I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1131

The Jiang family wants Jiang Chen to be their representative in the world and walk the world to prove the “friendliness” of the Jiang family.

For the blood essence of Jiang Chen, the Taixu clan wants to win him over to please him. How can they watch Jiang Chen being taken away by the Jiang clan! ?

As a result, Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan immediately decided to appoint Jiang Chen as the highest worship of the Taixu clan!

Yes, the two clans are rivals, and Jiang Chen certainly cannot be given two “duties” at the same time.

But you want Jiang Chen to choose, how should he choose?

Choose either side will offend the other side!

“Taixu clan, what do you mean!? Robbing people from my Jiang clan!?” At this moment, Jiang Qiankun’s face is very ugly.

Normally the fighting between the two races is fine. Now for such a small cultivator, do we have to fight too! ?

“My Taixu clan found him first! If you say robbing people, your Jiang clan is robbing!” Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan shouted angrily: “Today! Everything he says is me The highest worship of the Taixu clan! No choice!”

“Fart! He is the representative appointed by the patriarch of my Jiang clan!” Jiang Qiankun refused to step back.

Just like that, the two glared at him, and neither dared to take a step back!

At this moment, the most uncomfortable is naturally Jiang Chen.

Two big men quarreled, what can he do with this little titled god?

Can only stand aside and watch.

“The two of mine, aren’t you embarrassing him?”

At this moment, Princess Nine said, “my family’s Master is only the cultivation base of the title god , How dare you say no words in front of you, and if you quarrel like this, there is no result.”

“your family master?”

“Take the emperor as a servant!? “

The two didn’t care about it before, but now they heard what the Nine Princess said, Jiang Qiankun and the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan couldn’t help but feel moved.

A titled god who serves as an emperor.

In this world, few people have such treatment and status!

At this moment, the two glanced at each other, and then they realized that the kid with the title of god in front of them might have an unusual identity!

However, they didn’t know that Princess Nine just wanted to relieve Jiang Chen that’s all, not at all, thinking that these two bigwigs would want to go elsewhere.

“The old man took the liberty. Until now, I still don’t know where the little friend came from and which force he came from?” Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan asked.

Jiang Chen hearing this, froze for a moment, not knowing what to say.

Is it possible that I have to tell them that I am from the Six Realms, a descendant of the Ancestral Realm?

If this is said, I am afraid it will cause unnecessary trouble!

“My family is rarely born, and I don’t like being known by the world.”

After thinking about it for a while, Jiang Chen made up: “This time I came out to experience, the family Only one emperor was sent to me to protect my safety.”

“Only one emperor was sent!?”

“This word is used well!”


The two big guys were shocked. Although Jiang Chen didn’t reveal his identity, they guessed that Jiang Chen’s identity is absolutely extraordinary!

“Does the Taixu family know Jiang Chen’s foundation and the background of his power, so they want to win over Jiang Chen and please the power behind it!?” Jiang Qiankun’s thoughts are very rich, and he immediately I want to be crooked.

On the other hand, the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan has the same idea as Jiang Qiankun!

At this moment, the two glanced at each other, revealing an “I understand” look!

“Little friend Jiang Chen, if you can be an emperor as a servant, you must be a different person?” Jiang Qiankun said with a smile: “My Jiang clan is very talkative, since little friend Jiang Chen It’s hard to make a choice, so… it’s better to be appointed at the same time.”

“My Taixu clan is also very easy to talk! He is the representative of Jiang’s clan, but also the highest worship of my Taixu clan! “Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan said.

After all, the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan seemed to be afraid that Jiang Chen would be biased towards the Jiang clan, so he could not help taking out a token and sending it to Jiang Chen, saying, “This is the token of Heavenspan Court. With this token, you can enter Heavenspan Court!”

“en? Heavenspan Court token!?” Jiang Qiankun’s expression condensed, and then the complexion is gloomy down.

You must know that Heavenspan Garden is also an Academy, but its status and heritage are by no means comparable to Longteng Academy!

That is an Academy located in the center of the Oriental Star Domain. The talents of the entire Oriental Star Domain will try their best to enter the Heavenspan Garden cultivation!

Even every Great Family and force, at the expense of bankruptcy, must send their own dísciple into it!

It can be seen how high the status of Heavenspan Garden in this Great Thousand Worlds is!

The most desirable thing is that once you enter Heavenspan Garden, you will have the opportunity to comprehend the time scriptures!

That is the ancient scripture that contains the Supreme Law and Time Law in the world!

Naturally, although Heavenspan Court is large and has a deep heritage, there are not many dísciples recruited every year.

While Great Thousand Worlds has that many creatures, this Heavenspan Garden only takes one scoop.

“That…Old Ancestor…this Heavenspan Court token…isn’t it for me?” Crown Prince was a little messy on the side.

You must know that the entire Taixu family also spent a great price to get such a token.

This is for Crown Prince!

He was born this time, he was going to Heavenspan Court for further study!

But now…

“What a coincidence! My Jiang clan also has such a token, which happened to be given to the little friend today as a meeting gift!”

next moment, I saw the light flashed in Jiang Qiankun’s eyes, and he even took out a token of Heavenspan Court, and then forcibly stuffed it into Jiang Chen’s hands!

“This…I don’t want to go to Heavenspan Garden.” Jiang Chen whispered.

He wants to go to the South Star Domain!

However, in the face of the enthusiasm of the two big brothers, Jiang Chen regretted it again.

After all, these two people are all Transcenders!

“That…is there too much of the two tokens?” Jiang Chen whispered, what’s the use of two tokens for one person?

A token will allow him to enter Heavenspan Court.

“One token, you can become the Outer Disciple of Heavenspan Court, and two tokens, you can become Inner Disciple! If there are three tokens, you can directly become the Direct Disciple of Heavenspan Court Dean!” Jiang Qiankun said: “As far as I know, the Dean of Heavenspan Yuan was Transcender several times ago. Even when I see him, I have to call him Senior!”

“That’s right! If you can become the Director of Heavenspan Court’s Direct Disciple, your future will be limitless!” said Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan.

“But…I don’t want to enter any Academy.” Jiang Chen whispered: “I have my own cultivation technique. You can also cultivation without entering the Academy.”

“This is different ! You don’t understand the position of Heavenspan Garden in Great Thousand Worlds!” Jiang Qiankun said: “There is an old saying in Eastern Star Domain, you don’t know how to Heavenspan if you don’t enter Heavenspan Garden!”

“But…” Jiang Chen lightly said, still wanting to refuse, but the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan waved his hand and said: “Don’t worry about being bullied when you go to Heavenspan Garden, when the time comes, just report my Taixu clan’s name! “

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