I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1139

After all, Princess Nine is gone, with a trace of nostalgia and reluctance, but also resolutely embarked on the journey.

She is going to the ancestral world, maybe there is who there is waiting for her to go back.

“Let’s set off too.” Jiang Chen lightly said, calming down his inner emotions, and finally the three of them drove the Star Domain sailing boat and landed on a huge star!

This star is called Heavenspan, this World is also called Heavenspan World!

And Heavenspan Court is here!

Entering the Heavenspan world, Jiang Chen stood on the bow, looking into the distance, feeling the avenue of this World, and was quite shocked in his heart.

“The avenue of this World… is very clear and easy for people to capture and guess. The cultivation speed here is several times faster than the cultivation speed in the Six Realms!” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

At this moment, Jiang Chen also understood why the cultivators of Great Thousand Worlds are generally so strong and their cultivation bases are so high.

Because the Heaven and Earth environment is different, the road environment reflected is also different!

I feel the Heaven and Earth Grand Dao carefully, and the sailboat slowly moved towards Heavenspan Garden.

Until half a day later, the Star Domain sailing boat landed on a hill and was then put away by Jiang Chen.

“Heavenspan Court is there, how’s it? It’s magnificent?”

Crown Prince stood on the top of the mountain and pointed to the distant buildings, although it was not the first time I saw it The whole picture of Heavenspan Court, but still can’t help but marvel.

Jiang Chen looked up and saw that on the ground in the distance, there were tall buildings towering into the clouds, redwood gilt, divine light.

In the air, islands are suspended, cultivator is flying in the air, and some people are competing.

At the same time, a side World all around, full of Formation Formation, and even the emperor sitting in the air, sitting on the side of Heavenspan Court!

“This World is named after Heavenspan Court.” Crown Prince said: “In this World, the foundation and strength of Heavenspan Court is the strongest.”

“Enter Heavenspan Court, I’m safe.” Jiang Chen sighed, finally there was a place to stay.

But Crown Prince told Jiang Chen that it might not be safe to enter Heavenspan Court.

Because Heavenspan Court advocates fighting, even under certain circumstances, life and death can be ignored!

“Heavenspan Yuan Changwu encourages dísciple to fight.” Crown Prince explained: “Heavenspan Court’s competition is very cruel. If you are not careful, your cultivation base will be abolished, or even killed! “

“At least those cultivators that are a few great realm higher than me should not be able to do it to me, right?” Jiang Chen asked.

“This is natural.” Crown Prince is nodded, but he still reminds Jiang Chen that he should not underestimate those of his generation.

Especially in the Heavenspan Court, there are so many monsters and monsters, and even the battle strength of some people is not under him!

Even the dísciple of those ancient inheritance sects must be careful when entering Heavenspan Court!

“Let’s go, holding the token, you can directly enter the Heavenspan Garden, and you are exempt from the assessment.” Crown Prince said.


Then the three got up, and it didn’t take long before they came to the gate of Heavenspan Garden.

The gate of Heavenspan Court is composed of two high mountains, with an avenue in the middle leading directly to Heavenspan Court.

At this moment, this avenue is full of people!

These people are all here to participate in the ceremony of Heavenspan Court!

Different from other Academy, Heavenspan Court is enrolling students at all times. As long as you pass the assessment, you can enter Heavenspan Court!

However, under normal circumstances, only one of the tens of thousands has passed the assessment!

“Any cultivator that can pass the assessment is considered above ten thousand people.” Crown Prince said, holding the token, taking Jiang Chen and the others through the crowd, moving towards Heavenspan Garden. Walk inside.

However, when the three of them came to the gate, when Crown Prince took the token to the mountain guard, he looked at Jiang Chen who was standing in a daze.

“What’s wrong?” Crown Prince wondered.

“No way? There are pickpockets in this place too!?” Jiang Chen expressed a strange expression, touched his body, and the token was gone!

Think about it carefully, most of it was just passed by someone when I was in the crowd just now!

“Eh…” Crown Prince was also stunned, secretly thought he was careless, it was time to remind Jiang Chen!

Be aware that there is no name written on the token. Whoever gets the token can enter the Heavenspan Court!

So here, not to mention that the token is stolen, even if it is stolen, it is normal!

“You brought Small Fox to go in, I…can only go to the assessment.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, but he didn’t take seriously the assessment of Heavenspan Garden.

After all, the cultivation base of his title god is enough to overpower Divine King.

Jiang Chen is very confident!

“Boy, many thanks for your token, it would be really troublesome to let me participate in the assessment.”

Suddenly, a green-haired boy walked by Jiang Chen After that, he took a token and handed it to the guardian, and smiled at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen is dumbfounded and even messy!

Listen to the other party, his token is Jiang Chen’s! ?

This fuck! ?

Steal my token, and come to taunt me in person! ?

This is unbearable!

“Crown Prince, help me take good care of him!” Jiang Chen stared at the green-haired boy. Shouldn’t it be Human Race secretly thought?

Human Race doesn’t make hair green, right?

Crown Prince also knew about this. At this moment, he walked up to the green-haired boy with a black face, and coldly said: “Come here, let’s go to a quiet place to talk about life.”


“Crown Prince? Taixu family?” Who knows that this green-haired boy can see Crown Prince’s identity at a glance, and there is no trace of fear on his face.

I saw him jokingly, pointed at himself, and said: “Do you know who I am?”

Looking at the other person so calm, Crown Prince was also curious and couldn’t help asking Road: oh?”

“There are not many evil races left now, unfortunately…I am also of evil race.” A hint of arrogance flashed in the eyes of the green-haired boy, and said:” I am the son of the flying patriarch, Fei Changxiu!”

“Fei Changxiu?” Crown Prince frowned. After thinking about it carefully, his expression condensed and said: “It’s you!?”

“Hey, it seems that Crown Prince still knows me, why? Do you still want to talk about life with me?” Fei Changxiu jokingly said: “It’s not that I said you, if you really fight, you might not It’s my opponent.”

Without waiting for Crown Prince to speak, Fei Changxiu continued: “Even if I let you do some tricks, you may not be able to beat me.”

“Really Yes? Then you let me try a trick?” Crown Prince raised his eyebrows.

“Okay, come on, I’ll stand and let you hit.” Fei Changxiu looked aloof, patted her chest, and said, “Come on, hit here! I want you to know. The fleshy body of my flying clan is so strong…”


However, the words are not finished yet, Crown Prince directly throws a punch, the black blood mist just like a black stone pillar, crashing down on Fei Changxiu’s chest!

Under a scream, everyone saw that Fei Changxiu was blasted thousands of meters away, and then she lay on the ground and struggled for a long time before she got up!

“This…face the Crown Prince of the Taixu clan, dare to be so arrogant and self-confident. It is indeed the flying show of the flying clan!”

“Xiu’er? Is it you ?”


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