I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1124

Jiang Chen is unimaginable, what kind of creature is that after death, the corpse does not decay, and it turns into an evil race.

Does such a creature really exist?

Or, is this something the evil race made up?

“Here, this is the branch of Great Overflowing Sect.”

After a few breaths, several people came to a small Inn in the city.

Inn is not big, even compared with other Inns in this city, this Inn looks a bit broken.

However, there are many people inside and outside this Inn, all of whom are very young, but the imposing manner that comes out is very strong.

Some of them stand in the corner, some three or five people sit at a table, and some sit on the green stone platform steps outside the Inn.

“Are these people on the Astral List?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Some are, some are not.” Crown Prince explained: “Most people come to test their strength and want to enter the astral rankings and become famous.”

” But some people come here to find the location of their enemies.”

According to Crown Prince, all powerhouses on the astral list will be announced by Great Overflowing Sect.

As long as you can afford the price, you can get accurate location information of those people!

Even if the price is in place, Great Overflowing Sect can send a powerhouse to take you there personally!

As for whether you can control your enemies, Great Overflowing Sect doesn’t care.

“If you are on the astral list, your position will be exposed? This…isn’t it?” Jiang Chen frowned.

If he is on the astral list, if someone seeks revenge from him when the time comes, wouldn’t this position be hidden?

That’s dangerous!

“There’s no way, it’s like that when you’re on the astral list.” Crown Prince said: “However, anyone who is on the astral list is not afraid to challenge. After all, anyone who can be on the astral list Everyone is a powerhouse.”

“This is also true.” Jiang Chen nodded, he also knows that those so-called Tianjiao evildoers are extremely arrogant and self-confident invincible in the whole world, who cares about others. Challenge him?

Some people even want others to challenge him to prove their strength!

“Shopkeeper’s, come and test his strength.”

At this moment, under the leadership of Crown Prince, Jiang Chen jumped directly in front of the counter.

“How did you jump in the queue!?”

“Go back!”


For a while, many people shouted , And some people showed a look of wanting to do something.

However, when they saw Crown Prince’s face clearly, a group of people suddenly froze.

After all, Crown Prince is so famous that there are portraits of Crown Prince in many places.

And just in front of the counter in this little Inn, there are rows of jade slips floating, on which are the top 100 names and portraits of the major star realms!

“Crown Prince of the Taixu clan! God King Level ranks 11th in the star world list!”

“This guy…I am afraid his true strength is stronger than the ranking!”


Many people muttered, because many people know that Crown Prince’s real body has not been shot for a long time.

Nowadays, few people know whether Crown Prince’s real body has improved its strength!

If there is, then Crown Prince’s ranking on the God King Level star world list is about to make it into the top ten!

“Separate a strand of Divine Soul, enter this Xumi space, defeat the people inside, and you will be able to enter the astral world list.” Shopkeeper said, without raising his eyelids, even if the opponent It was Crown Prince, and he was indifferent.

Crown Prince has long been used to this.

He told Jiang Chen that Great Overflowing Sect is very mysterious and has a very deep background. The people under his sect are of this kind of virtue, noble and arrogant.

At this moment, Jiang Chen didn’t ask much, split out a Strands of Divine Sense, and injected it into the jade slip in the hands of shopkeeper.

Divine sense differentiated, and Jiang Chen soon entered a Sumeru world.

As soon as he came in, Jiang Chen appeared in front of the star list of the titled gods!

Jiang Chen frowns pondered for a while, secretly thought it was not long since he first came to Great Thousand Worlds, and I don’t know how strong the Tianjiao evildoers are here, so it’s better to find a weaker temptation first.

Immediately, Jiang Chen pointed his finger on Ranked 1st Bai’s name.

next moment, in Sumeru world, a boy manifests, this is an Avatar, but in this Sumeru world, Avatar has the same strength as the body!

The strength of Jiang Chen, the Strands of Divine Sense, is almost the same as the strength of the body.

Then the battle began!

However, just a face-to-face, Jiang Chen directly suppressed the opponent with a punch, and then the opponent’s body turned into nothingness.

At the same time, hanging above the Inn counter, the row of jade slips representing the ranks of the titled gods suddenly burst out with a Profound Light!

Immediately afterwards, I saw Jiang Chen’s name and portrait appearing in the 100th place!


“As soon as I came here, I went straight to the 100th place of the titled gods!?”


The change here has naturally attracted the attention of many people.

For a while, many people exclaimed, even Crown Prince looked slightly, secretly thought he seemed to underestimate Jiang Chen.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s divine sense has not withdrawn.

He bitterly laughed, secretly thought he overestimated the great pride of Great Thousand Worlds?

This is the 100th place? You fell with one punch?

“Pick the fiftieth place and try…” Jiang Chen lightly said.

However, this fifty-th place Avatar just came out with just three punches and was suppressed by Jiang Chen and turned into nothingness on the spot!

At the same time, the jade slip representing Jiang Chen’s name is like a glow, jumping from the 100th to the 50th!

“Fifty!? The real arrogant!”

“Who is this? A arrogant suddenly appeared!?”


Many people exclaimed, even more incredible.

Be aware that there are too many creatures in the Great Thousand Worlds, and the title is a cultivator, not to mention ten million, one million is definitely there!

It’s so difficult to get into the 50th place among millions of people!

For many people, no matter what realm-level astral list, as long as they can be on the list, they are proud!

“Look! It’s twentieth!”

Just when everyone was shocked, I saw Jiang Chen’s name jumped up again, from fifty to two ten!

Then, after ten breaths, Jiang Chen’s name appeared in the tenth place!


“Great Thousand Worlds, the title god cultivator millions, this guy…tenth!?”


At this moment, everyone was moved. Even the shopkeeper of the Inn raised his head and couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Chen a few more times.

“Not tenth! Ninth!”

Suddenly, someone exclaimed, just a few breaths, Jiang Chen’s ranking Got another one!

“Will he…want to fight for the first one?” Someone has a weird expression. Looking at the trend of Jiang Chen, it seems that he is going for the first one!

However, at this moment Jiang Chen took back the Strands of Divine Sense and looked towards the Crown Prince beside him, saying: “In the top ten, you can let the Transcender of Great Overflowing Sect do one thing for me. Right?”

“Yes, you can apply here, the branch will report it, when the time comes Great Overflowing Sect Transcender will come to you in person.” Crown Prince said.

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