I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1147

The pupil of falsehood can break through some things in the world, including creatures.

Although these pupils are not Saint Physique, if it is the cultivation Great Ascension, it is unpredictable!

At this moment, Jiang Chen is not jealous of Mu Fengxue, but feels that if there is such a person with a vain pupil around him, doesn’t it mean that he has a “demon mirror”!

When the time comes before you fight with someone, let him see it first, and then fight after the fight. It’s safer and safer!

However, nowadays and Mu Fengnian are in such a situation, Jiang Chen naturally has no such thoughts.

“He is my brother, I…cannot retire!” Mu Fengxue said solemnly.

She knew that she was no match for Jiang Chen, but she didn’t back down!

After all, they are siblings!

“Oh? is it possible that I have to destroy the flowers today?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and didn’t mind killing one more.

Jiang Chen knows very well that if these people do not die today, he will never have a good life in the future!

After all, this is Great Thousand Worlds. His foundation is insufficient and his contacts are not wide. In case Mu Fengnian and the others really hug their thighs in the future and come to trouble him, Jiang Chen may also I really can’t stop it!

“younger sister! Don’t talk nonsense with him! Kill him!” Mu Fengnian’s face looks sinister, although he can’t beat Jiang Chen, but there is no fear in his eyes!

Jiang Chen also noticed Mu Fengnian’s expression posture, and now he has no fear at all!

So, there is definitely a reason for this!

Perhaps he thinks Mu Fengxue can defeat him?

Or, what else does Mu Fengnian have!

When thinking of this, Jiang Chen felt that this matter could not be postponed!

“Get out!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen loudly shouted, the emperor vine manifested, and the purple-golden vines were like chains, directly confining Mu Fengxue. Left it aside!

Afterwards, Jiang Chen thrust forward, punching like a bright moon sublimated, directly covering the entire group of Mu Fengnian!

The scarlet gold divine light flickers all over, and the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow can still be seen faintly. Even above his head, there seems to be an azure lotus swaying gently!

“This guy……”

“This battle strength……no solution!?”


Mu Fengnian and the others were shocked, they tried to resist, but under the pressure of this fist, it was even difficult for them to move a finger!



However, before this fist fell, a splitting the air sound suddenly sounded!

Jiang Chen reacted very quickly, put away this fist, silhouette moved towards back quickly!

As soon as he left the place, a cold glow flew by his cheeks, the sharp breath made his cheeks hurt!

At this moment, Jiang Chen was shocked, knowing the strength of the man who shot, I am afraid he is not below him!

“These people are mine.”

At this moment, a light voice came, and then I saw a dark shadow falling on Mu Fengnian and the others. before.

The black shadow has black mist on his body, but at this moment it slowly disappears, and then reveals his true face.

For an instant, Jiang Chen was stunned, stared wide-eyed looking at the dark figure, seemingly surprised.

“You…” Jiang Chen opened his mouth, but did not continue.

Only because of the identity of the other party…

“Isn’t it a long time since I’ve seen you, you almost forgot about me?” The boy joked, as if he already knew the identity of Jiang Chen !

“It’s been a long time since I thought you were dead.” Jiang Chen coldly said, looking at the boy, his heart was mixed!

Just because, this young man is no one else but Jiang Chen’s “old enemy” in his life, Mu Xingyun!

Jiang Chen didn’t expect to meet Mu Xingyun here!

Although Jiang Chen also knows that by the means of Xingyun, it is impossible to die in the Six Realms!

But he never thought that Great Thousand Worlds would be such a coincidence, or that fate is like this, and he would meet Mu Xingyun in Heavenspan Garden!

Also, from the looks of it, it seems that I have been in Heavenspan Garden for a while, and the mix is ​​pretty good!

For Mu Xingyun, Jiang Chen can hardly tell how he feels about him.

Rival? The enemy of life and death?

However, Mu Xingyun also rescued him.

At the time of Atheus Continent’s ultimate battle, Mu Xingyun also helped!

Later in God World, the two also played against each other, but they also joined forces.

It’s just that Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun know in their hearts that there will be a battle between them!

“This is Mu Xingyun, the newly appointed Holy Son in Divine Court in the dark night! Boy, you are done today!” Mu Fengnian became proud again, saluting Mu Xingyun while speaking, and said:” Holy Son, this person is hateful, he took our Star Domain sailing boat, and now I want to kill me and wait!”

“Oh? Is this person really that powerful?” Mu Xingyun joked, expression Weird, this is clearly a question!

“very difficult to deal with.” Mu Fengxue was nodded on the side, saying: “The lower god, battle strength is not weaker than Divine King!”

“Oh, this is interesting Now.” Mu Xingyun lightly said with a smile, in front of everyone, he acted as if he didn’t know Jiang Chen.

The reason is that both of them know that once their identity as the people of the Six Realms is revealed, it will not benefit anyone!

“I like to fight Tianjiao Powerhouse, today… I will meet you.” Mu Xingyun stared at Jiang Chen, his eyes burning with fighting intent!

He is also recalling, thinking about it carefully, it seems that he hasn’t fought Jiang Chen for a long time!

The strength between them has always been almost on par!

“Your brothers are going to kill me, I just protect myself that’s all.” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and said: “What? You want to kill me too?”

“Under fair conditions, I kill you…isn’t it normal?” Mu Xingyun asked back.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen smiled, secretly thought Mu Xingyun is still Mu Xingyun, unchanged!

Actually, Mu Xingyun had several opportunities to kill Jiang Chen at the beginning, but he didn’t do so, instead he saved Jiang Chen several times.

According to Mu Xingyun’s statement, he must truly defeat Jiang Chen under absolutely fair circumstances!

This may be a kind of respect for each other between old enemies!

And now, Jiang Chen’s lower main god, Mu Xingyun’s Low God King, although the two are a realm difference, after Mu Xingyun said this, he actually suppressed the cultivation base directly to the lower main god!

At this moment, Jiang Chen understands that Mu Xingyun wants to end it today!

Think about it carefully, from Atheus Continent to God World, and now, it is indeed time to end it!

“Holy Son, what do you mean!? Why do you want to suppress the cultivation base!?” Mu Fengnian wondered, “With your cultivation base and strength, you can directly suppress the realm without suppressing the realm. The other party!”

“I’m acting, need you to talk more?” Mu Xingyun stared, eyes flash with a cold light, took a deep look at Mu Fengnian, and said, “Go away!”

Mu Fengnian’s face was a little ugly as soon as this was said. After all, he was screamed in public, and he definitely couldn’t hold back his face.

But when he thinks of Mu Xingyun’s identity, he can only endure it.

“Yeah, you kid, can you really cause trouble, this time you have provoke Holy Son of Divine Court in the dark night?”

However, did not wait for Jiang Chen and Mu Xing When the cloud started to fight, Jun Chengyun came over from a distance, with a hint of confidence and madness in the words!

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