I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1129

The crossover symbol burns, the void collapses, and a space channel is formed!

At this moment, everyone saw in the space channel, there seemed to be a dark sea of ​​blood pouring from the other end of the endless void, rolling!

A monstrous and terrifying breath permeates, like a, everything is shrouded in darkness, no trace of light can be seen!

The emperors were frightened and wanted to escape, but the void of all around has long been sealed off!

Black blood is surging in every corner of this a side World, wherever you go, even the avenue is collapsing!

“Little Brat, summon me with the crossover symbol, what’s the matter?”

After a few breaths, the black blood gathered in the sky and turned into a middle-aged man. He looked at Crown Prince with a kind smile.

Crown Prince bowed his head and saluted, respectfully: “I have seen Old Ancestor.”

After that, Crown Prince told the middle-aged man about Jiang Chen.

When this person heard this, a trace of bright light appeared in his eyes, he could not help but glanced at Jiang Chen a few more times, and then gently nodded, saying: “Yes, this person is acceptable, but I am too empty. I can protect you.”

After that, I saw this middle-aged man looked towards the emperors, eyes flash with a cold light, and even licked their scarlet lips, and said, “The emperor? It’s a delicious dish.”


“I am the emperor! I look down on the world, how about you even if you are a Transcender!?”

” If you kill us, our forces will not let you go”!

“We are from True Martial Palace!”


At this moment, these emperors were frightened. They knew the horror of a Transcender!

In particular, this Transcender also comes from the Taixu family!

So, they can only use the name of the power to frighten the Transcender of this vain clan.

“Oh? From True Martial Palace?” The Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan was slightly surprised, and then waved his hand, saying: “that’s all that’s all, my Taixu clan and True Martial Palace have a little friendship. Today, in the face of True Martial Palace, I will let you go.”

“Then this person…” One of the emperors was unwilling and pointed to Jiang Chen.

At this moment, the other emperors left without saying a word.

As for this unwilling emperor, he didn’t even have time to react, so he was swallowed by the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan on the spot!

“I am giving face to the True Martial Palace, not to you.” Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan lightly said: “Furthermore, it is to give face, not that I am afraid of True Martial Palace.”

After all, the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan also burped, lightly said: “That’s the taste of the emperor.”

“Thanks Senior.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen bowed his hand to the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan, feeling lingering.

Today, if it weren’t for the real appearance of Crown Prince, or the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan, he would be in danger!

“Crown Prince told me everything about you. It is necessary to help you, and to help you is also to help ourselves.” Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan said with a smile, immediately with a trace of doubt and Curiously, he said: “I don’t know…Can you taste your blood essence?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, without any hesitation, forced a ray of blood essence and sent it to the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan In front of him.

This person was not polite, and swallowed immediately.

After a few breaths, the eyes of the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan flashed with excitement, and said: “It actually works!”

“Old Ancestor, I I want to take him to the ancestral land of the Taixu clan.” Crown Prince said: “He pretends to be the Jiang clan, and the Jiang clan will not let him go. Moreover, his current cultivation base is still shallow and he has the title of Paragon. , If he is allowed to stay outside, it would be too dangerous.”

“This… depends on his own opinion.” Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan said: “We need his blood Essence, if you bring him back to the ancestral land, wouldn’t it be equivalent to nurturing him, did he have an idea in his heart?”

“Senior said yes.” Jiang Chen said straightly: “Senior, I can provide The blood essence needed by the Taixu clan… But as you said, I don’t want to go to the ancestral land of the Taixu clan.”

Jiang Chen thought clearly, and went to the ancestral land of the Taixu clan. , Although it will be very safe, it is equivalent to being nurtured!

This kind of taste is uncomfortable.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen still has a lot to do, how could he stay in the ancestral land of the Taixu clan!

“Then I will protect you personally.” Crown Prince said: “Even if I meet an emperor or even a Transcender, as long as I am here, they will give me a little face.”

“As for the others…hmph!” Crown Prince was quite confident.

It’s just because his real body is extremely strong and his identity is extraordinary.

Most people meet him not with respect, but with awe!

Even if the older generations meet Crown Prince, they dare not be too impudent.

After all, Crown Prince is the strongest member of the Taixu clan today, and the patriarch of the Taixu clan in the future!

“Little Brat, is there anything else I can do for you?”

At this moment, Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan asked, as if he wanted to draw Taixu a step further The relationship between Yizu and Jiang Chen.

After all, Jiang Chen’s blood essence is too important for the evil race!

“I found the branch of Gudifu and asked about some things. I wonder if Senior can help me?” Jiang Chen asked.

In Jiang Chen’s mind, the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan is Transcender. This should be a trivial matter to him.

However, what made Jiang Chen didn’t expect was that the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan suddenly changed his expression after hearing about the three words Gudifu.

He was silent for a while, then shook his head and said: “The ancient mansion does have remnants in the Great Thousand Worlds, but…that place is not easy to visit, and my Taixu family don’t want to be with the ancient mansion. It doesn’t matter.”

“This…the ancient palace has been destroyed, and now there are only a few remaining branches, just this…is the Taixu clan still jealous?” Jiang Chen wondered.

“Heh… the water in the ancient land is very deep. I don’t think many people in this world are willing to go to this muddy water when it is unnecessary.” said the old man of the Taixu clan.



At this moment, the sky suddenly vibrated!

After that, a Dao Void crack appeared in the sky above Longteng Academy!

Look carefully, in the void and rift, there seems to be a person coming on the black waves!

Its imposing manner is very powerful, and it doesn’t fall into the Old Ancestor of this imaginary clan!

At the same time, Crown Prince and the old Ancestral God of the Taixu clan stared, and there was an amazing killing intent in their eyes!

“What a coincidence! The Taixu clan is also here!”

After a few breaths, only a man walked out of the void.

As soon as I came out, I just moved towards the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan with a palm!

“Jiang clan! Jiang Qiankun!” Old Ancestor complexion is gloomy of Taixu clan, with a big wave of his hand, shakes the other’s palm prints away.

After that, he stared at Jiang Qiankun, coldly said: “Why? Come here today, is it for me?”

“Hey, you are the Taixu of the Taixu clan Old Ancestor, how dare I target you?” Jiang Qiankun said, in the words, there is a medicinal smell!

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