I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1168

The six worlds were destroyed, some were taken to the ancestral land of Buddhism, and some entered the Great Thousand Worlds through the Transmission Gate opened by the Guardian.

Nowadays, the affairs of these six realms are aroused in Great Thousand Worlds.

After Luoshen Hepingba was arrested, I heard a lot about the Six Realms in Lingyin within the valley.

Among them, there is Jiang Liu and the others.

At the beginning, the group of people who were taken away by the Buddha entered the cultivation in the ancestral land of Buddhism.

Of course, it sounds nice.

Actually, Buddhism is also studying the invincible bloodline of ancestral creatures.

After so long, Buddhism has traded out a lot of creatures from the six worlds, but some people are still left behind.

And these people were put into the land of purgatory for training.

The land of Purgatory, a famous fierce land in Great Thousand Worlds. There are indeed many Land of Trial arrogances, but they are also notorious. Only ten people who enter the land of purgatory can survive. Three or four.

According to Luoshen’s knowledge, Jiang Liu, Ruoxiao and the others, were all put into the land of purgatory.

Buddhism wants to stimulate their potential, clearly understood the invincible mystery hidden in their bloodline!

But you must know that for anyone who enters the land of purgatory, the lowest cultivation base is God King Level. Don’t!

And Jiang Liu and the others are no more than gods now!

This kind of cultivation base entered the land of purgatory, mostly ten deaths without life!

“Buddhism…it looks like they were mistaken!” Jiang Chen’s face was ugly. I thought Jiang Liu and the others had a good place to go after they entered the ancestral land of Buddhism. I never thought…

“Where is the land of purgatory?” Jiang Chen asked.

“That is a Small World, and all major Peak forces will establish Transmission Arrays directly leading to the land of Purgatory.” Luoshen said: “There should be in Zhoufu too.”

“It’s not too late, I’ll go in and take a look!” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Immediately, Jiang Chen got up, looked towards Palace Master Zhou Mansion, and asked: “Can there be a Transmission Array leading to the land of Purgatory in Zhou Mansion? Send me in!”

” This… Your cultivation base…” Palace Master Zhou Mansion is anxious, Jiang Chen is only the lower master god, enter with this cultivation base, bode ill rather than well!

And in case Jiang Chen is dead, how should the Jiang family and the Taixu family explain! ?

When the time comes, if one or two evil races anger the Zhou Mansion, then the Zhou Mansion is really over!

“I’ll go in and take a look.” Jiang Chen said: “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

“Then… I will let eldest son walk with you.” Zhou Mansion The Lord said: “My eldest son has been to the land of purgatory several times, and I am more familiar with it.”

“Also.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

Then, the palace lord of Zhou Mansion called his eldest son Zhou Cang, and the two entered the land of purgatory through Transmission Array.

The land of purgatory is an ancient Land of Trial.

But a long time ago, this was the place where the major ominous beasts were held.

Nowadays, there is no control over this matter. The ominous beast held inside breaks out of the cage, takes the land of purgatory as his own, and multiplies rampantly here.

In Purgatory, there are various ominous beasts, even God Emperor Level ominous beasts. It is said that in the deepest part of Purgatory, there are ominous beasts of King level.

There are even rumors that in this Purgatory Land, there is very likely to have a super Ordinary Level other ominous beast!

But, these all are rumors.

In the eyes of the world today, the land of purgatory is an excellent Land of Trial. Many Peak forces will send their own dísciples in. If they can survive, they will be well cultivated.

If you die inside, then… if you die, you die, that’s all.

“There are lava and wasteland everywhere here, no plants, the road under your feet, perhaps the back of an ominous beast, or the corpse of an ominous beast.” Zhou Cang is also very handsome, water chestnut. Clearly, a pair of dashing eyebrows stand sideways, giving people a very Ling Ran feeling.

At this moment, he stood beside Jiang Chen and introduced something about Purgatory.

In short, in the land of purgatory, you cannot relax your vigilance anytime, anywhere!

Especially among those lava, there is a possibility that there is a prehistoric ominous beast dormant!

The strength of the ominous beast is comparable to Peak Divine King or even the gods!

“I have recently been more interested in the affairs of the creatures of the Six Realms. I heard that many of the creatures brought back from the Six Realms by Buddhism have been sent here.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “If it can Just catch them here.”

“I also heard about this, but… the creatures brought by Buddhism from the six realms have a low cultivation base. They enter the land of purgatory. It’s been a while, now I’m afraid…” Zhou Cang frowned: “If your Lord likes to study the creatures of the Six Realms, my Zhou Mansion can spend a lot of money to buy some back.”

“Oh? Buy?” Jiang Chen lightly said, a ray of anger emerged in his heart.

Sure enough, the creatures of the Six Realms are really nothing in Great Thousand Worlds, they can only be regarded as goods, and they are traded.

“Look in the land of purgatory now. After all, if you can catch the creatures of the six realms here, it will be worthless. You don’t need to spend any money to buy it.” Jiang Chen said, the expression is extremely calm.

“The Lord said that it is reasonable, now those creatures from the six realms are very expensive, indeed very expensive.” Zhou Cang nodded and said.

“My lord, since we want to find the creatures of the six worlds, then we might as well go to the city of purgatory first, where trialists gather, maybe we can get some news about the creatures of the six worlds.” Zhou Cang Proposed.

Jiang Chen nodded, and then under the leadership of Zhou Cang, moved towards Purgatory City and flew away.

However, the two people just got up, under the lava under their feet, suddenly stretched out several tentacles!

The tentacles are blazing flames, and more foul smells are coming out, and at the same time, a divine force similar to the High God King erupts!

“Exalted! Be careful!” Zhou Cang didn’t dare to be careless, he hurriedly reminded, and at the same time a long sword appeared in his hand, and he cut out six sword glows in the air, cutting off all those tentacles!

“It’s a twisted beast!”

“A twisted beast? Is it very difficult to deal with?” Jiang Chen asked.

“A single one is not powerful…but…the twisted beasts live in groups.” Zhou Cang said solemnly.

When the voice fell, I saw all around the lava, the tentacles rushed out like a stone pillar!

Look carefully, under each piece of lava, there is an ominous beast that resembles an octopus, with fierce eyes staring at Jiang Chen and Zhou Cang.

“The quantity is too much! Let us withdraw quickly!” Zhou Cang said solemnly.

The twisted beast is also famous in the land of purgatory. This kind of ominous beast has average strength, but the key is that there are too many!

It is estimated that this area is full of twisted beasts!

“Go? In this case, can you go easily?” Jiang Chen said grimly.

Looking around all around, the tentacles are like a stone pillar, sealing a hundred miles away!

Each tentacles exudes cold glow, and the divine force of God King Level erupts, turning into a wave of turmoil, moved towards Jiang Chen and Zhou Cang suppressed!

“Your honor, be careful, I will take you out!” Zhou Cang expressed grave, and cold sweat dripped on his forehead!

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