I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1149

Mu Xingyun just left, too lazy to care about Mu Fengnian and the others.

Without Mu Xingyun, Mu Fengnian and the others, what other waves could it cause?

At this moment, their eyes were angry, but due to Jiang Chen’s strength, they could only give their token to Jiang Chen in the end.

“Hand in yours too.”

Jiang Chen looked towards Mu Fengxue, jokingly: “You are all a family, I will accept theirs, if not Yours, others are afraid that they will misunderstand.”

Mu Fengxue hearing this, the Qiaolian Yining, seemed surprised.

She stared at Jiang Chen. After hesitating for a while, she was coldly snorted and handed the token to Jiang Chen.

“You guy… really don’t understand have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex!” Mu Fengxue coldly said: “Aren’t you afraid of dying alone?”

” Alone forever? Oh, it doesn’t exist.” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, secretly thought of his female disciplines, which one doesn’t want to sleep with him?

It’s just that Jiang Chen didn’t agree!

Afterwards, Jiang Chen left, did not go to the Scripture Pavilion, but entered the cultivation room.

With the token of Mu Fengnian and the others, plus Jiang Chen’s own, he can cultivation in the cultivation room for a long time!

The cultivation room of Heavenspan Court is very extraordinary, with many arrays, which can condense a large amount of World’s Essence Qi, and even the laws of God!

The cultivation room cultivation in Heavenspan Court is much better than the cultivation outside!

“A battle with King Lintian in three days… I really have to prepare.” Jiang Chen lightly said, sitting cross-legged in the cultivation, quietly and cultivation.

Time is slowly passing by, and this matter has been spread since Jun Lintian issued a divine decree to fight.

For a while, many people in the outer courtyard were curious and guessing, who is the one who can let King Lintian personally lay down the decree for the battle! ?

“King Lintian, God King Level Ranked 8th, Ranked 3rd among all dísciples in the outer courtyard!”

“He has been in retreat for a long time, and now he may have a breakthrough again, even if it is. The cultivation base has not grown, but the battle strength is definitely more terrifying!”


And when everyone was discussing, someone revealed the identity of Jiang Chen!

“What!? That one named Jiang Chen is the next main god!?”

“This cultivation base is worthy of King Lintian’s personal decree to fight!?”


At this moment, many people are confused.

A Tianjiao who is eighth on the God King Level star realm list actually wants to fight with a lower god?

Even if this is a win, your face is not glorious, right?

“I heard that it was to vent your anger for Jun Chengyun.”

” Then Jiang Chen just entered Heavenspan Garden, and he snatched tokens from many people, including Jun Chengyun. ! With the relationship between Jun Chengyun and Jun Lintian, it is worthwhile for Jun Lintian to take action.”


For a time, the entire outer courtyard was discussing Jiang Chen’s engagement with Jun Lintian. thing.

However, the enthusiasm of this matter quickly dropped, because no one was optimistic about Jiang Chen, and believed that this battle was not at all.

At the same time, in a cultivation room.

Jiang Chen’s cultivation quietly, observing the azure lotus from time to time.

To be honest, every time I see the azure lotus in Soul World, Jiang Chen will have heart palpitations.

However, this Azure Lotus has not done anything to harm Jiang Chen.

This has relieved Jiang Chen a lot, at least for the time being, nothing will happen.

“Master, I’m going to Nirvana.”

Suddenly, the undying bird spoke up. After this period of cultivation, under the effect of the demon power of ascending soul, he wants to once again Nirvana!

And this time, the situation of undying bird Dao Soul is very special. He needs to borrow some of Jiang Chen’s power to achieve Nirvana!

According to undying bird Dao Soul, this time Nirvana is very special. It is very possible that after Nirvana, you will advance to Dao Soul ancestor level!

At the same time, the Emperor Vine also spread a faint consciousness and also told Jiang Chen that he was going to Nirvana too!

And, like undying bird Dao Soul, it also needs the power of Jiang Chen.

In this way, before Jiang Chen responded, his power within the body disappeared in half, and was absorbed by the Emperor Vine and the undying bird Dao Soul!

After that, no matter how Jiang Chen called, the two Dao Souls fell silent completely without any reaction.

“You two can really choose the time! Three days later, I will fight with Jun Lintian, but you have lost half of my power at this time!” Jiang Chen’s face went dark and his heart It’s even cooler!

With half his current strength, how to fight King Lintian! ?

Be aware that the opponent is Heaven’s Chosen Child, the eighth God King Level star world list, not the ordinary Divine King!

If Jiang Chen is in his current state to fight King Lintian, he will definitely die!

“The people around me cheated me, even his Dao Soul will cheat me!” Jiang Chen sighed, secretly thought this time is tricky!

However, Jiang Chen did not plan to avoid the battle!

Jiang Chen has mastered many forbidden techniques, at worst when the time comes at all costs, and performs a variety of forbidden techniques, he should be able to compete with Jun Lintian.

“Have you checked it out? Is that kid sure that it has something to do with the Taixu clan?”

At this moment, in another cultivation room, there is a handsome and tall figure Juvenile, frowns.

Before him, a person knelt down on one knee and said: “Lintian Young Master, I have checked it out. This Jiang Chen has quite a chance in the pack dragon world. Now he is too The highest worship of the Xu family!”

“Moreover, the Jiang family also named them as representatives.”

Hearing these words, Jun Lintian couldn’t help showing a hint of joking in the corner of his mouth, saying: “Interesting!”

“Young Master, the Taixu clan and the Jiang clan can not be trifled with, you and Jiang Chen Life and Death Battle this time, if you really kill him…too virtual Will the Yi Clan and the Jiang Clan…”

“a trifling, what if I kill him?” Jun Lintian lightly said with a smile: “I killed him just to tell Tai Xu One clan and Jiang clan, the world is afraid of their evil clan, my king clan is not afraid!”

“Young Master, is this going to build power?”

“Nature!” Jun Lintian picks Mei Mei: “I am about to enter the inner courtyard. Now Liwei, let the people in the inner courtyard know my strength, when the time comes, I will have many conveniences and benefits when I enter the inner courtyard.”

Having said that, Jun Lintian waved his hand and said: “Publish this matter, and it is best to let Crown Prince know! I see if he can secluded cultivation at ease!”




Time passed, and it was three days in a flash……

On this day, Jiang Chen walked out of the cultivation room, stretched his muscles and bones, and then You have to move towards Ting Tianfeng.

But, just after taking a few steps, Jiang Chen couldn’t help being stunned.

Just because Heavenspan Garden is too big, he doesn’t even know where Tianfeng is!

“It’s okay to build such a big Academy for what to do? There is no coordinate or anything, I’m really not afraid of dísciple getting lost?” Jiang Chen whispered, while walking, planning to find someone to ask the way.

Just after Jiang Chen walked out of the cultivation room, the door of the cultivation room next to it opened and Jun Lintian also walked out.

In this way, two people one after the other, one moved towards the east side of the cultivation room, one moved towards the west side…

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