I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1158

Jiang Chen also understands Jiang Zixiu, but let him stop like this, Jiang Chen can’t let it go!

“Leave me alone.”

At this moment, Pingpachi spoke suddenly, sound transmission secretly, with a hint of helplessness, and said: “I know you, Nine Heavens God The reincarnation of the Divine King of the World’s Tianchen…”

“But now, the Six Realms are gone. We are wandering here. It is not easy to survive. You don’t have to take risks for me. I… That’s it.”

Hearing this, the anger in Jiang Chen’s heart is getting stronger!

He couldn’t imagine, as the last descendant of the Pingtian clan, what he experienced in Lingyin Valley to smooth his arrogance and water chestnut! ?

“Mu Fengnian, today I will settle accounts with you, new and old accounts, let’s settle together.” Jiang Chen lightly said, step by step, walking slowly, but it gives people a kind of The feeling of Monarch Overlooking The Whole World!

At this moment, many people have an illusion that the lower god in front of them is like the king-like of aloof and remote!

Although its cultivation base is low, it feels unmatched!

“This person…what’s going on?”

“This kind of imposing manner, this kind of posture… is not something ordinary people can have, even if they deliberately pretend to be unable to pretend it !”


Many people are shocked, and even guessing, is it possible that Jiang Chen is a descendant of some extraordinary power! ?

Be aware that transcenders are definitely in charge of transcenders, as the name suggests!

There are not many such forces in the entire Great Thousand Worlds!

After all, there are too few Transcenders, not every emperor can become a Transcender!

Great Thousand Worlds has thousands of emperors, but Transcender will never add up to more than ten!

Therefore, every Transcender represents a piece of sky!

And having the power of Transcender, this Great Thousand Worlds is the peak, standing on the top of that vast existence!

If Jiang Chen is really a descendant of some extraordinary power, then, even if his cultivation base is low, no one would dare to provoke him!

“Fellow Daoist, did you not listen to me?”

But, before Jiang Chen walks to Mu Fengnian, the young man in the golden robe Take a step forward, blocking Jiang Chen’s body.

Seeing that his expression is still very calm, he speaks calmly, and said: “I’ll leave it to this matter.”

“If you say it, forget it? Me and him before The old account, if you meet it today, let’s forget it!” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, secretly thought that since it has caused trouble today, then don’t worry about it!

“Come on, this kid is the dísciple of Zhoutian Cave Mansion!” Jiang Zixiu secretly sound transmission, reminding: “Although he is not the Holy Son of Zhoutian Cave Mansion, he comes from Zhoutian Cave Mansion. , You have to give him a face.”

“What status am I now?” Jiang Chen asked rhetorically.

“Eh…” Jiang Zixiu was taken aback.

“I am the representative of the Jiang family walking outside. Do I represent the entire Jiang family? Today, if I give this kid face, wouldn’t the entire Jiang family give him face? At this age, with this identity and cultivation base, I need to give him face?”

Heard of this, Jiang Zixiu was also secretly nodded.

The Jiang family, not to mention the prestige, but at any rate it is also… the fierce reputation!

Today, even if it is the Old Ancestor of Zhoutian Cave Mansion, as Jiang Chen is now, he can be on the same level as Zhoutian Cave Mansion’s Old Ancestor!

When I thought of this, Jiang Zixiu sounded transmission again, saying: “I’m not afraid, I just feel that…My Jiang clan has to give outsiders a kind and friendly feeling.”


“Your Jiang family is notorious, notorious, what else do you want?” Jiang Chen teased.

“But…we also have to make friends with some forces.” Jiang Zixi whispered.

However, Jiang Zixiu didn’t bother to talk about it next.

After all, Jiang Chen is the representative of the Jiang family walking outside. Seeing him is like seeing the patriarch of the Jiang family!

Today, what Jiang Chen will do is what the Jiang clan will do!

Furthermore, an Old Ancestor from the Jiang clan is already on his way!

So, what are you afraid of! ?

“Get out of the way.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen stared at the young man, coldly said: “Don’t think you are from Zhoutian Cave Mansion, you can be so lighthearted I’ve revealed this.”

“Today, even if it’s your Old Ancestor from Zhoutian Cave Mansion, you have to sit on an equal footing with me, even more how you are just one of Zhoutian Cave Mansion. dísciple!”

As soon as these words came out, this young expression from Zhoutian Cave Mansion finally changed!

He never thought that the young man in front of him could say this remark!

is it possible that, it really comes from some extraordinary power! ?

“My Zhoutian Cave Mansion recently wanted to collect Lingyingu as an affiliated force, and as the dísciple of Zhoutian Cave Mansion, I happened to encounter this incident today, so naturally I couldn’t look at the bell. The Young Valley Lord of Yingu suffers a loss.” The teenager said solemnly: “I say forget about this today, and then forget it.”

“You say forget it? What thing are you “Jiang Chen eyes flash with a cold light, the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow directly manifests behind him, and he angrily scolds: “It’s not your turn to intervene in the matter of someone in Jiang! Get out!”

“Let me take it, what’s the origin of this kid? Dare to speak to the dísciple of Zhoutian Cave Mansion?”

“I am afraid it really comes from some extraordinary power, or else based on his cultivation base, How dare you say that to Zhou Pu!”


All around, many people were moved. When they looked towards Jiang Chen, there was a hint of jealousy in their eyes.

However, there are also many people with a hint of joking.

Because Zhou Tian Cave Mansion is also a super Ordinary Level force!

“So courageous.”

At this moment, Zhou Pu’s expression is gloomy, and he said: “Today is the wedding day of Little Young Master of Zhou Mansion. I will find you again after I get married. Have a good talk!”

“You don’t have to wait for the marriage, you can talk now!” Jiang Chen coldly said: “What do you want to say!?”

“You…really Don’t give face to Zhou Mansion? Even if you don’t give face to Zhou Mansion, you have to give the face of my Zhou Tian Cave Mansion, right?” Zhou Pu’s face grew gloomy, and his heart burned with anger.

“Zhou Pu Fellow Daoist, this person is fierce and rampant, and it is not a good thing to mix with the Jiang clan! Today, Zhou Pu Fellow Daoist is the master for me!”

At this moment, Mu Fengnian cried and cried, pulling on Zhou Pu’s cuff, with a grieved expression: “I will soon become an affiliate of Zhou Tian Cave Mansion, and I will be a family from now on. Today If I suffer a loss, Lingyingu will lose face, this… Doesn’t Zhou Tian Cave Mansion also lose face?”

“This matter…I know.” Zhou Pu lightly said, too I think what Mu Fengnian said makes sense.

He stayed silent for three breaths, thought for a moment, then pointed to the outside, and said: “The best conversation between cultivators is naturally a battle.”

“It’s okay now!” Jiang Chen has long been uncomfortable with Pu this week. After hearing what the other party said, he yelled and shot directly!

“Do you still dare to do something here!?” Zhou Pu whispered. He was going to fight Jiang Chen outside Zhou Mansion, but he didn’t expect the other party to be so courageous and so unscrupulous !

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