I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1135

Ling Huanyin is quite aggrieved. I thought that Jiang Chen belonged to the Jiang clan. Every time I faced Jiang Chen, I was afraid of being eaten.

After learning that Jiang Chen was a fake, I couldn’t help but sighed in relief, thinking that my hard life was over.

But who would have thought…

This guy, although it is a fake, the Jiang family actually asked him to be a representative of the world!

Moreover, even the Taixu clan asked him to be the highest worship!

That’s not a big deal, the point is…Beside Jiang Chen, there is now another Crown Prince!

This is a real creature of the Taixu clan!

“Why is my Small Fox’s life so bitter…”

After a few breaths, Ling Huanyin woke up, her tail covering her eyes, the more she thought about it, the more she felt wronged. , Tears.

“I said…you are also a Divine Emperor anyway, can you not be so weak…” Jiang Chen said angrily.

It’s okay if Jiang Chen didn’t say it. After saying this, Ling Huanyin couldn’t help it, and wa’ed cried!

I saw her crying and said: “I am weak…I don’t want to… But what are you all about!”

“I watched it before When I arrived, those emperors were all killed by you…I a trifling Divine Emperor…wu wu wu…”

Ling Huanyin was wronged to the extreme, she was puzzled and stayed at Longteng Academy. Is it bad to be a little mentor? !

Why do you have to arrange for him to come by Jiang Chen!

This is all right, the Supreme Treasure of the Nine-Tailed Fox Race is still with the Fire Dragon clan, and now people are arranged to follow Jiang Chen’s side…

This pain Day, when is the head?

“It’s really annoying! I’m crying, believing or not, I will swallow you now!” Crown Prince said coldly.

Crown Prince, who is polite to Jiang Chen, is different for others.

He is aloof by nature and he hates trouble the most!

“I…I…” Ling Huanyin opened her mouth aggrievedly, but because of Crown Prince, she still didn’t dare to finish her words.

Jiang Chen looked speechless, staring at Ling Huanyin’s aggrieved and scared expression, and couldn’t help but say to Princess Nine: “They are all women, please comfort him.”

“Me? Let me be an emperor to comfort a Divine Emperor?” Nine Princess looked unhappy, but went anyway.

“How long will it take to reach Heavenspan Court?” Jiang Chen and Crown Prince sat together, looking at the endless starry sky ahead with a melancholy expression.

It has been more than ten days since they came out of the pack dragon world.

On this journey, I haven’t even encountered a ghost shadow!

“I want to tell you about this.” Crown Prince said: “Our speed is too slow, so let your maid take us through the void, so faster!”

“You didn’t say it long ago.” Jiang Chen said grimly.

“I didn’t have this idea. After all, traveling in the starry sky is considered a cultivation.” Crown Prince said solemnly: “But… this Star Domain is a bit dangerous, you may encounter Star Domain. Thieves, those creatures dare to do anything, even if the Taixu clan meets them, as long as the strength is not enough, the end will be miserable.”

“Star Domain Thief?” Jiang Chen was taken aback. After hearing Crown Prince’s explanation, he understood.

Star Domain thieves are all outlaws.

They have been wandering among the major Star Domains, specifically targeting those cultivators crossing the Star Domain!

Moreover, in their hands, there will never be a livelihood. They kill more and livelier, and the methods are very ruthless!

“Our luck is impossible so bad, right?” Jiang Chen whispered.

However, after the tone barely fell, Jiang Chen and Crown Prince’s complexion collapsed.

Because, besides the ten thousand li on their left, a ray of light suddenly rose!

Look carefully, it is a sailboat!

On the sailing boat, the silhouette is prosperous, and when you look closely, it is a group of young people, each showing off talent!

But at this moment, the expression of the group of people is very nervous, and some people are even complexion pale, hiding in the bow corner.

“This sailboat is a secret treasure. Many forces will ask people to cast this kind of Star Domain sailboat without the Star Domain Transmission Array.” Crown Prince explained: “Although the Star Domain sailboat is The speed is far not as fast as the Star Domain Transmission Array, but a short journey is still enough.”

“Oh…” Jiang Chen lightly said, the expression pointed to the back of the sailing boat, and asked Said: “So…what is that thing?”

Crown Prince actually saw it a long time ago. After the sailing boat, there are still pages of lone boats!

Those lone boats are not big, but they are fast!

On every page of the lone boat, there is a man standing, with an imposing manner extremely powerful, and the killing intents on each one are undisguised!

“This is what I told you just now, Star Domain thief.” Crown Prince looked calm and said: “This group is relatively weak, and the cultivation base is no more than Divine King.”

“so that’s how it is…” Jiang Chen was relieved, and it was sighed in relief.

Cultivation base But Divine King, even if it’s the Star Domain thief! ?

Be aware that in Jiang Chen entire group, except for the title deity of Jiang Chen, the other cultivation bases are all very high!

Especially there is still a Nine Princess, what are you afraid of! ?

“The group of people on the sailing boat will probably suffer.” Crown Prince lightly said, expressionless, said: “A group of hairless brat, the cultivation base is the highest but High God King, if it is chased by the group of Star Domain thieves No one can survive.”

“Don’t save them?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Why do you want to save? Not for relatives or for reasons, even more how this kind of thing often happens in Great Thousand Worlds.” Crown Prince said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, also thinks it makes sense.

However, after a few breaths, when the sailing boat was only three thousand miles away from them, the faces of Jiang Chen and Crown Prince turned black!

Because it was a little far away before, I only saw the sailing boat and the lone boat behind.

But now, they see that after that lone boat, there is a dark sailing ship!

The sails of the sailing ship are covered with skulls!

Jiang Chen is not a fool, so I don’t know what is going on at this glance! ?

“Run! Star Domain thieves army!” Crown Prince was also a little panicked, never thought that he would meet a Star Domain thieves army here!

You must know that for all Star Domain thieves who can own a sailboat, at least there is an emperor!

And the Star Domain thieves of this level, it is a cruel mess!

“You said…is it our speed, or the speed of those sailboats?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Of course the speed of sailing boats is fast.” Crown Prince said grimly: “What else do you build those sailing boats?”

“That’s not right.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile: “Since we are not as fast as them, what are we running?”

Speaking, Jiang Chen pointed in the direction and said: “Look, there are a few pages of lone boats moved towards us Here comes it.”

“I’ll do it!” Crown Prince was anxious, but he was calmer, and said: “Maybe I can use my identity to deter them, when the time comes, give them finances, maybe Can keep us alive.”

“That’s what you want to do?” Jiang Chen rolled the eyes, the arrogant Crown Prince in normally, now facing the Star Domain thieves… Is it really bad temper?

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