I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1137

As the saying goes, what kind of Master there is, there is what kind of discipline.

As soon as Jiang Chen said this, Princess Nine immediately understood what Jiang Chen meant!

At this moment, the Nine Princess stepped out, her graceful figure, fluttering hair, phoenix eyes with a touch of softness, but also with a touch of domineering!

No one knows what the identity of Nine Princess was before the ferry trip, or what her origins are, but I want to come to a certain era, it is extremely strong!

At this moment, she stared at the three emperors, lightly said: “You three, let’s go together.”

“Who is your Excellency?”

“I am the emperor. If the three of them go together, even if they win, they will lose the argument.”


The three seem to be unwilling. After all, so many juniors are here. It.

If three people go together, it would be shameful in front of the juniors.

“The three of you don’t go together, I’m afraid that you didn’t have a chance to win me.” Jiu Princess lightly said, when the voice fell, everyone seemed to hear the sound of chain breaking within the body of Jiu Princess!

Even Jiang Chen looked curious, glanced up and down at Nine Princess, and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“Some time ago, he avoided the reincarnation hunter, so he sealed part of it. cultivation base dao fruit.” Nine Princess sound transmission said.

“Oh…” Jiang Chen was hearing this, and he was relieved a lot!

It turns out that this little girl has also sealed the cultivation base. No wonder facing the three emperors, she is full of confidence!

“It should be almost enough to untie 50% of the seal.” Nine Princess whispered, within the body the sound of the chain breaking one after another, and its imposing manner is constantly rising!

Until the end, everyone saw the top of Nine Princess’ head in a daze, and there was a hazy illusory shadow unexpectedly.

The illusory shadow is like a flower bone, conceived in the avenue. Although it hasn’t formed and solidified yet, it really exists!

“This is…”

“The flower of the avenue!? Although it has never been solid, but…not to be underestimated!”


At this moment, the expressions of these three emperors changed drastically, and they knew what the faint flowers of the Great Avenue meant!

That is a symbol of strength!

The three of them glanced at each other, and there was fear in their eyes.

“The emperor takes action, the power is boundless. I wait for the dísciple to be around, and I don’t want to affect them.” One of the emperors said: “Today, no matter who is right or wrong, I am a Senior. Just be a spectator and let the juniors take care of it yourself. What do you think?”

“Just say it!” Crown Prince contemptuously said: “You can all recognize it!? My Old Ancestor Here, you can’t kneel down!”

As soon as these words came out, the expressions of these three emperors were indeed much ugly!

After all, they cannot refute!

If the Old Ancestor of the Taixu clan really comes, don’t say kneel down, maybe they will destroy themselves if they look at it!

“Who is right and who is wrong?” Jiang Chen coldly said: “I waited for them to save their lives. Not only did they not thank them, but also mocked them. Do you think it is right or wrong?”


“Right or wrong, in this cultivator world, there is no definition.” One of the emperors said: “Whoever has a hard fist is right!”

“According to you So to say… then I think… we are right.” Nine Princess eyes flash with a cold light, staring at the three emperors, coldly said: “Since you say, whoever has a hard fist is right, then …… Today we are not only right, but also…… absolutely right!”



The voice fell down, and only nine Princess With one palm hit, the palm print is like a vast sea, like sweeping heavenly stars, rolling from afar!

Along the way, the void collapsed, the stars collapsed, and even the Grand Dao Law turned into a cloud of smoke!

“hmph! trifling, a woman, we have three emperors!”

“All emperors! My Old Ancestor can still be afraid of you!?”


The group of teenagers on the sailing boat is very calm, and even sneers!

However, the expressions of the three emperors completely collapsed!

They received the connection seal and did not even dare to counterattack. They raised one after another barrier to protect everyone!



After a few breaths, the palm print fell, as if the Star River collapsed and poured, strikes above the light curtain of the sailing ship!

Along with the explosion of one after another, the sailing boat vibrated violently, and at the same time the bodies of the three emperors trembled, and blood spurted out continuously from their mouths!

One of them has a crack in his body, and even his eyebrows are cracked!

Looking carefully, his soul was shaken out of a crack!

“really strong!”

“This guy……”


At this moment, everyone was shocked, unbelievable nine The power of Princess’s hand actually requires three emperors to join forces to resist!

Moreover, one of them is still seriously injured!

“Who do you think is right and who is wrong?” Princess Nine raised her eyebrows, and her eyes were full of cold glow!

Even, there is a killing intent!

She is a prehistoric powerhouse after all. Since she can go to this step of the emperor, she must have experienced baptism of blood and fire!

For her, if she weren’t worried about being found by the Samsara hunter, she would use her full strength today to destroy all these people in front of her with one palm!

“Your Excellency is right!”

“I was waiting wrong! I hope you will stop!”


At this moment, the three emperors agreed.

They saw the killing intent in the eyes of Nine Princess, and they knew more clearly that if they said a wrong sentence at this moment, they might not survive!

“My Master said, he is missing a Star Domain spaceship.” Nine Princess lightly said, put his palms away, then looked towards Jiang Chen, and made a “please” action to Jiang Chen , Said: “Master, please.”

“You! It’s too much!”

“A Star Domain spaceship is invaluable. I’m waiting for several forces to fight together. Built one! Now you just want to take away our Star Domain sailing boat!”


On the sailing boat, a few teenagers shouted and felt very angry. Not reconciled!

Jiang Chen ignored this, and was very satisfied with the shoulder of Princess Nine. He said: “It’s not bad, but you know what it means to be a teacher.”

After that, Jiang Chen put one hand on his belly and back, with a smile on his face, he slowly boarded the sailboat.

At the same time, Crown Prince and Ling Huanyin are a little messy.

After all, they remember, Nine Princess seems to be Jiang Chen’s maid, not a discipline!

“This…if it is really a discipline…” Crown Prince was shocked, unimaginable, how a titled god taught an emperor!

“This guy…can teach the emperor!? Then I was his mentor before…ashamed!” Ling Huanyin’s brain is indeed a bit weird, and his face is flushed, so he dare not look at it. Jiang Chen glanced.

In this way, a few people got on the sailboat, and then Crown Prince pointed to the outside of the sailboat, and said: “You are not welcome here, will you disembark?”

“This is us The Star Domain sailing boat!”

Many people are angry, even the faces of the three emperors are very ugly.

However, they are not the opponents of Princess Nine!

However, the Star Domain sailing boat is expensive to build, and this Star Domain sailing boat is also created by a combination of several forces.

Today, if they lose this Xingyu Sailboat, they will have difficulty explaining after they return!

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