I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1126

Crown Prince explained as he walked.

It turns out that the true pure blood of the Taixu clan has bright red blood.

But I don’t know when it started, the main body of the Taixu clan has changed.

From the bright red eyes, gradually turned into dark red, until black!

Today, there is only one Old Ancestor in the Taixu clan whose body is bright red.

Everyone else is blackened!

After the blackening, the Taixu clan can feel it themselves, they have become extremely bloodthirsty, and the killing in their hearts is hard to control!

Therefore, in many cases, the Taixu clan walking outside is not the body, but the Avatar!

He didn’t want to cause too many killings, so he only used Avatar to walk outside. In this way, even if he killed someone, the other party killed their Avatar, and the Taixu clan rarely took revenge. .

Now, the bloodthirsty of the Taixu clan is getting stronger and stronger. Take Crown Prince as an example. His Avatar has already swallowed many creatures!

There is no shortage of Dragon Race among them, and even the Nine-color Luan tribe has swallowed several!

The Taixu clan have always wondered why their body color will change, and it seems to be blackened.

Until now, the Taixu clan has inquired about several other evil races, only to discover that not only the Taixu clan is changing, but the other evil races have also changed!

“According to the only bright red Old Ancestor of our clan, there is something wrong with our origin and may have rotted.” Crown Prince said solemnly.

You must know that the true evil races are actually split from the corpse of a creature.

And that corpse, perhaps rotted now.

And that corpse is also the origin of the evil race!

The origin rotted, and even with them they began to blacken and rot, and even after the corpse completely rotted, there would be no evil races in this world!

However, those evil races whose bodies have not changed, seem to be unaffected!

That’s why Crown Prince wants to taste Jiang Chen’s blood essence!

Just because the evil races have discovered one thing, if they swallow the blood essence of other creatures, especially the very precious and special blood essence, then their body will change and they will move towards OK The direction of development, even restore to pure appearance!

The same is true. Today’s evil races basically eat everything.

Only because they need special blood essence to transform themselves and return to their original appearance!

Jiang Chen was also quite shocked after hearing these words.

He didn’t expect that the evil race still has such a big secret!

However, Jiang Chen was shocked that’s all. In fact, many Peak forces in the Great Thousand Worlds know this.

Just because many evil races have discussed with the Peak forces, hoping they can provide some blood essence.

But, they were all rejected!

After all, in the eyes of the world, the evil races are all evil and bloodthirsty. If the evil races are destroyed, it will be a good thing for Great Thousand Worlds.

“As an evil race, I have my own difficulties.” Crown Prince sighed: “At first, I don’t like to swallow other creatures, but as my body gradually darkens, it becomes more and more uncontrollable!”

“In order to purify my own body, I can only swallow it all the time!”

Jiang Chen hearing this, pointed to Princess Nine, and couldn’t help asking: “Then why do you want me What about her blood essence? As an emperor, can’t you swallow her blood essence?”

“I think…you are extraordinary.” Crown Prince said: “Title god, with the title Paragon, and The battle strength is extremely powerful…”

“You and the others, with Paragon Dao fruit, want to come to the blood essence is also extraordinary and pure, maybe it will help me.”

After coming out, Jiang Chen thought for a while, anyway, there are a lot of body blood essence, so he directly forced out a thread and sent it to Crown Prince, saying: “You try first, if it’s useless, I can’t help it.”

Crown Prince was taken aback for a moment, looking at the blood essence in front of him, and said: “If it is useful, you are not afraid of my body coming and swallowing your whole person?”

“Oh, if my blood essence is really useful, you are willing to swallow me directly?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “If it is really useful, I am Supreme Treasure and Supreme divine to your evil race medicine!”

“You support me and protect me. If I am not dead, I can continuously provide you with blood essence, when the time comes, your entire Taixu clan can be purified.”

“Hey, it makes sense.” Crown Prince gave a soft drink, and then swallowed Jiang Chen’s blood essence.

At the entrance of blood essence, after a few breaths, Crown Prince frowned, spit on it, and said: “The breath of blood essence, you, doesn’t seem right…”

“Uh …May be related to my cultivation technique.” Jiang Chen whispered.

However, in fact, the breath that Crown Prince said is the breath of the six realms!

After more than ten breaths, Crown Prince expression condensed and cut off a trace of his own flesh, and then only a strand of black blood overflowed.

The black blood seemed to have spirituality, and it was beating at his fingertips. It didn’t take long for the black blood to appear a ray of gray!

In the gray, there is still a hint of dark red!


At this moment, Crown Prince exclaimed. He just wanted to give it a try before, and never thought…It’s really useful!

Jiang Chen is also dumbfounded. He also didn’t expect that his own blood essence can really help the Taixu family!

“You…can’t be lost!”

At this moment, Crown Prince expression grave, staring at Jiang Chen, said resolutely: “In the future, your safety is up to me The Taixu clan is here to protect you!”

“This…Is it planning to raise me like a cow?” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, but still elated in his heart.

Because the Taixu clan will not kill him, they will only provide him well!

If he dies, who will provide this blood essence!

Furthermore, the Taixu family estimates that not only will they provide for him, but they will also protect him and spoil him!

In this way, Jiang Chen is equivalent to being in Great Thousand Worlds and has a solid foundation! With the foundation!

“In a few days, my main body will come, when the time comes, my main body will protect you personally!” Crown Prince said solemnly: “If anyone dares to touch you, he is too imaginary with me One family is the enemy!”

The words of Crown Prince seem to be very serious, but in fact, this is normal!

Just because, as long as Jiang Chen does not die and continuously provides blood essence, the entire Taixu family will return to their original appearance!

This equivalent to is saving the entire Taixu clan!

“Perhaps…your blood essence is also useful to other evil races.” Crown Prince suddenly thought of something.

The evil races have the same origin. Since Jiang Chen’s blood essence is useful to the Taixu family, it is also useful to other evil races!

At this moment, Crown Prince has a headache.

If other evil races knew about this, wouldn’t it be necessary to grab people with the Taixu race! ?

“If you want to help in the future, just say that we are a family.” Crown Prince suddenly patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said, “As long as your blood essence is only provided to me, I The Taixu clan will protect you!”

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