I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1132

Heavenspan Garden is the strongest institution in the Eastern Star Domain. Any creature that can enter Heavenspan Garden is extremely powerful!

Even, many celebrities on the Astral List are in Heavenspan Court!

It is too difficult to gain a foothold in the Heavenspan Court. If you are not careful, you will be “bullyed” or even fall!

It is with this in mind that Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan will say so, just let Jiang Chen be named as the Taixu clan!

The Taixu clan dare not say anything about its reputation and deterrence, and the entire Great Thousand Worlds knows it!

“What is the name of the Taixu clan? When the time comes, you might as well call me the name of the Jiang clan. I think a few people dare to bully you!” Jiang Qiankun said On the one hand, he showed his favor to Jiang Chen, while on the other he mocked the Taixu family.

“hmph! Old man doesn’t bother to care about you! One day, your Jiang clan will be destroyed in the hands of my Taixu clan!” Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan said solemnly.

“Really? I am looking forward to it!” Jiang Qiankun raised his eyebrows.

After that, the two stared so dryly, no one wanted to leave like this.

To be precise, they dare not leave before the other party leaves!

I’m afraid that after I left, the other party stayed and “bribbed” Jiang Chen again!

Especially the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan, and Jiang Chen is not at ease!

He is worried, in case Jiang Chen blood essence is known by the Jiang family, he might directly rob people with the Jiang family’s behavior!

“Old Ancestor has nothing to do recently. I am here with Jiang Chen’s little friend, so I can give him some advice.” Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan said, smiling at Jiang Chen, and said: “Jiang Chen My friend, if you don’t dislike it, just like Crown Prince, just call me Old Ancestor.”

“Let him call you Old Ancestor? Are you worthy? Are you qualified?”


Suddenly, Huang Tian walked out of Building One.

I saw the ups and downs of the zodiac in her body, and her eyes opened and closed, as if the universe was fighting, it was more like a long river of time surging in the depths of her eyes!

At this moment, the Old Ancestor and Jiang Qiankun expressions of the Taixu clan have changed drastically!

They stared at Huang Tian blankly, seemingly shocked!

It wasn’t until more than ten breaths later that these two people reacted, and then their bodies tightened, staring at Huang Tian with fear!

“You… Huangtian!?”

“The Huangtian of the ancestral world!?”


Two people Shocked, they lived a long time, until something about the ancestral world!

Although the evil race and the ancestral world have no grievances, they are still very jealous of the ancestral world!

And they even know that there used to be some very powerful cultivators in the ancestral world. They are powerful and rare in the ages!

Among them, there is a yellow sky!

But, for some reason, when the Ancestral Realm was destroyed, Huang Tian suddenly disappeared, and no one knew where she had gone.

Some people say that she has fallen, and some people say that she is timid. In short, there are many opinions.

However, more people believe that Huang Tian has fallen.

After all, the great catastrophe of the ancestral world at that time can be called the first catastrophe of the Great Thousand Worlds. Many Young Emperor kings have fallen, like stars falling in the sky!

At that time, even the invincible fell, even more how is the yellow sky!

Yes, what made these two people didn’t expect was that the legendary character actually appeared in front of them alive!

“It seems that the two of you still know me.” Huang Tian lightly said with a smile: “This one in front of you has a high status, which is not something you can compare.”

“Let him call you Old Ancestor? Who are you insulting?”

When these words came out, Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan looked embarrassed.

I saw him looking thoughtful, and immediately cupped the hands at Huang Tian, ​​saying: “Huang Tian Senior, although I don’t know what you mean, but…I can match his peers. .”

“The Taixu clan is just such a bit of spine!? Although she was famous in prehistoric times, she was powerful, but now… just an emperor that’s all.” Jiang Qiankun raised his eyebrows.

Although there is no grudge against the creatures of the ancestral world, Jiang Qiankun is also a Transcender anyway!

All sentient beings are ants in his eyes, even more how is a yellow sky!

The most important thing is that today’s Huangtian, the cultivation base is only the emperor that’s all!

At this moment, the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan also reflected it, the expression condensed, and tentatively asked: “Senior… your cultivation base…”

“Oh …There was an accident, and the cultivation base lost part.” Huang Tian said calmly, then squinted, staring at Jiang Qiankun, and said: “Why? Do you think that my emperor’s cultivation base is not enough?”

“The emperor is indeed powerful in the eyes of the world and can be called invincible. But in the eyes of Transcender like me, it is like a trivial ant!”

“Although you were once strong, now…”



However, just after Jiang Qiankun said this, Huang Tian within the body suddenly exploded with an astonishing breath!

At the same time, I only saw a star outside the sky, and it seemed that a star was slowly rising, bursting out dazzling and gorgeous rays of light!

“I didn’t intend to come out, after all, my identity is not suitable for you to appear in front of you.” Huang Tian lightly said, looking up at the star in Foreign Domain, and said: “How can… …My dao fruit is back.”


“What do you mean?”


Everyone Suspicious, but saw a beam of light falling from the sky, and finally covering Huang Tian’s body!

At this moment, just above Huang Tian’s head, a avenue flower bloomed, and then the flower bloomed three petals, and in the blink of an eye, he stepped into Transcender!

Furthermore, after these three petals bloomed, among the buds, another flower-bone flower appeared, ready to bloom!


“The rumors are true!? Flowers bloom twice, Transcendent Saint!?”


No one knows better than Jiang Qiankun and the others, the cultivation base of Transcender’s avenue flower is terrifying once it blooms for the second time!

You must know that the ordinary Transcender is just a flower that blooms once and three petals that’s all!

“The evil race and my ancestral realm lacking hatred and enmity, I don’t want to embarrass you. From now on, you two races will take good care of him.” Huang Tian lightly said, and then the expression went to Jiang Chen weirdly By your side.

Immediately afterwards, she stretched out her thin white fingers and tapped them lightly on Jiang Chen’s brows, with a soft voice, lightly said: “You really don’t have anything. Remember?”

“Eh…” Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment. He had never seen such a gentle side of Huang Tian!

Even Princess Nine is dumbfounded. Huang Tian, ​​who once represented the sky of the six worlds, has such a gentle side! ?

Isn’t it dazzled! ?

“Oh…everything is God’s will.” Huang Tian lightly said, stretched out his hands, held Jiang Chen’s cheeks, and let his eyes look directly at his face.

After that, Huang Tian said with a hint of resentment, “Remember my face, don’t forget it.”

“Let me take it!? Huang Tian Did the big sister cultivation go wrong!? This gentle look…” Jiang Chen felt hairy in his heart, always feeling this is too illusory!

However, without waiting for Jiang Chen’s reaction, Huang Tian got up, turned into a stream of light and rushed towards the Foreign Domain, leaving only one sentence: “If one day, we meet again, I hope you Can remember who I am.”

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