I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1121

The blood of black, turned into a stone pillar, seems to be tempered over time, with a trace of obscure breath!

Jiang Chen is deeply affected by it, and the darkness in front of him is even more bloody!

A white mist appeared on its fleshy body, that is, the fleshy body was scorched!

This is amazing. You must know how powerful Jiang Chen’s fleshy body is, not only Saint Physique, but also constant training!

Even the Lord God, or even Divine King, can hardly hurt his fleshy body!

But now, under these black blood, its fleshy body actually shows signs of decay!

“Tianqing’s Palm!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen did not dare to hesitate, and the title of Paragon was like an azure lotus blooming on top of his head, and at the same time one rune condensed!

That is Divine Ability within the Paragon title!

Just now, Jiang Chen Transcending Tribulation was also because of unlocking the Divine Ability in the title.


At this moment, one after another roared, rune gathered in Jiang Chen’s palm, and a golden cloud appeared!

Afterwards, as Jiang Chen hit out with a palm, a piece of rune burst out like flames of fine gold, running through everything!

Those stone pillars made of black blood collapsed in an instant, the darkness in front of them disappeared, and the light was shed!

But, at this moment, Crown Prince rushed to Jiang Chen’s body, and his palm slashed out, like a sharp blade, on Jiang Chen’s shoulder!



The blood was sprayed immediately. Jiang Chen’s fleshy body is so strong that it can’t stop Crown Prince at this moment. !

“en!? No!”

At this moment, the expression of Crown Prince changed drastically, staring at Jiang Chen’s dripping blood, with doubts in his eyes.

“Suck!” Jiang Chen was shocked, he knew his identity was about to be revealed!

“You are not from the Jiang clan!”

Unsurprisingly, the Crown Prince silhouette retreated quickly, and after keeping a distance from Jiang Chen, coldly said: “Who are you? Why do you want to pretend to be the Jiang clan!?”

“I never pretended to be, I just told them that I was from the Southern Star Domain, surnamed Jiang.” Jiang Chen said.

“Really?” Crown Prince lightly said, the killing intent in his eyes skyrocketed, and said: “Whether it is or not, you are going to die today!”

“hmph, what can you do to me! “Jiang Chen drank softly. At the back of his spine, a dragon shadow appeared, and under a dragon roaring, his fists shook out!

Dragon Shadow accompanies the fist, tearing apart the void and heading towards Crown Prince!

“It’s not the Jiang clan, how can you compete with me!?” Crown Prince contemptuously said, a drop of black blood appeared beside him, then rushed into the sky, and then dived down!

Like a pouring rain, black blood pierced through the void, as if to drown everything here!

Jiang Chen’s fists were broken, and even his fleshy body was hit by a few drops of blood, and blood holes appeared one by one!

“This Taixu clan is so strong!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, within the body blood energy bounced, and his injuries were healing quickly!

At the same time, Jiang Chen both hands forming seals, a rose blooming, floating on top of his head!

The light of the rose flickers, like a light curtain, it can actually block the black blood rain from the sky!

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Chen made the seal again, his chest roared, and a thorn flower bloomed!


At the moment when the thorns bloomed, it turned into a stream of light, the speed is as fast as thunder!



Next moment, there was a muffled sound, I saw Crown Prince lowered his head in astonishment and looked at his chest , A blood hole appeared!

It was penetrated by the streamer turned into thorn flowers!

“What power is this!? It can penetrate my fleshy body!?” Crown Prince was shocked.

You know, the strongest of the Taixu clan is the fleshy body!

Their body is a pool of black blood, and the blood energy is unimaginable!

The bloody fleshy body also caused their fleshy body to be stronger than the average Saint Physique!

“Come again!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen did not have time to pay attention to the other’s shocked expression. The Paragon title burst out with immense glow, and a palm seemed to fall from the endless sky, directly Covered on Crown Prince’s body!


With a muffled noise, I saw the Crown Prince fleshy body shattered and the whole person turned into drops of black blood!

“Dead?” Jiang Chen was stunned, staring at the drops of black blood. Is the secretly thought too weak a bit weak?

However, at this moment, the blood of black gathers and Crown Prince reappears!

At the same time, his eyes are full of cruelty!

“Divine Ability of Paragon!?” Crown Prince raised his eyebrows and squinted, coldly said: “Do you think you can beat me by this!?”

“Otherwise “Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, but he had a bad feeling in his heart!

“The title of Paragon, I also have it!”

At this moment, Crown Prince seemed to be mad, and a black light appeared above his head!

Look carefully, that black brilliance is like a throne, exuding a breath of king!

Immediately, Crown Prince jumped, and actually sat on the throne!

“Remember the kid! This seat Divine Ability, the dark throne!” Crown Prince shouted, sitting on the throne, a terrifying pressure erupted!

Under this coercion, the void of all around is constantly shattering, and even the glory of the avenue is distorted!

Jiang Chen is deeply affected by it, the fleshy body is distorted, and the bones and muscles are crackling!

He has to admit that this coercion is too terrifying, and most people are afraid that they have already been suppressed into powder!

However, Jiang Chen is fearless. Under the shock of his body, the unquenchable fire ignited, and purple-golden vines grew to protect him!

After that, Jiang Chen condensed the palm of the god Heavenspan with his left hand, and his right hand condensed the sword glow Myriad Transformations!


Along with Jiang Chen’s angry roar, palm prints and sword glow burst out!

“Above the throne, I am invincible!” Crown Prince is very strong, sitting on the throne, and with a wave of his hand, a large black blood burst!

However, the black blood was scattered by Tianqing’s palm, and then the sword glow rushed in, directly cutting Crown Prince from the throne!



At this moment, Jiang Chen and Crown Prince are both held breath cold air!

Crown Prince couldn’t believe that the power of his title was actually broken like this!

And Jiang Chen feels weak, and he successively uses Tianqing’s palm, and his strength within the body consumes too much!

“Without Magical Powers, without using Taoist skills, I can suppress you!” Crown Prince came back to his senses, like a goshawk, moved towards Jiang Chen and pounced!

Jiang Chen saw that the other party was going to fight Fleshy body with him, and he was immediately happy!

On Strength of Fleshly Body, he hasn’t lost anyone yet!

next moment, I saw the two bumped into each other. They didn’t perform any Dao skills, and their fists collided. In the end, they fought like a rogue.

“I said…Two of you…This is Longteng Academy.”

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Fire Dragon can’t stand it anymore. , Came forward to discourage, and said: “You fight like this… don’t you give me a face on Dragon Race?”

As soon as this word came out, Jiang Chen and Crown Prince immediately separated.

After all, Fire Dragon is threatening them with Dragon Race!

“What Crown Prince, beat you into a dog!” Jiang Chen spits out mouthful of blood Mozi, jokingly looking at Crown Prince who was beaten into a pig’s head.

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