I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1156

Anyone who can be invited to a wedding is a great character with a head and a face.

Even for the younger generation, each showing off talent and innate talent aptitude are excellent, and many of them are even the successors of a small sect!

Just this group of people gather together, either alone in silence, each minding their own business, or three or five acquaintances gathered together to discuss some romantic affairs.

When Jiang Chen entered this large courtyard, he heard about the creatures of the six worlds.

At this moment, he is sitting quietly, listening to what the table next to him is saying.

“Lingyin Valley…Isn’t that the sect where Mu Fengnian is located?” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

Jiang Chen has also heard about Lingyingu. The sect’s behavior is not good and has been controversial. Especially Direct Disciple, various arrogant and despotic, do not know where the courage and confidence come from.

However, although Lingyingu has a bad style, few people dare to speak in person.

After all, Lingyingu is now in alliance with several sects, and its foundation and strength are not weaker than some top forces!

“Hey! Didn’t that come!”

“Look! That woman is the one caught by Lingyingu! From the Six Realms!”

Suddenly, there was a commotion here.

Everyone got up and moved towards the entrance of the courtyard.

Jiang Chen also turned his head. When he saw the two siblings of Mu Fengnian and Mu Fengxue, a cold glow flashed in his eyes.

There is nothing malicious about Mu Fengxue Jiang Chen, but for this year of Mu Fengxue, Jiang Chen really intends to slap him to death!

However, Jiang Chen’s expression is very calm at this moment, and there is no happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy, but his heart is burning with anger!

Because there are still two people beside Mu Fengnian!

These two people, one of them, Jiang Chen, is very familiar with Luoshen!

The other one, Jiang Chen, although he has never seen him before, has heard of him. Most of that person is Luoshen’s “husband”, the only descendant of the Pingtian clan who is still alive today, Pingba!

At the beginning, the Pingtian clan fought to the end, repelled the Emperor Yin Sector, and sprinkled the entire Nine Heavens God World!

Their brilliance and accomplishments are not insignificant!

But, now… Jiang Chen is a bit sad.

Because Pingba’s condition at the moment is not very good, it even looks a little miserable.

His clothes were tattered and his feet were cut off. At this moment, he was supporting his body with his hands!

One of its cultivation bases has also been sealed, complexion pale, with blood stains on the hair!

Obviously, after he and Luoshen came to Great Thousand Worlds, their lives were not very good!

Here, Pingpachi has no background, and no one protects him. Although he is strong enough, he can’t compete with Suzuin Valley.

Now, in the hands of Lingyingu, how miserable this day is, I can naturally think of it.

However, Jiang Chen can see that there is hope in Pingba’s eyes. The stubbornness and arrogance have not disappeared, but they are hidden!

Otherwise, ordinary people would have committed suicide long ago by such humiliation!

“Everyone, in Mu Fengnian in Xiaring Yingu, it is an honor to have the honor to meet you today.”

At this moment, Mu Fengnian has a smile on his face, normally arrogant, but He is also very humble at the moment.

After all, in this place, who is not higher than him, and who is not stronger than him! ?

“Mu Fengnian, this woman next to you is pretty good, can you cut love?” Someone bluntly said: “My clan also wants a creature from the six worlds recently, but I can be with Suzuingu Transaction.”

“This Fellow Daoist joked, these two people are now my servants of Lingyin Valley. They have made a contract and will not sell them.” Mu Fengnian said.

Let’s say, he glanced at Pingba, with a hint of joking in his eyes, and said: “Dogzi, have you never seen the world? I heard that the six worlds are burial grounds, filthy, like Are you afraid that you have never been here in this place?”

Hearing this, he did not speak, but silently supported his body with his hands.

His feet were cut off, and the cultivation base was sealed, making it difficult to recast the fleshy body.

“You are also a creature of the Six Worlds anyway, you treat him like this…isn’t it inappropriate?” Someone frowned and said: “Will he clean up anyway? Today is the wedding of Little Young Master in Zhoufu , It’s not very polite that you let him come to the wedding like this.”

“This Fellow Daoist is really right…” Mu Fengnian said with a smile: “Just It’s a pity… the creatures of the Six Realms can only be slaves in Great Thousand Worlds. They can live and give them a bite of food. It is already a gift from Suzuin Valley to them.”

” This dress…If it weren’t for the feeling that being naked is really indecent, I won’t even wear one for him!” Mu Fengnian said.

In his words, in addition to his own arrogance, he is full of contempt for the six realms.

“If my cultivation base recovers, kill you like slaughtering dogs!” Heihachi coldly said, being ridiculed one after another, he naturally can’t stand his temper!

And Mu Fengnian seemed to be used to Pingba’s collision, and after a chuckle, he slapped Pingba’s cheek directly!

Without the cultivation base and the divine force body, after Pingba received this slap, his entire face was swollen!

There was a gu lu gulu on his throat, blood was overflowing at the corner of his mouth, but there was no sound.

“Give me over, and kneel down with these Fellow Daoist one by one, if otherwise…hmph!” Mu Fengnian seemed to have fun, kicked Pingba’s body, brows brows, Seems to enjoy this feeling.

Pingba’s eyes flickered fiercely, and he supported his body with his hands without moving.

There is a gloomy meaning in his eyes, it seems that the last glimmer of hope and stubbornness in his heart will be extinguished!

“The creatures in the world are born differently. Some are born as kings, and some are born as bandits.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen suddenly got up, squinted his eyes, and moved towards Mu Fengnian Walked slowly.

At this moment, Luoshen’s expression condenses slightly, because he and Jiang Chen are too familiar!

Others don’t recognize Jiang Chen, but Luoshen can see through it at a glance!

Especially the way Jiang Chen looked when he was angry. In the eyes of the pair that seemed to hug Sun, Moon and Stars, there would be cold glow like blade light up and down!

“Mu Fengnian, today Young Master, I fell in love with your two servants.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen walked to Mu Fengnian’s body and pointed his finger at him. Nose, he said straightly: “Just ask you a sentence, what I want, will you give me something?”

Mu Fengnian’s face went black as soon as this word came out!

Before he patronized to show off, he didn’t even see Jiang Chen here!

Now, facing Jiang Chen directly, his heart is very cold!

“This evil star, how can he participate in the wedding of Little Young Master in Zhou Mansion?” Mu Fengnian was puzzled, but at this moment, seeing a lot of people all around, he felt confident.

He doesn’t believe it anymore. Jiang Chen dare to make trouble at the wedding of Little Young Master in Zhoufu!

“Jiang Chen, what are you like? In Heavenspan Court, I can’t do anything to you. After all, Heavenspan Court has the rules of Heavenspan Court, but outside Heavenspan Court… You know, I gave an order. My powerhouse in Lingyin Valley can suppress you in an instant!” Mu Fengnian coldly said, a killing intent appeared in his eyes!

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