I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1172

Zhou Cang and Mu Xingyun are already in concentration, they don’t know what happened outside, and they don’t even know that Jiang Chen is so picky!

And Jiang Chen feels good about himself and confiscated the sign outside the door.

Just because he knows what some people say is untrustworthy!

Only by asking a few more people can we determine Ruo Xiao’s whereabouts now!

About a dozen breaths later, another person arrived outside the door, and immediately spoke, telling something about Ruo Xiao.

And this time, Jiang Chen was still pretending to be dumb, and did not give Yuanjing.

The other party didn’t say anything, just cursed and left.

In this way, Jiang Chen sat in the house, and people kept coming over to reveal news about Ruo Xiao, and Jiang Chen kept pretending to be stupid, until a day later, he didn’t even give out a source crystal!

“Basically, I have seen Ruo Xiao in the east of Purgatory.” Jiang Chen lightly said, after this day, he also learned some traces of Ruo Xiao.

However, Jiang Chen still feels unreliable and plans to ask a few more people.

However, on the 2nd day, no one will come to reveal the small news.

Even, Jiang Chen noticed that there seemed to be many people standing outside the house!

“What’s the situation?” Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment. It happened that Zhou Cang and Mu Xingyun’s injuries had been completely recovered at this moment.

The moment the two woke up, their expressions changed one after another, and they also noticed that many creatures were standing outside the bronze house!

“We… won’t we be surrounded, right?” Mu Xingyun asked in a daze with a dazed expression on his face.

Zhou Cang was also puzzled, looked towards Jiang Chen, and asked: “My dear…Are you in trouble?”

“No, I can do everything Never left.” Jiang Chen said.

“Oh…” Zhou Cang frowned, always feeling that the group of people outside seemed a little wrong.

At this moment, someone outside the door opened his mouth and said: “I saw that Ruo Xiao from the Six Realms a few days ago, near the lava sea in the east.”

” many thanks.” Jiang Chen hearing this, thanked him.

Mu Xingyun and Zhou Cang on the side blinked their eyes, seeming a little confused.

Finally, Zhou Cang reacted and hurriedly took out a source crystal and sent it to Jiang Chen’s hand, saying: “Your honor, is the source crystal used up? I have some here, you take it Use it.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, his old face blushed slightly, and he took out a few source crystals that Mu Xingyun gave him, and said: “I’m useless…”

“You…” Mu Xingyun opened his mouth, not knowing what to say for a while!

And Zhou Cang’s expression was quite strange, they suddenly understood what was going on with the group of people outside the house!

“The kid inside! The rumors are true, you are here to inquire about the news, but don’t give it to Yuanjing! Really we are fools!?”

“Cheat one or two Forget it, at the end of the day, you cheated more than a dozen! You are so capable!”

“Come out quickly! This young man has to chat with you! Let’s see why this World still exists red!”


At this moment, many people outside the house broke out directly, and some even moved the killing intent!

“I said… your identity still lacks such a source crystal? Do you need to do so?” Mu Xingyun said grimly: “Look at it now, it’s blocked!”

“Your honor…or I will go out and supply them with the source crystal.” Zhou Cang said.

Jiang Chen hearing this was also embarrassing. They didn’t expect that these people would actually block his door for a source crystal!

Of course, Jiang Chen himself didn’t realize that he would pretend to be dumb for a source crystal…

In short, everything is only due to a deduction!

“Well…If you have enough source crystals, go out and make up.” Jiang Chen sighed. He thought he was a good man with a house, but he never thought… I still have to give it.

However, after Zhou Cang went out, he ran back before ten breaths.

“Respect…the people outside…to say there are more than twenty…” Zhou Cang said with a bitter smile: “I don’t have that many source crystals.”

“You told them to replenish the source crystal, right? When you say that, many people will come to pretend to be!” Mu Xingyun said solemnly: “Now… I guess the people outside the house will not be low. Thirty!”

“How is this?” Jiang Chen’s face went dark, is it possible that I will be stuck here! ?

“You still have the face to ask! If it weren’t for you to buckle, could you cause this!” Mu Xingyun said grimly.

However, as soon as Mu Xingyun finished saying this, he heard someone outside the house shouted angrily: “Holy Son of Divine Court in the dark, Mu Xingyun, I know you are inside! There is a kind of you don’t come out forever !”

“Mu Xingyun! If you dare to come out, I will kill you when I wait!”


Jiang Chen heard this, it is true Could not hold back a laugh.

“You still said that I…Some people outside are looking for you, right?” Jiang Chen joked.

“I… really bad luck! I knew I would not be the Holy Son of Divine Court in the dark!” Mu Xingyun cursed.

And Zhou Cang on the side is black, having unspeakable bitter suffering!

Whether it is Yuanjing or Divine Court in the dark night, it has nothing to do with him!

It’s better now, living together in the same room, he went out to explain, I guess no one would believe it!

Besides, as the First Young Master of Zhou Mansion, he was seen with the Holy Son of Divine Court in the dark night, which will probably lead people to misunderstand the relationship between Zhou Mansion and Divine Court in the dark night.

When the time comes, Zhou Mansion will definitely cause a lot of trouble!

However, when Zhou Cang saw Jiang Chen’s indifferent expression, he couldn’t help but settle down a lot.

There is such a big guy here, I am afraid of anything! ?

“Zhou Cang, you go outside again and talk to them about my identity, I want to see, who dares to block my door!” Jiang Chen expressed his expression and it was time to show My own identity!

Zhou Cang hearing this, immediately got up and respectfully said: “Yes, my honor.”

However, not long after Zhou Cang went out this time, there were several loud noises outside. !

Afterwards, I saw Zhou Cang being blasted in, and even the door of the bronze house was blasted to pieces!

At this moment, the three Jiang Chen appeared in front of everyone openly.

“Zhou Cang! As the First Young Master of Zhou Mansion, you are now colluding with the Holy Son of Divine Court in the dark night, are you afraid of humiliating Zhou Mansion’s reputation?!”

“Still fooling around with the Jiang family and the Taixu family!? Zhou Cang, you really fell into love!”


At this moment, all kinds of curses outside the house Both are, and they are basically cursing with Zhou Cang’s name.

Zhou Cang looked innocent, he just went to convey Jiang Chen’s meaning that’s all.

I never thought that this group of people outside did not give any face to the Jiang family and the Taixu family!

But it’s right to think about it carefully. This place is the Land of Trial, and everyone who comes here is ready to die.

What else can they worry about?

“Zhou Cang, even if what you said is true, so what? I am waiting for the race, and the relationship with the evil race is not good! Don’t want to use the name of the evil race to frighten me!”


At this moment, Jiang Chen is in a daze, and secretly thought that the names of the two evil races are not easy to use here! ?

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