are only these two kinds of people.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, could not help but hold breath cold air, and his heart was surging!

I was born an emperor! ?

This means that all the cultivators in the ancestral world were King level! ?

That…what a Young Emperor! ?

“Boy, now do you know how strong the Ancestral Realm was back then?” Yu Luo raised his eyebrows, patted Jiang Chen’s shoulders, seemingly comforting, and said: “It’s okay, look at your innate talent aptitude, Sooner or later, you can become an emperor, even like me, you can become a Transcender.”

“When the time comes, you have a chance to visit the ancestral world.”

Speaking of which, Yuluo extends the hand palm, and said: “Too weak, are there any other flowers? Come a few more.”

“There are some.” Jiang Chen took out a few more Linghua grass. Continue to ask: “Senior, do you know that there is such a person who may have reincarnated for several lifetimes…”

“en? How many lifetimes of reincarnation?” Yu Luo was taken aback for a while, and then he expressed an expression. Ning, the look towards Jiang Chen is not quite right!

Before Yuluo didn’t expect, but now listening to Jiang Chen’s words, he discovered that Jiang Chen is very similar to a person!

“No way…is it really you!?” Yu Luo held Jiang Chen’s cheeks in both hands, and after careful examination, he separated out a Strands of Divine Sense and wanted to clearly understand Jiang Chen’s soul .

However, with Yuluo’s current cultivation base, how can you easily enter Jiang Chen’s Soul World?

“A flower withered, and another similar flower will bloom…You may not be him, but you just look alike.” Yulu whispered.

Immediately, he expressed a straightforward expression and said: “There is indeed such a person, and I don’t know why, Samsara Reincarnation has been there several times.”

“However, that person can It’s not from the ancestral realm. It has a mysterious origin. But… that person helped the ancestral realm a lot.” Yu Luo said, “Who is…I don’t know, but the person’s appearance… looks exactly like you.” It really looks like!”

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