I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1133

Huang Tian just left, maybe she has stayed here all this time, just waiting for her dao fruit to return.

She used to be very strong, but suddenly disappeared, not dead, but to the Six Realms.

As Yu Luo said before, Huang Tian went to the Six Realms and paid a lot, even his dao fruit was discarded.

Now that the Six Realms are destroyed, Huang Tian returns to Great Thousand Worlds, and Dao Fruit returns. She must have something very important to do.

It’s just that the gentle side that she showed when she left left Jiang Chen with many doubts.

“She has always been willing to lend you her strength, maybe… there is indeed any relationship between you and her.” Nine Princess speculated.

“This…I don’t remember at all.” Jiang Chen whispered, looking at the stars in the sky, as if he could see Huang Tian’s back.

At this moment, the attitudes of Old Ancestor and Jiang Qiankun of the Taixu clan toward Jiang Chen have completely changed!

Before, perhaps it was for profit to try to please Jiang Chen.

But now, they think Jiang Chen is not simple!

People who even Huang Tian is close to can be ordinary people! ?

“This kid…what the hell does it come from? Hearing what Huang Tian said, his generation is terrifying!”

“No matter! Please please say goodbye! Don’t say goodbye Yes, to please him is to please Huang Tian! That is a Transcender that blooms twice!”


Jiang Qiankun and Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan each have their own minds. At this moment, he is constantly looking at Jiang Chen.

After that, they once again sent out some rare treasures!

Until the end, these two people were really worried about each other, and finally decided to leave together.

After the two left, Crown Prince looked speechless, looked at Jiang Chen, and said: “My token is given to you… Now it’s okay, I can’t enter Heavenspan. Court.”

“Um…give you one.” Jiang Chen said, he had two tokens, so he gave one to Crown Prince.

However, for Crown Prince, he is still very wronged.

After all, one of the tokens is his!

“Get ready, let’s go to Heavenspan Garden.” Crown Prince said: “This pack dragon world is too remote. Staying here is undoubtedly a waste of youth.”

“Also Yes.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

However, Jiang Chen wants to go to the Southern Star Domain most!

“What’s so good about Heavenspan Garden? Why are so many people wanting to go in?” Jiang Chen couldn’t help asking.

Even the Taixu clan and the Jiang clan don’t hesitate to send their own dísciple into Heavenspan Garden at a high price.

If this Heavenspan Garden is nothing special, Jiang Chen would really not believe it!

“I don’t know the specifics. I only know that there is a legend in Heavenspan Garden. There was once a breakthrough fettered and the flowers bloomed three times to achieve the Supreme fruit position!” Crown Prince said: “That person should not Confront the invincibles of the Ancestral Realm. If you are against the invincible, it doesn’t really matter who loses and who wins!”

“Uh…the flowers bloom three times!? The three avenues are born. Flower!?” Jiang Chen was shocked.

You need to know that the average Transcender is just a flower on the road.

And such creatures can be said to be invincible between this Heaven and Earth!

And like Huang Tian, ​​who has conceived the second most flower buds, there are few rivals in this world!

However, since ancient times, no one can bear three avenue flowers!

“It is said that the man went to another world after bearing three avenue flowers.” Crown Prince said: “It is said to have ascended.”

“Ascension!? “Jiang Chen was stunned and puzzled.

You have to know, in Jiang Chen’s heart, where can he fly to Great Thousand Worlds?

Flying around, can you escape Great Thousand Worlds?

However, Crown Prince told Jiang Chen that there may be a higher world above the Great Thousand Worlds!

“Mortals call a cultivator like us Divine Immortal.” Crown Prince frowned and said: “However, whether it is True God Realm or Transcender, it is a god.”

“As for… the fairy character…” Crown Prince thoughtfully said: “Divine Immortal Divine Immortal, first become a god, then fly to the fairy! Maybe… after the three avenue flowers grow, it becomes the so-called The immortal soared to the world where the immortal is.”

“This…there is this kind of saying? Is it reliable?” Jiang Chen asked.

Crown Prince hearing this immediately shook his head and said: “It’s all legends. After all, from ancient times to the present, only that person has bloomed three avenue flowers, and after blooming three avenue flowers, he directly Disappeared, leaving no clues or inheritance.”

“Then…what does this Heavenspan Garden have to do with?” Jiang Chen asked.

“The man came from Heavenspan Court. There are things left behind in Heavenspan Court, as well as the dojo.” Crown Prince explained: “Many people entering Heavenspan Court are actually related to the legend. I want to confirm it. , The world is so big, is there really a fairy!”

“Great Thousand Worlds there is no lack of strange things, even this legend is more colorful than the Legend of the Six Worlds…” Jiang Chen whispered, I don’t believe there is any immortal in this world at all.

After all, Jiang Chen has no idea about the word fairy.

In the eyes of many people, gods are immortals, and Divine Immortal is also Divine Immortal.

“Damn!? No way!? Come again!?”

Suddenly, one after another silhouette appeared in the sky.

Look carefully, it turned out to be a dozen emperors!

This made Jiang Chen quite depressed. He just killed a few and sent a batch away. Why are there any emperors here? ?

Is the Paragon title really so fragrant? !

However, Jiang Chen didn’t care at all at the moment, he was calm, and said to Crown Prince: “Here is a crossover charm, and invite your Old Ancestor over.”

“This…I only have one. I just used it.” Crown Prince was quite embarrassed. He even grabbed Jiang Chen’s hand and said: “Run!”

“Use too much Can’t the name of the Xu family stun them?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It depends on when! It’s just this kind of murder and surrender, who cares about you!” Crown Prince said angrily.

“Want to run?”

“Did you run?”


However, in front of a dozen emperors , How did Jiang Chen escape! ?

“Every day, it’s so noisy, can’t people pipe down?!”

At this moment, in Building One, Yu Luo’s voice came out, There was a hint of irritability in it.

After that, I saw him slowly coming from the stairs, and when he came to Jiang Chen’s side, he touched his pants, and subconsciously asked: “Linghua grass tastes real. Yes, it will not only help my recovery, but also relieve my loneliness.”

With that, Yu Luo asked, “Are there any more? Come with Huazi?”

” This…Yes.” Jiang Chen hurriedly took out a few Huazi and delivered it to Yu Luo’s hands, weakly asking: “Huazi is in place, look at these emperors…”

“Oh? Trifling emperor that’s all, if it were three or five hours earlier, I really can’t help them, but now…” while speaking, Yu Luo has chewed the few Chinese stalks in his hands, showing a look of unfinished thoughts , Said: “Are there still Huazi? Huazi is in place, everything is broken!”

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