I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1150

Heavenspan Court is really too big, especially the outer courtyard, which occupies several tens of thousands of li. If you are not familiar with it, it is really easy to get lost here.

After Jiang Chen came out of the cultivation room, he moved towards the east, and asked many people along the way, but they all ignored him.

This made Jiang Chen speechless. After walking for most of the day, he watched that the time for the battle was approaching, but now he has not found where Ting Tianfeng is.

At the same time, listening to Tianfeng…

This place is already full of people!

Everyone knows that today is the day of the battle between Jun Lintian and Jiang Chen. Many people came here early in the morning and found a good place, wanting to see how this battle can What tricks are you playing?

Of course, more people come to see King’s Landing.

The influential figure of Jun Lintian in the outer courtyard has attracted a lot of attention.

Especially his strength, has been ranked in the top ten in the outer courtyard!

Nowadays, at this time of exit, many people are speculating that Jun Lintian is acting in such a high-profile manner, is it because the cultivation base is also diligent? This is not only to build prestige, but also to hit the ranking! ?

“What the hell is this kid…? Using his cultivation base to make an appointment with a lower lord god? Even if he wins, there is no face, right?”

“I I have already inquired about it. It is said that Jiang Chen has a good relationship with the Crown Prince of the Taixu clan, and the Jun clan and the Taixu clan are mortal enemies! King Lintian cannot find the Crown Prince, it must be done to his subordinates!”


all around The noise is loud, and there are people watching around, looking for the silhouette of Jiang Chen.

However, it’s been three poles in the day, and I haven’t seen anyone go up to Tianfeng.

“Where is Jiang Chen?”

“It must be a timid fight. If you know that the battle of Tingtianfeng, that is Life and Death Battle. Only one person can Stay alive! He is just the next main god, how dare you come here to challenge.”


Everyone is not optimistic about Jiang Chen, even today Jiang Chen didn’t come even if he didn’t come. People will find it strange.

“hmph, as I thought.”

Jun Lintian stood on the top of Tingtian Peak, with a smile on his face, and his judgment was very accurate.

He knew that Jiang Chen would not come, and the appointment at this time was just to show a group of people in the outer courtyard that’s all.

He wants to tell a group of competitors in the outer courtyard that he is out of King Lintian, and at the same time hurt the face of the Taixu clan!

That’s it.

As for this battle, in his eyes, simply can’t fight!

But he didn’t know, it was not that Jiang Chen was timid, but that he was lost.

And, at this moment, although Jiang Chen did not come here to fight, but in another place, he confronted a young man!

The reason is very simple. Jiang Chen walked over to ask the way that’s all, but the other party’s attitude was very arrogant and arrogant. Jiang Chen just hummed a few times before he was scolded and contemptuous by the other party.

In this way, Jiang Chen will not give up!

In this way, the two confronted each other near a pavilion in the outer courtyard.

And all around, many people have seen it, and they are all around now.

“That guy…isn’t Jiang Chen? He won’t go to fight with Jun Lintian today, what are you doing here?”

“Don’t mention Jun Lintian, look at that man Who is it! Jiang Zixiu of Ranked 2nd in the outer courtyard!” Someone said: “The strength of that guy has already been able to enter the inner courtyard, but he has stayed in the outer courtyard for some reason!”

“Hi…this Jiang Chen… really can cause trouble!”

Many people whispered, they all didn’t expect, Jiang Chen did not go to fight, but was here and the outer courtyard Ranked 2nd Jiang Zixiu is right!

Be aware that Jiang Zixiu’s temper is famous in the outer courtyard, and he explodes in a few words, and it hurts people at every turn!

Since Jiang Zixiu entered Heavenspan Garden, the dísciple that died in his hands, there are not one hundred and fifty!

This guy is definitely a “killer” in the outer courtyard!

Even characters like Jun Lintian have to retreat three feet when they meet Jiang Zixiu!

“Where is the broken thing, a lower lord, dare to talk to me? You really value yourself!”

At this moment, Jiang Zixiu looked contemptuous and said: “At Heavenspan Yuanwaiyuan, there is only one person who can say the last word to me! And you are not among them!”

“I said…I’ll just come over and ask for directions, see if you can. , What are you pretending? What are you gloomy?” Jiang Chen complexion is gloomy, he couldn’t figure it out, is it that the dísciple of Heavenspan Court has this character?

Just ask the way, can you be mocked? He even scolded him!

Now, Jiang Chen originally planned to leave, but Jiang Zixiu did not let him go!

Since you are not allowed to go, that works, then fight!

“What’s your identity? What’s my identity? Different identities, you talk to me, don’t say raise your head, even kneel down!” Jiang Zixiu was very arrogant, he was out of the courtyard Famous!

Even, sometimes even those Elders in the outer courtyard feel a headache when they see Jiang Zixiu!

But this guy has an unusual identity, even Elder in the outer courtyard doesn’t want to care about him!

As time passed, this Jiang Zixiu became more and more arrogant, almost out of control!

“Now give you a chance, kneel down!” Jiang Zixiu raised his eyebrows: “If you kneel down, I can get around your disrespect to me!”

“I Kneel your mother!” Jiang Chen was also blown up by anger, so he just asked for the way, he could ask about these nasty things! ?

Jiang Zixiu was hearing this, cold glow flashed in his eyes, and he didn’t speak any more, and the silhouette shot out immediately!

Like a big kunk going out to sea, during the thrusting process, its silhouette turned into a Golden Wings Great Peng, with both hands spread out, like wings, with golden sharp edges, moved towards Jiang Chen’s top of the head is cut down!

“One shot is a killer move! This Jiang Zixiu’s murderousness is really heavy!”

“No way, the Heavenspan Garden dísciple who died in his hands is probably fast It’s over a hundred!”

Many people exclaimed, thinking in their hearts that Jiang Zixiu’s subordinates will add another dead soul today!

At this moment, Jiang Chen is fearless, expression calm, within the body divine force boiling, throws a punch, fist turns into Azure Dragon, a dragon roar, blocking Jiang Zixiu’s attack!

But how could Jiang Zixiu’s attack be so simple!

Suddenly, tentacles appeared on him, each with a strange eye!

The tentacles danced, the eyes opened and closed, wind and rain exploded!

For a time, this place seemed to have fallen into a tribulation thunder, rumbling, and the violent divine force spreading freely!

“Miscellaneous that’s all! In my eyes, you don’t even count as an ant!” Jiang Zixiu coldly said, looking carefully, there is a Dao Void behind it, like a big meat qiu!

Jiang Chen has also seen it. The expression can’t help but become weird. Isn’t this secretly thought the Jiang family? !

“Jiang Zixiu…tentacles…eyes…couldn’t this guy really belong to the Jiang clan, right?” Jiang Chen whispered.

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