I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1171

Half a day later, in the city of Purgatory…

There are many people in the city of Purgatory. There are creatures of all major races, including some rare races.

And these creatures have one thing in common, they all carry a hint of arrogance!

After all, the creatures who dare to enter the land of purgatory to test, who is not a leader of the generation, will admit that they are weaker than others.

Even if the cultivation base is slightly worse, I stand straight here, without the slightest timidity.

Moreover, these people’s eyes, especially deep in their eyes, have a hint of determination.

Many people who enter the land of purgatory know that this place is very dangerous, nine deaths and still alive, but if they can go out alive, they will be appreciated and valued by the high-level forces, when the time comes ascending to the skies with a single leap, from then on, it’s soaring!

But, the premise is to get out alive!

Therefore, after many people enter here, although they are proud and proud, they are also ready to die!

“This place… is really shabby.” Jiang Chen lightly said, the city of Purgatory is small, with two streets running through East, West, North, and South.

Beside the two streets, there are huts made of bronze.

Look carefully, there are traces of rune worn out inside and outside the walls of these huts.

A long time ago, these huts were a cage, detaining ominous beasts.

It’s just that the land of purgatory has been abandoned for a long time, and the ominous beasts held here are either exhausted from life essence, or broke free.

Now, these bronze huts have become the temporary residence of trialist.

However, not everyone can live in these bronze huts!

The city of Purgatory also has rules. Anyone who enters the Bronze Hut must not be manipulated by others, which is equivalent to a death-free gold medal!

And only those who can afford the “price” can stay in it!

“What are those people doing? Why are they all around the hut?”

Along the way, Jiang Chen saw a few huts free, but there were also some huts. , All around is full of creatures!

“It must be someone stuck in the hut.” Zhou Cang said: “When you enter the bronze hut, others can’t do anything with it, but if you walk out of the hut, it will be life or death. Resignation.”

“Oh…so that’s how it is.” Jiang Chen was relieved, looking at the bronze hut that was blocked and irritating inside and out, secretly thought the people in this hut It was also miserable enough to be blocked by so many people.

If there is no powerhouse to support this, don’t think of it in this life?

“Do you want to inquire about Ruoxiao’s news? You can inquire anytime, anywhere.” Mu Xingyun said.

However, before that, Mu Xingyun planned to get a bronze hut to stay.

After all, he is now the Holy Son of Divine Court in the dark night. His identity is very special, like a mouse crossing the street, everyone shouts!

He is here, but it is not safe!

“Just go to City Lord Mansion to buy it.” Zhou Cang said: “But it’s quite expensive.”

“Ten source crystals can live for a day.” Mu Xingyun also Knowing the rules here, said with a bitter smile: “If there is no source crystal, you have to exchange it with an equivalent rare treasure.”

“I have too much rare treasure, you two are injured. I haven’t recovered completely yet, I really should enter the bronze house to avoid it.” Jiang Chen said.

After that, the three of them were acute all the way, and soon came before the City Lord Mansion.

The so-called City Lord Mansion is just a slightly larger bronze house that’s all.

However, the creature in this bronze house is the Emperor King level!

And, there are three!

The three emperors came from different forces. Now they are in charge of the city of purgatory, charging “rents” and earning a lot of money for their respective forces.

“Only the peak forces can collect rent here.” Zhou Cang said: “Every ten days, three people are changed. Everyone comes from a different force, so they work in shifts.”


“Isn’t this making a lot of money?” Jiang Chen has a green light in his eyes. Although he is rich now, he still cares about “money”.

“Senior, I want a bronze house.”

At this moment, Mu Xingyun took out the hard currency source crystal of Great Thousand Worlds and gave it to one of the emperors and queens. Got a token.

With this token, you can choose a bronze house at will.

“There are not many source crystals on our body, so let’s squeeze the three of us.” Mu Xingyun said embarrassingly.

“It’s okay.” Jiang Chen doesn’t matter. The bronze house is big or small, and it is enough for three people.

Soon, the three of them randomly selected a bronze house near the City Lord Mansion and entered it.

“How can I inquire about the small news?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It’s very simple. Just write what you want to know on a piece of stuff and hang it at the door of the bronze house. If someone knows, he will tell you at the door.”

“If the other party tells you, you must pay the other party a source crystal.” Mu Xingyun explained.

After that, Mu Xingyun took out three source crystals with an embarrassed expression, and said: “I have three left. You save a little bit. I will heal the injury first.”


“Okay, you slowly heal your injuries.” Jiang Chen lightly said, and then he found a stone slab and wrote about Ruoxiao’s trace on it, and hung it outside the bronze room.

“That…what if the information provided by the other party is inaccurate?” Jiang Chen asked suddenly.

“This is all right, even if the other party is lying to you, but as long as you say it, you have to give the source crystal. This is the rule.” Zhou Cang said: “However, the people here are not ordinary people. , Under normal circumstances, no one will lie about a source crystal.”

“That’s right.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

When the voice fell, Jiang Chen suddenly thought of something and asked: “Is the source crystal valuable?”

“Nonsense! The source crystal is condensed by divine force, you can Direct absorption is the hard currency of Great Thousand Worlds. A source crystal is equivalent to a high-grade rare treasure!” Mu Xingyun said in an angry tone, “Do you think the source crystal is Chinese cabbage?” /p>

“Oh…I see.” Jiang Chen muttered.

After that, Jiang Chen stopped disturbing Mu Xingyun and Zhou Cang, and sat quietly in the bronze room.

After half a day, Jiang Chen sensed someone standing outside the bronze house.

After a few breaths, I heard someone outside say: “Are you looking for that Ruo Xiao from the Six Realms? I saw him a few days ago in the east of Purgatory, near the vast sea of ​​Lava. “

“many thanks.” Jiang Chen hearing this, sitting behind the door of the bronze room, thanked him politely.

After a few breaths, the person outside the house spoke again, slightly confused, and said: “Where is Yuanjing?”

“Ah? Why should I give you Yuanjing?” Jiang Chen Asked rhetorically.

As soon as these words came out, the people outside couldn’t help being silent, secretly thought it was really bad luck, is it possible that you met a novice?

However, everyone who enters here is not ordinary. This person is too lazy to care about Jiang Chen, so he hummed a few times and left.

And Jiang Chen smiled, secretly thought that he is really a good man with a family, saving a source crystal!

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