I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1134

After all, Yuluo is a prehistoric power, even if he was injured before, but with his background, it will take only a few days to recover.

Just like now, his state has been restored to the original state, and even vaguely feels stronger than before!

At this moment, I saw him holding a Linghua grass in his left hand, holding one in his mouth, chewing, and squinting across the group of emperors.

Its appearance, that posture, that expression, there is no powerhouse style at all.

If it weren’t for the imposing manner on his body to be truly terrifying, everyone would have thought that this is where the rogue came from!

“Boy, I’m leaving, and there is nothing to give you today. These emperors should be given to you as gifts.” Yuluo lightly said, and immediately turned into an illusory shadow. Phantom in the air!



In just a few breaths, the emperors in the sky exploded, turning into a cloud of light and rain, blooming like fireworks!

“This…is the power of Transcender!?”

Although I have seen the power of Transcender, Jiang Chen is still shocked when I see it again.

Raise your hands, talk and laugh, and destroy a group of emperors with just one hand!

This kind of strength, looking at the world, is truly invincible!

“I haven’t been to Transcender yet. After all, the last step has not been taken yet, but it will be soon.” Yuluo said with a smile: “It’s time to go now. My identity is too special. Stay By your side, it will cause trouble for you.”

“Senior is going to the ancestral world?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It’s time to go back.” Yu Luo sighed, “Not only I want to go back, but Huang Tian has already gone back.”

“But…you promised me that you want to bring I went to find the remnants of the ancient land to help me find clues to the soul.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

However, Yuluo shook the head, took a deep look at Jiang Chen, and said: “There is a seal in your memory. It is from your previous life. This is your previous life. The arrangement of the world.”

“In this case, I am not good to disrupt the arrangement of your previous lives. I can’t let you awaken in advance.” Yu Luo explained: “The way back, dust returns to dust , Everything has a definite number.”

Speaking, Yu Luo asked for a few Linghua grass again, and put it in his pocket, whispered: “This stuff is really good, although it is good for my current cultivation base. , It’s useless, but it’s okay to keep the greed and loneliness.”

“Senior, this time is gone…when will we meet?” Jiang Chen asked.

Although I haven’t spent much time with Yuluo, Jiang Chen does have some feelings for Yuluo.

This man, known as the emperor of demonic path, is unruly by nature, but he is not trivial. With him, Jiang Chen is very relaxed.

“If fated will meet again.” Yuluo said with a smile, patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder, and said: “Don’t worry, one day, I will definitely meet again.”

In the end, Yuluo left nothing and just left.

At the end, he seemed to walk in a hurry, as if he had sensed some danger.

“Let’s leave, too.” Crown Prince said solemnly: “A batch of emperors have come, and there may be a few more batches. Staying here is equivalent to waiting for death.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

Afterwards, Jiang Chen went to the mountainside to say goodbye to Long Dade, and the two met in the southern Star Domain.

However, there is a problem!

The pack dragon world is the border of the Eastern Star Domain, and it is far away from the center of the Eastern Star Domain. To be less, it is separated by dozens of Star Domains!

The Star Domain Transmission Array in Dragon Academy cannot be used, nor can the Transmission Array of the Zhangsun Family family. If you want to rush from the Dragon World to the center of the Eastern Star Domain, if you don’t borrow the Star Domain Transmission Array, at least several years!

“It’s sloppy! You should have asked your Old Ancestor to take us there before!” Jiang Chen said.

Transcender’s strength Heavenspan, Star Domain is separated by hundreds of millions of distances, and they can also arrive in a few breaths!

“There is no way, I can only fly over slowly.” Crown Prince said with a bitter smile.

Fortunately, he knows the coordinates, and he often wanders in the starry sky without losing his way.

In the end, Jiang Chen, Crown Prince, and Nine Princess got up, volleyed up, moved towards the sky and flew away.

However, just when they left, Ling Huanyin followed up with a small bag on his back with a depressed expression.

Behind him, followed by a group of powerhouses from the Fire Dragon clan.

“What?” Jiang Chen stared, secretly thought that the Fire Dragon clan would not come to grab his Paragon title, right?

This…can’t it?

“Little friend Jiang Chen, your honor said that this journey is far away, and I am afraid that you will encounter danger on the road, so let Ling Huanyin be with you, and there will be a support on the road.” Fire Dragon said .

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen was taken aback for a moment, pointed to the nine Princess beside him, and looked towards Fire Dragon, and asked: “What is the cultivation base of Ling Huanyin? But Divine Emperor, and beside me There is the guardian of the emperor…”

“This… the Lord said, you are still young, flying in the starry sky, you will probably be a little boring, it is good to find someone to chat with you.” Fire Dragon Said.

“Chat? Is this reason a bit far-fetched?” Jiang Chen whispered.

However, in order to hurry, Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste time here. He glanced at Ling Huanyin and said: “Come if you want.”

“Um…” Ling The phantom sound weakly clicked nodded, but in his heart he scolded all the Fire Dragon clan!

Just before, the Fire Dragon clan directly threatened her and asked him to win over Jiang Chen as the mentor of the Dragon Academy!

If you can’t win, the Supreme Treasure of Nine-Tailed Fox Race will not be returned!

If not, can Ling Huanyin keep up?

This is having unspeakable bitter suffering!

Finally, the four got up and, under the leadership of Crown Prince, began a long journey into the stars.

Along the way, a few people didn’t say anything, so they just moved forward.

In the starry sky, the sun and the moon are not divided, and the time is unknown.

Until one day, Jiang Chen within the body’s divine force was exhausted and he couldn’t fly anymore. Then he stopped on a Talisman Stone and took a break.

“Looking at the starry sky, Darkness and Light coexist, quiet and silent, it is also a beautiful view.” Jiang Chen sighed, it’s been a long time.

“The scenery is accompanied by fine wine and a little bit of delicacy. This is also very good.” Crown Prince was also very emotional.

Since his debut, he has been killing, from a nameless junior, all the way to the ninth God King Level star list!

The bitterness and danger in this are simply unimaginable for ordinary people!

At this moment, Ling Huanyin trembled all over. After hearing the word “delicacy”, her hairy ears and nine tails immediately surrounded herself, and she was still shaking.

“What’s wrong with you…?” Jiang Chen curiously asked, is it secretly thought that the body is uncomfortable?

“Are you…hungry?” Ling Huan asked weakly. Since entering the starry sky with Jiang Chen, her heart has not settled!

Especially there is a Crown Prince beside him!

“It’s okay, I’m not hungry.” Jiang Chen lightly said, looked towards Crown Prince, and asked: “Are you hungry?”

“Hungry is not hungry, But…” Crown Prince said, looking towards Ling Huanyin with a playful expression.

This scared the Nine-tailed Fox so stupidly. After a loud cry, he fainted!

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