I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1162

Jiang Qiankun’s expression is very serious, with killing intent in his eyes, and with endless anger in his words!

Even though Jiang Chen is a Human Race, for some reason, the patriarch of the Jiang clan appointed him as a representative!

Where Jiang Chen is, the patriarch of the Jiang clan is here!

Yes, this is the identity. When I came to the wedding banquet, I was shocked by Chief Steward twice in a row!

Isn’t this hitting the Jiang clan in the face! ?

At this moment, everyone present was shocked, especially Chief Steward Zhou, who knew he was in a disaster!

“This…I didn’t know that he was the representative of the Jiang clan…” Zhou Lao looked pale, braving all over his body, and it was in the bones!

He knows that this matter today, I’m afraid it can’t be kind!

“I don’t know? I can forget about it if I don’t know it?” Jiang Qiankun raised his eyebrows and shot out with a palm, directly suppressing Zhou Chief Steward.

After that, in front of everyone, Jiang Qiankun gently shook his palm, and Zhou Chief Steward turned into nothingness, not even a trace of residue left!

“Today is the wedding day of Little Young Master of Zhou Mansion. I will naturally not let blood be seen here.” Jiang Qiankun said: “Although I killed your Chief Steward of Zhou Mansion, you all I saw it, I didn’t let him bleed.”

As soon as these words came out, a group of people became a little messy.

The so-called seeing blood, in the understanding of the Jiang family, is this what it is?

This understanding…is quite distinctive!

“Senior, the lineage of my Zhou Mansion, comes from Zhou Tian Cave Mansion.” Zhou Lao said solemnly, the meaning of the words is also very clear.

Today, if you do something, Zhou Mansion may not dare to do anything, but Zhou Tian Cave Mansion definitely dare to stand up!

As soon as Mr. Zhou finished speaking, he saw a middle-aged man volley up in the yard next door and slowly landed next to Mr. Zhou.

With the appearance of this person, the atmosphere on the scene is obviously a bit depressed!

Especially Jiang Qiankun, when he saw this middle-aged man, his pupils suddenly contracted, which seemed surprised!

“Jiang Qiankun, since Chief Steward Zhou is dead, let this matter pass.” The middle-aged man said: “As you and our status, there is no need to make trouble too much. “

“Didn’t expect Zhou Tian Cave Mansion Great Elder is here too. I really surprised someone Jiang.” Jiang Qiankun said solemnly.

Zhou Tian Cave Mansion, a super Ordinary Level faction, there are two Transcenders in its influence. One of them is the middle-aged man in front of him, Zhou Tian Cave Mansion Great Elder, Zhou Shenglong!

It stands to reason that Transcender will not go to war at will. After all, their power is too strong. Once a war starts, it will destroy a world at will!

Under normal circumstances, Zhou Shenglong said so, Jiang Qiankun will naturally give him face.

However, today’s matter is a little different!

“Fighting Jiang Chen is equivalent to beating my patriarch. You said that this is what happened today?” Jiang Qiankun said solemnly: “Then I will go back and I won’t be killed by patriarch!”

“What do you mean?” Zhou Shenglong frowned and realized the seriousness of the matter.

If Chief Steward of Zhou hit an ordinary Jiang clan dísciple, or even hit the Jiang clan Elder, the matter would not be so serious!

The key point is that the identity of the other party is the representative appointed by the patriarch of the Jiang family!

Fighting Jiang Chen is equivalent to hitting the patriarch of the Jiang clan!

Zhou Shenglong knows very well that the patriarch of the Jiang clan has stepped into the supernatural realm several times ago.

Now, its cultivation base is so high, deep and unmeasurable!

There are even rumors that the patriarch of the Jiang clan may have changed and taken the unimaginable step of ordinary people!

Thinking of this, Zhou Shenglong couldn’t help being somewhat dreaded in his heart, but he would not shrink back!

Zhou Mansion is the power of Zhou Tian Cave Mansion, and Zhou Mansion’s direct lineage comes from Zhou Tian Cave Mansion!

Today, if Zhou Mansion’s Little Young Master’s wedding banquet is disturbed, then Zhou Mansion’s face will no longer exist, and the same Zhou Tian Cave Mansion will also greatly damage its face!

“When the wedding banquet is over, I will definitely go to the ancestral land of the Jiang clan and personally apologize to your patriarch.” Zhou Shenglong said solemnly.

Zhou Shenglong is a Transcender, and for a Transcender, apologizing to others is already a shame!

But, in order to continue today’s wedding banquet, Zhou Shenglong can only do this!

Otherwise, with Jiang Qiankun’s character, there must be a battle between the two today!

“This matter, you have to ask his opinion.” Jiang Qiankun looked towards Jiang Chen, secretly sound transmission, and said: “This matter is almost done?”

“Senior Jiang , I’ll tell you directly, today I’m here to snatch my relatives.” Jiang Chen sound transmission said: “It’s so straightforward, I’ll ask you if you’re willing to help.”

As soon as this word came out, Jiang Qiankun was messed up!

He realized at this moment that the main reason for Jiang Chen’s making such a big noise was actually to grab relatives!

This matter…but it’s a bit troublesome!

However, within the Jiang clan, the rank status management is very strict!

Jiang Chen represents patriarch, so before patriarch has spoken, Jiang Chen’s words represent patriarch’s words!

Now, since Jiang Chen asked so, Jiang Qiankun would naturally not shake his head and say nothing!

Furthermore, the Jiang family has also received news in recent days that the woman from the six realms who married the Little Young Master of Zhou Mansion seems unusual!

So, if you can take this opportunity to grab that woman, it’s not impossible.

“My Jiang clan now needs to be low-key, and I need to make friends only to change the world’s attitude and understanding of us.” Jiang Qiankun explained: “How about…when the wedding banquet is over, we will grab it? Save face for the Zhou Mansion?”

“When the wedding banquet is over, everyone will come to visit!” Jiang Chen was a little anxious.

“Then…now grab it?” Jiang Qiankun asked.

“Can you grab it?” Jiang Chen asked, also somewhat guilty.

After all, Zhou Shenglong is here today, and Jiang Qiankun alone is afraid it will be difficult to get married!

However, Jiang Qiankun was quite domineering, and directly sound transmission to Jiang Chen, he came to contain Zhou Shenglong!

As for the success of when the time comes, it is another matter.

“many thanks.” Jiang Chen thanked: “Today, no matter what the result is, I have written down the kindness of the Jiang clan. When this is over, I will give the Jiang clan a big gift!”


“Oh? Great gift?” Jiang Qiankun was stunned, secretly thought that my Jiang clan is a super Ordinary Level force, should you give me the big gift, my Jiang clan should not look down on it?

But Jiang Qiankun didn’t say that, thinking so in his heart.

At this moment, he no longer secretly sound transmission with Jiang Chen, but directly looked towards Zhou Shenglong, his body crackled and said: “Zhou Shenglong, this seat has not been active for a long time, I met you today, Just move your muscles and bones.”

“You…really want this? After all, he is just a Human Race. Is it worth it for the Jiang family to do this for him?” Zhou Shenglong asked.

“Whether it’s worth it, it’s my Jiang family’s business. I don’t want to talk about anything else today, I want to have a chance with you to see how geometric your current cultivation base is!” Jiang Qiankun said, then It rushed directly to the clouds, and then came to the foreign domain starry sky.

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