I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1128

Six emperors, plus the Divine Emperor, this lineup is placed in the pack dragon world, and it can indeed sweep a piece.

In the eyes of these people, a trifling nine Princess, simply can’t stop them!

“I said…what do you want my Paragon title for? You are all emperors, and it’s useless to ask for the Paragon title?”

At this moment, a lighthearted ‘S voice came from inside Building One.

Immediately, Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and walked out leisurely.

As he appeared, the breathing of the six emperors started to rush!

In their eyes, Jiang Chen simply is not a person, but a title!

As emperors, of course they can’t use the Paragon title, but this can be grafted onto their own dísciple!

When the time comes, their forces will have one more dísciple with the title of Paragon, and equivalent to one more Transcender!

“Boy! If you cooperate, I can wait without hurting your life, and only take you as dao fruit.” said one of the emperors.

“You seem to be making me laugh.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “Once the title dao fruit is deprived, the cultivation base will be lost, and the soul flew away and scattered!”

“Boy! Now you have no choice!” Another emperor’s expression was cold, and as he spoke, a palm moved towards Jiang Chen came!

The power of the emperor, Jiang Chen is naturally unable to compete!

However, before that palm fell on Jiang Chen, I saw a zodiac gas suddenly erupted from Jiang Chen within the body!

For a while, everyone was shocked, because Jiang Chen’s cultivation base suddenly skyrocketed to the emperor!

Moreover, its imposing manner is powerful, far surpassing these six emperors!

“At the critical moment, big sister is still reliable.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile.

Just now, Jiang Chen wanted Huang Tian to help him once.

But Huang Tian is very lazy, lying on the bed, not wanting to move.

In desperation, under Jiang Chen coax and pester, Huang Tiancai agreed and borrowed his power to him.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s eyes condensed, and a cold glow burst out of his pupils. The palm of the emperor’s protruding hand was directly shattered, and blood mist sprayed all over the place!

“What!? You turned out to be the emperor!?”

“No way?”


At this moment, Mo Saying that these six emperors were moved, even the Fire Dragon clan was shocked.

Even Crown Prince was confused.

How did the titled god become an emperor before! ?

“At the beginning, I used Huang Tian’s power to fight against Buddha and the others in the Six Realms Foreign Domain. What a beauty match!” Jiang Chen secretly thought, the feeling of invincibility, already Haven’t enjoyed it for a long time!

Today, he wants to experience it again!

However, before Jiang Chen could take a shot, a skinny Elderly suddenly appeared beside Jiang Chen.

His appearance is very vague, as if he is wearing a layer of Primal Chaos Qi.

And, his arrival, no one had noticed before!

“Who is Jiang Chen?”

At this moment, this Elderly asked, looking across everyone.

“This…Senior…I am…” Jiang Chen felt that this old fellow not to be trifled with instinctively!

Even, under the blessing of Huang Tian’s power, Jiang Chen has a feeling of suffocation!

“I come from Great Overflowing Sect, now I am here to fulfill one of your requirements.” This Elderly said, revealing his identity.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, and then secretly thought was sloppy!

Before, Jiang Chen handed in his request when he entered the ninth place of the titled god-level star realm list.

The request is for the Transcender of Great Overflowing Sect to protect him!

But now, he has the power of Huang Tian, ​​these six emperors are simply nothing!

On the contrary… The Transcender of Great Overflowing Sect is here!

This is all right…A waste of opportunity!

“Senior, these six people want to kill me.” Jiang Chen said truthfully: “Troubles Senior to take action.”

“Oh.” This Elderly lightly said, none A touch of emotion.

After that, I saw him make a direct shot, swiping lightly with a palm, these six emperors did not even have the power to resist, and they turned into nothingness!

Not even a trace of residue is left!

“This…is the power of Transcender!?”

“At the fingertips, the emperor will die!”


Everyone Frightened, it’s hard to understand how strong Transcender is!

Also, looking at Elderly’s attitude, the so-called emperor, in his eyes, is like dust ants, which can be wiped away with a wave of hands.

“Well, your request has been completed.” Elderly lightly said, and then the silhouette disappeared in place.

At this moment, the Divine Emperor who came with the six emperors has long gone away.

After all, they are also worried, if this Transcender shoots them, they have no hope of surviving!

Even if this Transcender doesn’t do anything to them, Jiang Chen and Jiu Princess alone are enough to kill them!

“Damn! It’s sloppy! I knew that Sister Huang Tian was willing to lend me the power. My request in the Great Overflowing Sect is not this!” Jiang Chen regrets, secretly thought is really sloppy this time!

“hahaha! It seems that I am waiting for the first batch!”

“The title of Paragon is ours!”



Suddenly, all around one after another light beams landed, and when you look closely, there are more than ten emperors!

They also came for Jiang Chen’s Paragon title!

And, they don’t seem to know that before them, six emperors had died here!

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s face is black!

He once again secretly thought, rashly!

It’s time to talk to the Transcender of Great Overflowing Sect for a while, and you can meet these dozen or so emperors in a while!

When the time comes, Transcender of Great Overflowing Sect can solve them all together!

It’s just a pity, Jiang Chen didn’t expect, this was only a few breaths, and another group of emperors came!

And, there are more than a dozen!

“It’s over…”

At this moment, Jiang Chen sighed in his heart. Although Huang Tian is strong, he can face more than a dozen emperors, and sooner or later he will die in battle!

If Yuluo’s cultivation base is restored, it’s okay to say, kill as many as you come.

But now…


At this moment, Crown Prince, who was watching the battle on the roof of Building 1, suddenly exploded and turned into strands of black blood mist.

At the same time, above the sky, a creature that looked exactly like Crown Prince appeared!

“The Young Master’s body has finally arrived!”

At this moment, the real Crown Prince has arrived!

Immediately, I saw him come to Jiang Chen’s body, patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder, and said: “I said, your life, I’m too vain!”

“You? Just you?” Jiang Chen looked dumbfounded, looking at Crown Prince, who is the High God King.

On this cultivation base, are you fighting these dozen or so emperors?

What a joke! ?

However, at the next moment, I saw Crown Prince crush a rune and lightly said: “Please Old Ancestor out of the mountain!”

“Not good! It belongs to the Taixu clan! Crown Prince!”

“This is…crossover!”

At this moment, the hearts of a dozen emperors are cold!

Some people ran away with their legs, and some escaped into the void, but… everything is too late!

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