I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1127

A family?

Jiang Chen rolled the eyes, who is so special with your family! ?

I’m a real Human Race!

However, with the sentence Crown Prince, Jiang Chen felt relieved.

At least, the Taixu clan will take care of him for some time in the future!

Finally, several people returned to Longteng Academy.

Crown Prince also came back, and his name is to protect Jiang Chen.

But when he saw Huang Tian and Yu Luo in Jiang Chen’s room, he was not well.

Huang Tian is an emperor, so naturally it goes without saying.

But the feather fell…

Before, the Crown Prince was also there, but he could see clearly. The person who almost became a Transcender was not Yu. Fallen!

“Why did you bring a Taixu clan here?” Yu Luo frowned and said: “I haven’t recovered yet. You brought an outsider over. Once my identity is exposed, it will be very bad.”


“en? The breath of the ancestral world!?” Crown Prince expression condensed, and after a closer observation, he found that Yuluo’s breath was different from that of Great Thousand Worlds!

And Yu Luo is different from Jiang Chen and the others, he has never hidden his breath.

“Kill it.” Yu Luo is very decisive, he does not want to reveal his identity at this moment.

After all, it is not the emperor who wants to kill him, but a group of Transcenders!

“Senior! My evil race and the ancestral realm have no hatred! When the ancestral realm was destroyed and the invincible died in battle, my evil race did nothing!” Crown Prince hurriedly said, “This is history. Recorded!”

“This is a fact.” Huang Tian nodded and said on the side: “The original thing has nothing to do with the evil race.”

“Even, the evil race is in a certain During this period of time, people who had escaped from the ancestral realm were taken in.”

As soon as this word came out, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but stunned.

The evil race has protected the creatures of the ancestral world?

Why is this! ?

Crown Prince is also confused, but following the lessons of the ancestors, the evil race has never been an enemy of the ancestral world!

Even today, the evil race is the same.

“You’d better not tell me about me, otherwise… Ten of you are not enough for me to kill!” Yu Luo threatened, still a little worried.

“Senior, don’t worry, if he tells you about you, I will kill myself on the spot!” Jiang Chen said resolutely.

Crown Prince hearing this, all of a sudden!

You committed suicide! ?

Who will provide me with blood essence if you kill yourself! ?

“Don’t worry, everyone, I won’t mention it!” Crown Prince said hurriedly.

After that, except for the nine Princess, everyone else in the room was at ease cultivation.

Time is also slowly passing by.

Until ten days later…

On this day, Longteng Academy suddenly raised a number of Formations, and the prohibited Formations were also opened one after another, protecting the entire Longteng Academy like an iron bucket!

Just because, on this day, many people came!

Looking at it, there are six emperors besides Longteng Academy, ten Divine Emperors, and 13 gods!

Moreover, there are many young talents, all showing off talents, extraordinary and refined. At first glance, they are not waiting!

“Longteng Academy, hand it over.”

“Since I am here today, you must know the purpose of handing over the boy who pretended to be the Jiang clan.”



At this moment, these six emperors have spoken one after another, without the slightest falsehood.

Only because their true qualities are too strong, and in this remote world, six emperors are enough to smooth everything out!

“Your honor, Longteng Academy array Formation can’t stop them. Are we really going to desperately protect Jiang Chen?”

“His impersonation of the Jiang clan has been exposed, today The emperor is here, and the one who will come in the future is the powerhouse of the Jiang clan!”

“Your honor, please think twice! Forcibly sheltered, Longteng Academy will be destroyed!”


Long Teng Academy mountainside, Fire Dragon and the others are trying their best to persuade Long Dade.

However, Long Dade’s attitude is very firm, and we must keep Jiang Chen anyway!

“The people from Dragon Race ancestral land are also coming soon, you just have to stick to it.” Long Dade said solemnly: “even more how do they dare to be with me!?”

“Your honor, although you are an Ancestral Dragon, but… those emperors are not someone who is easy to deal with! Today they made it clear that they came for the title of Jiang Chen’s Paragon.”

“Your honour, your cultivation base is not high, if those emperors are ruthless, I am afraid even you are in danger!”


“Today, I said, protect I’ve decided him!” Long Dade coldly said: “Listen to me! If he loses a hair today, I will return to the ancestral land and take your Fire Dragon clan to ask the crime!”

Finally , Under Long Dade’s resolute attitude, the Fire Dragon clan rushed out.

Although there is no emperor in the Fire Dragon clan, there are still several Divine Emperors.

Moreover, they also pulled Ling Huanyin out.

For a time, over the Dragon Academy, more than 30 Fire Dragons, plus a Nine-tailed Fox, stood up, looking desperate.

“Why is this for the Fire Dragon clan, even if you go together, you can’t stop me from waiting for a finger.” One of the emperors said, his eyes were rather helpless.

After all, the Fire Dragon clan is also a branch of Dragon Race. If the Fire Dragon clan is really destroyed, Dragon Race will definitely not give up.

However, since they are all here, then Jiang Chen’s Paragon title is bound to win!

“Your honor said, I must protect this person!” Fire Dragon said solemnly.

However, Ling Huanyin on the side is quite wronged.

It was fine to let him accompany Jiang Chen before, and now she is pulled out to face a group of emperors.

Is it clear to push her into Fire Pit!

“I’m so difficult…” Ling Huanyin’s body was trembling. Having grown so big, it was the first time to challenge the emperor.

“What nonsense, hurry up, wait for more and more people, it is not certain who this Paragon title belongs to.”


At this moment, the six emperors shot directly without hurting the lives of Fire Dragon and the others. They just imprisoned them, and then threw them aside.

After that, they shot again, smashed the Longteng Academy array Formation, and rushed towards Building One!

But at this moment, Long Dade rushed out from the mountainside, with an old-fashioned look, and stopped in front of the six emperors, saying: “I am Dade Ancestral Dragon!”


“Ancestral Dragon!?”



For a while, these emperors were surprised, after all The prestige of Ancestral Dragon, even if the cultivation base is low, is also very deterrent.

However, you can get the title of Paragon just by looking at it, and these emperors don’t care that many!

“Ancestral Dragon, I’m sorry.” One of the emperors cupped the hands, poking out with one hand, and directly sealed Long Dade.

Afterwards, these emperors fell and stood in front of Building One.

“You guys… disturbed me soaking up the sun.” Princess Nine lay on the grass in Building One, squinting, lightly said, “Hurry up, or wait for yours. Life is gone.”

“This is?”

“Don’t care who she is! Whoever comes today can’t stop us!”


These emperors are determined to win the title of Paragon from Jiang Chen, even more how there are only nine Princesses in front of them, which poses no threat to them at all!

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