I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1138

Xingyu sailboat is actually a type of Divine Weapon.

It’s just that this Divine Weapon requires a lot of Divine Stone, as well as a complicated and numerous array and Formation!

Generally speaking, a Peak force can barely build one.

As for the general forces, they simply don’t have the foundation to create!

The current Star Domain sailing ship was jointly built by three forces. If it were taken away like this, it would be a heavy loss for those three forces!

“Your Excellency, can you give in?” One of the emperors said: “You also know that the Star Domain sailboat is out of the ordinary. For some forces, this is all possessions.”

“I also know what is called? sorry, I don’t know.” Princess Jiu said: “I only know that my Master lacks a Star Domain sailing ship, and now this one is my Master’s.”

After that, Nine Princess narrowed her eyes, looked towards the three emperors, and said: “Isn’t it just saying that whoever has a hard fist is right? What? What am I saying now?”


“How can this be good!?”

At this moment, these three The emperor’s heart is cold!

They secretly inquired about what happened before, and when they learned the details, they really wanted to kill the kid Mu Fengnian!

If he hadn’t ridiculed him, things would have reached this step! ?

However, thinking of the style of Lingyin Valley, the three emperors were relieved.

Finally, under the power of Nine Princess, a group of people were forced off the Star Domain sailing boat.

After that, Jiang Chen and the others sat on the bow, with Ling Huanyin at the helm, moving towards Heavenspan Garden.

“I thought it would take a long time to get to Heavenspan Garden. I really didn’t expect. A kind person came halfway and sent a Star Domain sailing boat.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Hey…There are so many kind people in this world.” Crown Prince nodded and said.

The Nine Princess on the side did not speak, lying quietly on the bow of the ship, whether there is sun or not, she likes to lie down for a while.

Although, in this cold starry sky, I don’t know what she is doing…

“It’s me again…”

At this moment Ling Huanyin was very wronged, Jiang Chen and the others were sitting on the bow, and she was working…

However, this Small Fox is also thinking about something!

She can see that Jiang Chen is out of the ordinary. If the relationship with Jiang Chen is good, she will have confidence in the future!

At least, don’t be oppressed by the Fire Dragon clan anymore!

At the same time, she was also thinking, since Jiang Chen can teach an emperor’s discipline, then… if she can give her some pointers, can she become an emperor too! ?

You must know that Ling Huanyin has been in the Divinity Emperor Realm for a thousand years, and the cultivation base hasn’t made any progress, so it should be over.

But she is not reconciled!

After all, in this world of strength is respected, if the strength is not enough, in the end we will still be a mustard ant and be killed by others!

Nine-Tailed Fox Race is naturally charming and gorgeous. If the strength is insufficient, in this Great Thousand Worlds, the end will be miserable!

Be lucky enough to meet someone who loves you and can be with you for life.

If it is unfortunate, then this ending… is simply bleak and gloomy!

The same is true, Nine-Tailed Fox Race rarely appears in the eyes of the world, they all live in their own Small World.

This time, if it weren’t for the Supreme Treasure of Nine-Tailed Fox Race, Ling Huanyin would not come out.

“When you enter Heavenspan Garden, I should also go.”

Jiu Princess suddenly spoke, opened her eyes, looked towards Jiang Chen, and said: “From now on, you You have to take care of yourself.”

“You can rest assured that as long as he enters Heavenspan Court, his own safety is guaranteed. No one dares to make trouble in Heavenspan Court.” Crown Prince said.

Jiang Chen hearing this is also sighed in relief.

After all, his title of Paragon is too attractive. If Heavenspan Garden can’t shelter him, then it would be meaningless to go to Heavenspan Garden.

“Hey…I don’t know when I can go to the Southern Star Domain.” Jiang Chen sighed in his heart, and wanted to visit Buddhism ancestral land.

After all, the people who were picked up by the Buddha are now in the ancestral land of Buddhism.

“Speaking…what about this Small Fox?” Crown Prince glanced back at Ling Huanyin, frowns saying: “We all have tokens, we can enter Heavenspan Court, this Small Fox…”

“When we get to Heavenspan Garden, let her go. It’s pitiful to look at her,” Jiang Chen said.

However, as soon as Jiang Chen said this, Ling Huanyin came over, lowered his head, rubbed his sleeves with both hands, and said: “That… if you don’t mind, I I can continue to accompany you.”

“How do you accompany you? Just you, the cowardly Small Fox, even if you have the Divine Emperor cultivation base? Maybe someday he will be killed.” Crown Prince spoke unceremoniously, with a hint of contempt in his eyes, and said: “Besides, can you enter Heavenspan Garden?”

“I…” Ling Huanyin faced Crown Prince, then But the atmosphere dare not breathe.

However, after hesitating for a while, she still endured her fear of Crown Prince and said: “You can bring your subordinates in. I can be his maid.”

“The emperor Elder Sister Wang is leaving soon, Young Master needs personal care by his side, I…I can!” Ling Huanyin said, his face flushed slightly.

Of course, she didn’t fall in love with Jiang Chen, but blushed when she lied!

What serve Jiang Chen, is not to please Jiang Chen, or even want Jiang Chen to point her!

But he didn’t know that Jiang Chen had long lost the memory of previous lives, so how could he point out the Divine Emperor!

“Ai, this Small Fox is also very pitiful, so take her with you.” Princess Nine said: “You don’t like doing things normally, you like being an arm-flinging shopkeeper. , Let her help you with the complicated and trivial things in the future.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, his expression was correct, and he said: “What do you mean by dislike doing things? I am very hardworking!”

However, Jiang Chen was also very guilty when he said this.

However, Jiang Chen did feel that Ling Huanyin was very pitiful. After thinking for a while, he couldn’t help but agree, and said: “Okay, I’m used to being served by others, no one is waiting for a while. I’m really uncomfortable, so follow me in the future.”

“many thanks Young Master.” Ling Huanyin hurriedly thanked him, and glanced at the expressions of the three people secretly. Fortunately, no one noticed it. Her careful thinking.

In this way, the entire group continued to move forward until a few months later, it entered the Central Zone of Eastern Star Domain.

After arriving here, Princess Nine got up, stared at Jiang Chen, and sighed: “I hope you are the one you used to be, but it’s a pity…”

“Are you leaving?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Well, this is already the Central Zone of Eastern Star Domain. I have a special status and cannot stay for long.” Princess Nine said: “Great Thousand Worlds is deep and has many forces, tangled and complicated. Be careful.”

“I will.” Jiang Chen was a little bit reluctant. During this period of time, Nine Princess had been taking care of him, and the sudden parting made him feel a little uncomfortable.

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