I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1157

Mu Feng was very angry at the end of the year. He didn’t know the identity of Jiang Chen now!

Furthermore, now that Lingyingu is getting stronger and stronger, many forces want to make friends with Lingyingu. If he suffers here, there will surely be many people present to help him.

Even more how, an emperor from Lingyin Valley is in another courtyard. As long as he calls, the emperor will definitely come over!

But Mu Fengnian was also somewhat dreaded in his heart. After all, when he first met Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen had a nine-Princess next to him.

“Even if he has an emperor by his side, I also have it by my side! even more how this is Zhou Mansion, he dares to go wild!?” Mu Fengnian thought to himself, when he looked towards Jiang Chen, the killing in his eyes Intent is getting stronger and stronger!

“Killing intent?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and said contemptuously: “Here, if you dare to do something, I will dare to kill you!”

“Who is this kid? Today is the wedding day of the Little Young Master of Zhou Mansion. He dare to see blood here!?”

“Heh… Seeing that he and Jiang Zixiu have a good relationship, is it… also from the Jiang clan? “

all around There are many people watching the excitement, and many people are guessing the identity of Jiang Chen.

However, all of them are the arrogant leaders in their forces. Seeing Jiang Chen is about the same age as them, but the cultivation base is only the lower main god, which makes many people feel contemptuous.

What about the Jiang family? In this era, if you are not strong enough, you will be looked down on wherever you go.

Also, over time, someone has already seen that Jiang Chen is a Human Race.

As a result, more people look down on Jiang Chen, and some even express sarcasm. At this age, a lower god has the face to come out to attend the wedding of Little Young Master in Zhou’s residence.

“Jiang Chen, these two belong to me from Lingyin Valley. Do you want to be in front of so many people today, can’t you be robbed?” Mu Feng scornfully said: “Don’t say I don’t agree , Even if I agree, do you dare to ask for it?”

“What am I afraid?” The cold glow in Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly appeared, especially when he saw Pingba’s situation at the moment, there was even more anger in his heart Burning!

How many things the Pingtian clan has done and contributed to the Six Realms, now the entire clan is gone!

That is a feat that cannot be expressed in words!

Now, everyone in the Six Realms should have respect for the Pingtian clan!

But now, the last descendant of the Pingtian clan has ended up in this way. For Jiang Chen, who is also in the Six Realms, it is too uncomfortable, and his anger is hard to dissipate!

“There are just a few people by my side. I look good at these two people. Today is about to be decided.” Jiang Chen said, naturally it cannot be revealed that he also comes from the six realms.

Luo Shen is hearing this, lowering his head, but his eyes are filled with excitement and hope.

He knows that since Jiang Chen dares to say that today, he has the strength to rescue them!

Now, just wait!

However, Pingba’s face on the side became more gloomy. He didn’t know the identity of Jiang Chen, and only thought that Jiang Chen was also a member of Great Thousand Worlds.

At this moment, after hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Pingba’s face was completely darkened.

I saw him slowly raising his head, and his eyes covered by messy hair contained a trace of gloom and despair, but there was also anger and unwillingness!

“I want to live! But if I continue to live like this, I might as well die! I am a tribe, no one can control it!” Pingpachi coldly said.

Before, Pingpachi was caught by Lingyin Valley, and the reason why he submitted to humiliation was because he still wanted to live!

Alive, there is hope for revenge!

But now in his opinion, there is no hope.

What makes him most difficult to let go is that these Great Thousand Worlds people treat him like a beast, even a beast!

As he said, it is better to be dead if you are alive now!

“Old Ancestor, please forgive me for being incompetent…”

At this moment, Pingba sighed in his heart, planning to end this life.

But, at this moment, Jiang Chen shot directly, and under the horrified eyes of everyone, a flash step came to Mu Fengnian’s body.

Without waiting for Mu Fengnian’s reaction, Jiang Chen pressed his palm from top to bottom, and shot directly on top of the head of Mu Fengnian!



With a burst of noise, I saw Mu Fengnian was crushed on the ground on the spot, his skull split and blood sprayed Splashed all over the floor!

“Do you…do you dare to do it!?” Mu Fengnian was shocked. Today is the day of the Little Young Master of Zhou Mansion. Jiang Chen’s hands-on is like seeing blood!

In such days, seeing blood is a taboo!

“Why don’t I dare to do it?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows: “I said, these two people are mine.”

After all, Jiang Chen stepped out from Mu Fengnian walked over, came to Pingba’s side, and said with divine sense sound transmission, “I come from the six worlds, the six worlds Tianchen.”


At this moment, Heihachi suddenly raised his head, but his reaction was very quick, and a gloomy despair appeared in his eyes again.

He knows that since Jiang Chen said those words before, he didn’t want to reveal his identity!

Then, how can Pingpachi expose Jiang Chen!

even more how, now only Jiang Chen can save him!

It’s just that Pingba is also very puzzled, Jiang Chen comes from the six worlds, as a creature of the six worlds, why dare to be so arrogant in Great Thousand Worlds! ?

Even if others have not seen your identity, but if you continue to be so arrogant, you will be exposed sooner or later!

“Jiang Chen! Today’s matter, we are irreconcilable!”

At this moment, Mu Fengnian is struggling to stand up, pointing to the outside of the yard, and saying: “Dare Don’t dare to go outside Zhou Mansion with me! Today, I must kill you!”

“What do you want to do outside Zhou Mansion? To kill, you can do it anytime, anywhere.” Jiang Chen joked. “Why? Are you afraid of angering Zhou Mansion by doing it here?”

After that, before Mu Fengnian could speak, Jiang Chen smiled softly and said: “You are afraid, it doesn’t mean that I am too. I’m afraid.”



When the voice fell, Jiang Chen turned around and fell with one foot, almost missing Mu Fengnian’s head Trample it!

If Mu Fengxue on the side hadn’t made a timely move and pulled Mu Fengnian aside, Jiang Chen would have lost most of Mu Fengnian’s life!

“Boy, you are too much. Today is the wedding day of Little Young Master in Zhoufu. Any grudges between you and Mu Fengnian should not be resolved here.”

At this moment, a young man in a golden robe came out with a calm expression, giving people the feeling of resembles nature itself!

It seems to be saying something very insignificant, and the expression and tone are a little too flat.

Of course, for many people, this matter is really general.

After all, whoever is present is not the leader of the great influence.

But for Jiang Chen, this matter…enough to kill him!

Because that person’s name is Pingba, he is the last descendant of the Pingtian clan!

“Let’s take a moment, after all, it’s the wedding day of Little Young Master in Zhou Mansion. Now let’s stop it. I will deal with it later. Zhou Mansion has to give me a face.” Jiang Zixiu watched the situation worse. The louder the noise, I couldn’t help sound transmission to Jiang Chen, a reminder.

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