I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1136

Jiang Chen is full of confidence, after all, there is a nine Princess around him.

This guy is a stowaway!

Although Nine Princess hasn’t made many moves, Jiang Chen knows that this guy’s battle strength is absolutely extraordinary!

Sure enough, when I saw that page of Lonely Boat moved towards them rushing towards them, Princess Nine got up and swept away those people directly with a light wave of her hand!

This scene was seen by the fleeing sailing ship, and immediately moved towards them!

“Senior! Please save my life!”

“Senior, I am waiting for the dísciple who went to Heavenspan Court to register. If you are willing to save our life, I will wait Thank you!”


Hearing the voices of a group of teenagers on this sailing boat, Jiang Chen frowned, looked towards Crown Prince, and asked: “Those who can enter Heavenspan Court are all Heaven’s Chosen Child, they are away from home, no elders in the clan escort them?”

“There are weird…” Crown Prince said solemnly: “Leave them alone!”

However, the sailing speed Very quickly, after a few breaths, he came to Jiang Chen and the others.

After that, a man and a woman walked off the sailboat.

The male has good facial features, wearing a black clothed, golden hair crown, dignified appearance, imposing manner out of the ordinary.

The female wears a veil and can’t see her face clearly, but she has a graceful figure and a pale-yellow neon dress fluttering with energy, giving people a feeling of ethereal and dusty.

“Senior, I am Lingyingu Young Master, Mu Fengnian, this is my younger sister Mu Fengxue.” The young man saluted, with a trace of panic in his expression, and said: “I beg Senior for help. If we die, I will be grateful to Suzuin Valley in the future!”

“Where are your elders?” Crown Prince raised his eyebrows and said: “With the power of the Star Domain sailing ship, how can its dísciple go out? No elders to escort them?”

“The elders of the clan are already on their way.” Mu Fengnian hurriedly said, “I waited too carelessly. I thought there would be no Star Domain thieves here. Thinking…”

“Lingyin Valley?”

At this moment, Ling Huanyin frowned, looked towards this man and woman, and glanced at the others on the sailing boat. The boy, a hint of doubt appeared in his eyes.

And at this moment, that page of lone boats rushed to surround the crowd.

At the same time, the black sailboat has also come closer!

Immediately, two emperors walked out of the sailing boat with more than a dozen Divine Emperors beside them!

“Yo, I am still a female emperor!? Not bad!”

“Boss, this little girl has a long water spirit, just because you also lack a bed warmer, it’s better…”


At this moment, these Star Domain thieves ignored Jiang Chen and the others, but made a full comment on Nine Princess.

Especially the two emperors, when they looked towards Nine Princess, they were full of greed!

“Only two emperors?”

Nine Princess raised her eyebrows, thinking that there would be a fierce battle today.

Never thought, two kings! ?

“You take care of yourself, these two emperors have handed over to me.” Nine Princess lightly said, and then rushed out!

“Little girl, let you taste the means of the Lord!”


Under the foul language of the two emperors, the battle broke out instantly !

However, this battle only lasted more than ten breaths of time, and I saw the two emperors escape into the void and fled straight away!

Seeing their boss run away, other people naturally didn’t dare to stay and evacuated.

“It’s boring.”

Not long after, Princess Nine came back, patted both hands, and sighed: “The emperor of this kind of strength is too weak. It is the bottom of the emperors.”

“Um…that is for you.” Jiang Chen said angrily.

Know that even the lowest emperor is enough to kill all the creatures under the emperor!

At this moment, something unexpected happened.

Jiang Chen and the others saved Mu Fengnian and the others. It stands to reason that these people should thank them verbally anyway?

However, after these people saw the Star Domain band of thieves withdraw, they didn’t say a word, and they planned to leave after boarding their own sailboat.

“Hello? Are you too rude?” Jiang Chen’s face went dark.

I wanted to save them so that I could borrow their sailboat to enter the Heavenspan Garden, which would save effort and time.

But who would have thought that these people are really not polite at all!

“Even if you don’t take action, the elders of my clan are on the way.” Mu Fengnian had a completely different attitude from before, looking towards Jiang Chen and the others with contempt, saying: “I’ll wait You help, it is your conviction.”

“That is, you know that there is more than a dísciple of Suzuin Valley on this sailing boat. I am all from Great Influence!”

“hmph! Look at you like this, even the Star Domain sailing boats are not there, and I don’t know where they are. What’s the matter? I still want to thank us?”


If these people really don’t say a word, just leave like this, Jiang Chen can also admit it.

But who would have thought that not only did this group of people not apologize, they actually mocked them!

At this moment, Jiang Chen can’t stand it anymore!

As for the Crown Prince on the side, black blood mist surging on his body, a fierce breath permeated, as if he was about to swallow people!

“What kind of thing is Lingyin Valley!? Even if your ancestors are here, you dare not talk to me like this!” Crown Prince coldly said, a pool of black blood behind him appeared directly The body!

At this moment, Mu Fengnian’s expression condensed, and he could see the identity of Crown Prince at a glance!

I saw a flattering smile suddenly appeared on his face, saying: “It turns out to be the dísciple of the Taixu clan, why not walk with me?”

“Just you Is it worth it!?” Crown Prince coldly said, pointing to himself, then to Jiang Chen, and said: “You have to pay for what you just said!”

As soon as this word came out, on the sailing boat Many of the people showed fear.

After all, the reputation of the Taixu clan is not a joke!

But, at this moment, a few streams of light rushed forward, and appeared on the sailing boat in a few breaths!

Look carefully, there are three emperors!

Moreover, the imposing manner of one of the emperors is actually above the nine Princess!

“Well? An emperor who is about to break through to Transcender?” Princess Nine raised her brows slightly, but her expression was not at all panicked.

At the same time, the group of people who were frightened by Crown Prince before are now emboldened!

Especially Mu Fengnian pointed directly at Crown Prince’s nose and taunted: “What’s wrong with the Taixu clan!? Here is you from the Taixu clan, kill you, and no one will even come for you. Collect the corpse!”

“Oh? Kill me?” Crown Prince eyes flash with a cold light, and his heart burned with anger!

Helping others, but now it is going to lead to killing! ?

“This Great Thousand Worlds is really complicated, mixed with people, ghosts and snakes, sometimes it’s not as clean as a whole body.” Jiang Chen sighed, glanced at the calm expression of the nine Princess, and couldn’t help asking: “What do you think Is there any disadvantage of being a teacher?”

Nine Princess hearing this, she couldn’t help but froze for a moment, and then seemed to understand Jiang Chen’s meaning, and said: “Master lacks a Star Domain sailboat.”

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