I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1169

Zhou Cang is very strong, and there have been rumors that he has broken through to the gods!

But at this moment after he took the shot, Jiang Chen realized that the strength of the First Young Master of this week’s mansion is far above rumors!

The cultivation base has reached the Middle God respect, but judging from the strength of the shot, I am afraid it can be comparable to the High God respect!

At this moment, Jiang Chen is standing on the spot, looking at Zhou Cangwu sword, cutting off the tentacles, remaining unmoved.

Just because Jiang Chen felt that Zhou Cang’s strength was enough to cope with all this.

While Jiang Chen didn’t make a move, he naturally had his own ideas.

Now, his status is very high, and two evil races are supporting him, but his cultivation base is only the lower main god.

In the eyes of outsiders, he is “very weak”.

The same is true. Jiang Chen intends to remain so “weak” and try not to make a move if he can.

However, what surprised Jiang Chen was that after ten breaths of breath, when he could break through these tentacles turned into cages, crimson tentacles suddenly emerged from under the lava. !

The whole body of these tentacles is like a flame pouring, and the divine light is amazing. When each tentacles dance, they can tear the Void!

Furthermore, the flames fell like stars, and slapped Zhou Cang’s body within a few breaths!

Under a few muffled noises, Zhou Cang’s expression was pale, creded out in surprise: “Beast King!”

“Your honor! You go! My queen!” Zhou Cang said solemnly: “The strength of the twisted beast king is comparable to High God, and even the average High God is not his opponent!”

“I’m leaving, what do you do?” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Know that Jiang Chen and Zhou Mansion have a “great feud”.

At the wedding banquet of Little Young Master in Zhou Mansion, the bride was snatched away, and it was a big trouble in Zhou Mansion.

It stands to reason that Zhou Cang should have resentment against him this time, how could he give up himself and help Jiang Chen.

“This is the way of the world, your status is so high, my Zhou Mansion needs you! If I die, I can exchange Zhou Mansion for future prosperity, it is worth it!” Zhou Cang said resolutely.

“Hey, for the sake of Zhou Mansion’s righteousness, what you said is true.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “But you are not afraid that after I leave, won’t Zhou Mansion be of any help? “

“I have done my duty, and the rest is up to you.” Zhou Cang said, pushing out with a palm, as if he wanted to send Jiang Chen out here!

However, Jiang Chen waved his hand, his eyes were shining brightly, and lightly said: “That’s all, for you to be so real, let’s go together.”

” What?” Zhou Cang was stunned for a moment, but before he could react, he saw Jiang Chen’s body, suddenly a dark shadow appeared!

Under the dark shadows, you can vaguely see a blue light flickering, swaying with a light that seems to illuminate the past, present and future!

“Let’s go!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen grabbed Zhou Cang, and the two of them were enveloped in black shadows and moved towards the front!

On the way, Jiang Chen shot out with one hand one after another, and his fists were printed, shattering all the crimson’s tentacles!

Until the end, even the body of the twisted beast king rushed out of the lava and was shot back by Jiang Chen with the palm of his hand!

“You…your strength…” Zhou Cang was shocked, he was clearly the lower main god, why is there such battle strength! ?

Be aware that even ordinary High Gods can hardly compete with the Beast King!

“This strength is normal.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile.

Speaking of which, since the last time he was possessed by the lantern bearer, Jiang Chen has been thinking about some things.

Recently, Jiang Chen discovered that although he cannot summon Myriad Transformations, he has a very “kind” relationship with the lantern bearer.

As long as you want to carry the lantern, you can summon out this shadow!

And under the blessing of this shadow, Jiang Chen’s battle strength can be called geometrically doubled!

However, the blessing of Sombra is not long, and Jiang Chen feels very weak after every use of Sombra, especially the hunger during that period, which is simply unbearable!

“I’ll take a break here, you help me find something to eat!”

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, the two of them went from the lava I rushed out and came to a piece of wasteland.

I found a place and after setting up the Formation Formation, Jiang Chen’s face turned pale, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead!

He is not only weak, but also hungry!

“Sir, are you okay?” Zhou Cang worriedly said.

Be aware that Jiang Chen entered the land of purgatory with him. If something happens to Jiang Chen, Zhou Cang can’t bear the responsibility!

When the time comes, even Zhou Mansion will be implicated!

“It’s okay, I’m hungry.” Jiang Chen waved his hand and said, “Hurry up.”


Zhou Cang didn’t dare To the effect, he hurriedly got up, planning to hunt some ominous beasts and come and fill Jiang Chen’s stomach.

At this moment, Jiang Chen sat cross-legged, adjusting his breath while observing his Dao Soul.

The emperor vine and undying bird are still in Nirvana and have not been awakened.

And Myriad Transformations Tianzhan is with the lantern-bearer, the two are quiet, without a trace of fluctuation.

However, as long as Jiang Chen has a thought in his mind, the lantern-bearer will make some sense!

“Are you my Dao Soul, or… another creature?” Jiang Chen sighed slightly, I really don’t understand Myriad Transformations.

Even, he was wondering whether Myriad Transformations and the lantern bearer are one body?

If it is not one, then…where does this lantern-bearer come from?

“Well? Where is Azure Lotus!?”


After a few breaths, Jiang Chen glanced at Primal Chaos Qi, and he was shocked. Up!

Two strands of Primal Chaos Qi floated quietly on his soul, without the slightest fluctuation.

However, the Azure Lotus which Primal Chaos Qi turned into has disappeared!

Even the little waterhole is gone!

Jiang Chen panicked. What he is most worried about now is the mutation of Primal Chaos Qi!

However, Jiang Chen soon found out where Azure Lotus had gone!

Look carefully, there is an azure mark on Jiang Chen’s soul!

The imprint is exactly the same as Azure Lotus, and in the depth of one’s soul of Jiang Chen, Primal Chaos Qi is up and down!

At the same time, beside Jiang Chen’s soul, a vague silhouette appeared unexpectedly, as if it were his second soul.

Under the thoughts move, the vague silhouette shook slightly, under his control!

“This is… the second soul? Impossible, right?” Jiang Chen was shocked. He had also seen something about the second soul from the ancient book!

That is something that can be born only when the soul is very powerful and the special cultivation technique is obtained by chance!

Like an Avatar, but the second soul is the Avatar of the soul!

“Are the rumors true? Primal Chaos Growing Azure Lotus, One Qi Becomes Three Purities?” Jiang Chen thought of a legend!

However, the vague silhouette at this moment is really faint. If you don’t look carefully, you will simply not be able to see it!

Jiang Chen observed for a while, he felt the fluctuations coming from Formation, and someone approached here.

After the eyes opened in a hurry, Jiang Chen expression condensed and he actually saw an old acquaintance!

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