I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1148

Jun Chengyun is here again, as if I have heard that Jiang Chen is here. At this moment, he looks confident and proud, walking leisurely, passing by Mu Xingyun, and finally standing In front of Jiang Chen.

“Through my brother Jun Lintian’s orally, let you go and see him.” Jun Chengyun held his chin up, and said contemptuously: “Follow me.”

“Jun Lintian Oral statement? Who does he think he is?” Jiang Chen’s eyes condensed, and the cold glow flashed deep in his eyes, and said: “What do you think of yourself? Emperor? I really thought I could give orders to the world, and one sentence would make me acknowledge allegiance?”

“My brother King Lintian is the eighth on the God King Level star world list, and he ranks above Crown Prince! He let you go, that is worthy of you!” Jun Chengyun said: “Don’t show your face shameless! Don’t wait for my brother to come here in person, when the time comes, you die or hurt!”

“I think I gave you a face, right?” Jiang Chen coldly said: “I let you go before , Doesn’t mean I’m afraid of King’s Landing!”

“Boy! Don’t you really know what the eighth God King Level star ranking means!?” Jun Chengyun raised his eyebrows and said: “It means Great Thousand Worlds, among all Divine Kings, my brother’s battle strength ranks eighth! His battle strength is unparalleled!”

“He is a man with a head and face. Let me send you a message today. I can look down on you! Most people, he directly suppressed it!” Jun Chengyun said.

As soon as these words came out, before Jiang Chen could speak, Mu Xingyun said lightly from the side: “What is the eighth? It is not the first, so what if it is the first? Yes. What’s so arrogant?”

“The tone of Divine Court Holy Son in the dark night is not small, but as far as I know, you have not been on the star list yet? You are worried that your ranking is not high enough, so Don’t dare to test the ranking of the star world list?” Jun Chengyun taunted.

Mu Xingyun hearing this, hehe smiled, and then if he took a deep look at Jiang Chen, he secretly thought that this guy could bear this today! ?

It’s not like this style!

Just when Mu Xingyun was puzzled, Jiang Chen’s cold glow skyrocketed, directly throwing a punch, and the terrifying divine force erupted like a wave, directly suppressing Jun Chengyun under his feet!

“Go back and tell your brother, even if he comes in person, what can he do!? What about the eighth God King Level star list? I am Jiang, no fear!” Jiang Chen said. He kicked it out and kicked Jun Chengyun a hundred meters away!

On the way, the skull cracking sounded, and blood was spilled along the way, like cherry blossoms.

“Jiang Chen! Do you dare to do something to me!? This time, you have no way to survive!” Jun Chengyun roared, struggling to get up from the ground, glared at Jiang Chen, and said: ” You are dead!”

“I’m just here waiting to die, I don’t know what you have to make me die here!” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Jun Chengyun is hearing this, and he stays silent. He knows that he has encountered a ruthless character today. If we go on, he will still suffer!

Immediately, I saw him turn around, moved towards the distance and flew away.

“You are really good, you always have influential figures wherever you go.” Mu Xingyun teased: “It seems that the battle between me and you is not going to work today.”

“Green hills are always there, and some are time.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile.

Actually, what can’t be resolved between Jiang Chen and Mu Xingyun?

It’s just that they can’t overcome the hurdle in their hearts that’s all.

“Let’s go.” Mu Xingyun said lightly, turning around to leave.

When Mu Fengnian and the others saw it, he was immediately unhappy.

I saw Mu Fengnian walk up to Mu Xingyun and asked tentatively: “Holy Son, just forget it?”

Without waiting for Mu Xingyun to speak, Mu Feng Nian whispered, “I, Lingyingu and Divine Court, are also close friends, and they have a good relationship. I, the Young Valley Lord of Lingyingu, have suffered. You… won’t you help me?”

” Who is to blame for his low strength?” Mu Xingyun contemptuously said: “Learn more from your younger sister, keep a low profile, and this is the long way to go.”

“But…” Mu Feng Nian opened his mouth, but he also knew Mu Xingyun’s character.

Since he refuses to make a move, then today’s matter is forgotten.

However, Mu Fengnian didn’t care, as long as he was still in Heavenspan Garden, the enmity between him and Jiang Chen would be clear sooner or later!

“When my younger sister enters the inner courtyard, when the time comes, I will give you a head! At that time, I can pinch you any way I want!” Mu Fengnian thought in her heart, black face and admiration Xingyun left here.

And just before a few people walked far, suddenly a Dharma Dao Decree fell in front of the Scripture Pavilion.

The divine force is surging in the decrees, and the divine light is turning around. The writing on it is like a star embellishment, with a vast and majestic breath!

“Oh? Let’s make an appointment?”

“This is…The decree of King Lintian!?”

This For a moment, everyone turned their heads, looked towards the content of the decree, and where the money was signed, the three characters of Jun Lintian were written impressively!

And the decree says that three days later, he will fight Jiang Chen on Tianfeng in Heavenspan Garden!

This is an appointment!

“Listen to Tianfeng? Huh…Life and Death Battle.”

“Normally, there are a lot of fights in the Academy, but it’s not surprising, but everything is listening to Tianfeng The battles on Shanghai will be eye-catching… It seems that this time Jun Lintian wants to make some noise!”

“He hasn’t taken a shot for a long time, I guess he wants to take this opportunity to shock others.”


Many people speculated, but they are also very puzzled. If King Lintian, the eighth person on the God King Level star world list, if he wants to build his prestige, why look for Jiang Chen This lower god?

Even if it wins, Jun Lintian will be said to be bully the weak. It is suppressed by realm. How can it be said that it is prestigious.

“Three days later? Go, be with you.” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and didn’t want to continue to bear it!

After these few things, Jiang Chen understands that in Heavenspan Garden, it is indeed by fist to speak!

Whoever has a hard fist is the king, and whoever is the truth!

Blindly low-key forbearance will only cause more and more trouble!

And since Jun Lintian wants to stand up, then Jiang Chen will be accompanied!

“Liwei? Oh, when the time comes, I don’t know who Liwei!” Jiang Chen said coldly.

Immediately, Jiang Chen got up, and within a few steps he caught up with the entire group of Mu Xingyun and stopped them!

“Why? A fight with me?” Mu Xingyun was taken aback, and said: “Three days later, the battle with Jun Lintian is not easy to deal with. You are not prepared?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, laughed, and said: “It’s just to prepare, so… come and borrow something.”

After all, Jiang Chen looked towards Mufengnian entire group and said: “Hand over all your tokens.”

“You! Courting death can’t happen!?”

“Divine Court’s Holy Son of Divine Court in the dark is not in sight!? “

A group of people were taken aback, and then burst out angrily.

However, what is surprising is that Mu Xingyun said nothing, waved his hand, and left like this.

At this moment, Mu Fengnian and the others began to doubt life!

My big brother, how can I have this virtue! ?

They don’t know, in Mu Xingyun’s eyes, what kind of brothers are they?

Help them, but because the relationship between Divine Court and Lingyin Valley is pretty good, that’s all, it’s just to save face.

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