I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1160

Jiang Zixiu knows all the people present. This is a fierce person who is well-known among the younger generation. He will start eating if he doesn’t agree with him!

At this moment, since Jiang Zixiu spoke, Zhou Chief Steward has to be patient.

“Jiang Zixiu, he is a Human Race, not your Jiang clan!” Zhou Chief Steward said solemnly: “Don’t be fooling around! Today is the wedding day of Little Young Master of Zhou Mansion! “

“Although he is a Human Race, he is also from my Jiang family.” Jiang Zixiu said: “My patriarch appointed him. If you don’t believe it, ask my patriarch.”

As soon as these words came out, Zhou Chief Steward’s expression couldn’t help but become weird.

Ask your patriarch?

sorry, I haven’t lived enough yet, so I dare not ask!

“Today, even if a few Elders of the Jiang clan came, they would not be so impudent. When you behave and do things, you have to give each other a face.” Zhou Chief Steward said solemnly: “Today, look. For the sake of the Jiang clan, the things he caused before have never happened to me, and I can’t keep on doing it!”

Zhou Chief Steward’s words are also reasonable, not only for myself and Zhou Mansion saved face and gave enough face to the Jiang family.

However, as soon as he finished saying this, he saw Jiang Chen thrust out suddenly, and when everyone had no time to react, he rushed directly to Mu Fengnian!

next moment, I saw Jiang Chen throws a punch, which was about to shake Mu Fengnian’s top of the head!

“You dare!”

However, Zhou Chief Steward reacted quickly, after all, the cultivation base is there.

Without waiting for Jiang Chen this fist to fall, the divine force exploded, and Jiang Chen flew out!

However, because of fear of the Jiang clan, Zhou Chief Steward made his move very lightly this time, only flying Jiang Chen.

But what made him didn’t expect was that Jiang Chen lay directly on the ground after being shaken off, vomiting blood, complexion pale, and screaming constantly in his mouth.

“I…I didn’t hurt him.” Zhou Chief Steward was stunned, secretly thought that the blow just now, it is estimated that even Jiang Chen’s fur will not be hurt!

But this guy…what’s the situation! ?

Jiang Zixiu was also taken aback for a while, and he could also see that Jiang Chen was obviously acting!

“This guy… can really cause trouble! How could patriarch let him be the representative of the Jiang clan walking outside!?” Jiang Zixiu’s face turned dark, and his belly slandered for a while.

But, since Jiang Chen has installed it, then it has to be installed!

Otherwise, where to put the face of my Jiang family! ?

Furthermore, in front of so many people, Zhou Chief Steward shook Jiang Chen flying twice…this…

not the stunned Jiang Chen, but the stunned The face of the Jiang family!

“Are you courting death?”

At this moment, Jiang Zixiu spoke. In a simple sentence, it also revealed the dominance and confidence of the Jiang family!

Everything is killing!

“I…I didn’t hurt him! Even more how, he caused the trouble first! As Chief Steward of Zhou Mansion, can I ignore it?” Zhou Chief Steward said solemnly, but his eyes were in harmony There was a sense of fear on his face!

Although Zhou Mansion is strong, it is simply not as good as the Jiang family!

After all, the Jiang clan has the power of Transcender, but there is not a Transcender in Zhoufu!

Although there are rumors from the outside world, an Old Ancestor in Zhoufu is about to break through to extraordinary.

But, there is no breakthrough yet!

“Apologize to him.” Jiang Zixiu coldly said: “I really don’t think the face of my Jiang clan counts!?”

“Jiang Zixiu! Don’t mess around! Today that is Many people are here, whoever is wrong, everyone sees it!” Chief Steward said coldly.

“Since you said that…” Jiang Zixiu lightly said, pausing for a while, eyes flash with a cold light, and said: “My Jiang clan is unreasonable!”

“His…Chief Steward Zhou, you are doing so hard! My internal organs, and even my soul are almost wiped out!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen struggling on the ground, bleeding from his seven orifices, look It looks really miserable!

However, everyone’s expression is quite weird, staring at Jiang Chen, and after a closer look, he discovered that this guy was not injured at all!

This is clearly pretending!

Moreover, dress up!

It is to let you know that Lao Tzu is pretending, but you still can’t break through me!

Zhou Chief Steward is also furious. If you have seen shameless, you have never seen Jiang Chen so shameless!

At the same time, he is also guessing, what is the relationship between Jiang Chen, the Human Race, and the Jiang family! ?

“Go and call Zhou Mansion to be able to speak up! Today I want to ask for an explanation for him!” Jiang Zixiu looked angry, but in his heart he despised Jiang Chen from top to bottom!

What a pit! Really pretend!

“I am Chief Steward of Zhou Mansion, so I can speak.” Zhou Chief Steward coldly said: “Jiang Zixiu, if you continue to make trouble like this, you won’t have to attend today’s wedding banquet. , Please go out.”


“Damn!? Chief Steward dare to say that this week? In front of us, this is driving Jiangzi Fix it?”

“This…the more trouble it gets.”

Everyone was shocked, I thought Chief Steward would compromise. , Will give in, but didn’t expect his confidence is so full!

Jiang Zixiu was also taken aback for a moment. Is the secretly thought that the Jiang clan’s name is insufficient? Can’t even a steward be shocked?

“What’s the noise?! I wonder if today is the wedding day of Little Young Master in Zhoufu?!”

At this moment, another person flew over in the yard next door .

This is an Elderly with all white beard and hair, leaning on a mahogany cane, giving people a feeling of divine poise and sagelike features.

As he appeared, many youngsters present hurriedly saluted, chanting: “I have seen Mr. Zhou.”

“Zhou old man, your steward is injured I belong to the Jiang clan, don’t you give me an explanation for this matter?” Jiang Zixiu raised his eyebrows, also knowing each other.

However, in contrast, Jiang Zixiu’s address to Elderly is much more straightforward, no matter what his name is Zhou Lao.

“Jiang Zixiu, why can’t you wait until the wedding banquet is over?” Zhou Lao frowned and glared at Chief Steward, seemingly unhappy.

“Old Zhou, that kid was the first to pick the matter! After I came here, he still attacked me in front of me. If I hadn’t taken the shot in time, the Young Valley Lord of Suzuin Valley would be dead! “Zhou Chief Steward explained hurriedly.

Lao Zhou hearing this, waved his hand, shouted: “Now that it’s okay, then stop this matter!”

“Stop!? You say you just stop! You too Don’t take a look at how he was beaten by Chief Steward Zhou! This matter, you can’t stop!” Jiang Zixiu said.

While speaking, Jiang Zixiu also secretly sound transmission to Jiang Chen, asking: “What do you want?”

“Have the Jiang clan Elder come?” Jiang Chen Did not answer, asked rhetorically.

“On the road, it should be almost there.” Jiang Zixiu sound transmission said.

“I’ll tell you later, now…I’ll lie down.” Jiang Chen sound transmission.

When Jiang Zixiu heard this, he knew that Jiang Chen would not give up!

So, Jiang Zixiu can only continue to accompany Jiang Chen in the trouble. Who is the representative appointed by patriarch?

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