I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1119

Yuluo didn’t have much, after all, he had guessed it a long time ago, but he couldn’t believe that’s all.

After all, such Legendary characters appeared in front of him alive, which is truly shocking!

Next, Yu Luo sat in the corner, each minding their own business’s healing, Jiang Chen was fine, and sat in the other corner of the cultivation.

Since stepping into the title deity, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base has not moved, without the slightest effort.

Just because the title god this realm is very special. After obtaining the title, you need to unlock the Divine Ability in the title to continue the cultivation and increasing cultivation base.

However, the Divine Ability in Jiang Chen’s Paragon title, seems to be sealed for some reason, with numerous invisible chains.

Fortunately, these chains can be unlocked, but it takes time.

“Unlock the title Magical Powers and you can step into the main god…” Jiang Chen lightly said, looking forward to the Magical Powers contained in the Paragon title.

In this way, Jiang Chen’s room became quiet.

Nine Princess went downstairs to get some sun, Huang Tian was lying on the bed, no matter what, nothing, he looked boring.

Yuluo healed his wounds, Jiang Chen cultivation, looked very peaceful and peaceful for a while.

And with the ebbing of time, Jiang Chen’s body suddenly evaporates one after another brilliance.

The brilliance accompanies the divine light, converging into a white palm, floating on top of its head.

At the same time, the chains within the Paragon title began to break, and a mighty and pure power emerged, pouring into Jiang Chen’s limbs and hundreds of skeletons, reaching in the depth of one’s soul!

Under this force, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base began to grow, and its dao fruit is also undergoing some changes!

Even, its soul has undergone amazing changes!

Look carefully, there are wisps of black mist on Jiang Chen’s soul!

These mists are hidden deep, as if imprinted in the deepest part of his soul. If the power of the Paragon title had not exploded, Jiang Chen would probably not be able to find it in his life!

As the black mist surfaced, Jiang Chen’s heart was moved.

He stared at his soul, and was shocked after a few breaths.

Because the black mist turned out to be one after another chain!

The chain is condensed by law and order, and is full of the breath of seal!

“My soul is sealed!?” Jiang Chen was shocked.

But he is also very puzzled. From rebirth to the present, he has always felt that his state is normal, his soul divine light is also very full, and even his soul strength is far beyond ordinary people.

Under this situation, when was his soul sealed?

Why hasn’t he noticed! ?


At this moment, Huang Tian opened his eyes, his eyes are shining brightly, and there are more big runes up and down!

She stared at Jiang Chen and saw the chain seal on Jiang Chen’s soul!

“Sure enough…the soul has a problem.” Huang Tian said lightly, as if he had already guessed it.

“81 chain seals…who left me?” Jiang Chen wondered, this life he has always been very careful, impossible was sealed by someone’s soul without knowing it!

So, there may only be one possibility!

The seal on his soul does not exist in this life!

Perhaps, his memory cannot be recovered, it has something to do with the seal on the soul!

“open for me!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen mobilized the power of his body, like a sword, and the chain on the moved towards the soul was cut down!

For a while, Jiang Chen within the body sent a one after another explosion, like thunder, more like Splitting Heaven and Earth Apart!

However, after a few days, none of the chains on the soul were cut off, unbreakable!

Especially the big runes on the chains, they keep flickering, as if they cannot be erased!

“Don’t bother.” Huang Tian suddenly said, “This soul seal is not left by others, but from your previous lives.”

“Why? Why did I seal my soul in previous lifetimes?” Jiang Chen wondered.

“Perhaps it is the self who is worried about this life.” Huang Tian said: “Your previous life was too extraordinary. You have lifted many taboos.”

“And this life Before you really grow up, these seals will not disappear. This is to protect you and worry that you will come into contact with those taboo things when your strength is not enough.” Huang Tian explained.

“So… will my memory be awakened after these seals are released?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Maybe part of it will be awakened.” Huang Tian said: “But if you want to awaken all the memories, you need to find the lost soul.”

“I was with you before I said, your soul is not complete.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, I felt very uncomfortable.

Obviously all the answers are hidden in my own memory, but the soul is missing a part, and it has been planted with a seal.

It’s as if the truth is right in front of you, but it’s as if there is a moat across in front of you, it’s hard to cross!

“When Yuluo Senior recovers, he will take me to find the remnants of the ancient palace, there may be some truth to be learned.” Jiang Chen said.

“The remnants of the ancient palace?” Huang Tian said lightly, then dropped a shoe on Yu Luo’s face, and asked: “Is the remnants of the ancient palace in your mouth the Five Seas?”

“The ancient palace is so big, it’s not only the six worlds that have residual tribes.” Yu Luo rubbed his cheek, the shoe print was particularly clear!

But he didn’t dare to beep, he could only black face, and said: “I said big sister, I am also grown up anyway? In the eyes of the world, I am also a supreme powerhouse of sanctification and ancestor. Can you save me some face!?”

“In front of me, what kind of face do you have?” Huang Tian jokingly said: “You followed me when you were wearing open pants, or I I pulled you up with one hand.”

“It stands to reason that you shouldn’t be an exaggeration to call me mother.”

“…” Yu Luo didn’t want to talk anymore. .

But he has to admit that he can have today’s achievements thanks to Huang Tian’s adoption and guidance!

Yes, he’s not too young, right? They have lived for several times, and they are treated like a child! ?

“Hurry up and heal, your good days here are coming to an end.” Huang Tian’s expression suddenly condensed, and said: “You are not dead, you can’t escape Transcender’s perception, sooner or later they will come to the door Come on.”

“I know! Need you to say it!? So, don’t bother me to heal my injuries!” Yu Luo said irritably, and even more angry, he threw Huang Tian’s shoes away. Got out.

“Pick it back.” Huang Tian said lightly.

“Don’t pick it up!” Yu Luo stared, secretly thought can no longer live under the yin power of Huang Tian!

However, when Huang Tian’s complexion is gloomy came down, Yu Luo smiled and got up, and then eagerly picked Huang Tian’s shoes back.

“I said you two big brothers, stop here…” Jiang Chen was quite speechless on the side, and he was sad on his own side. Divine Ability is in the power of solving the title!

If you keep making trouble like this, you are not afraid of my cultivation deviation! ?

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