I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1175

I offered a reward for the dísciple of Zhoutian Cave Mansion, which has not happened in a long time.

After all, Cave Mansion is a super Ordinary Level force. Under normal circumstances, no one wants to provoke them.

However, all the creatures who enter the land of purgatory are so bold that they are really not comparable to ordinary people!

These people are all fighting for their future with their lives!

A reward? Cave Mansion every day?

Don’t talk about vain, as long as the money is in place, you can’t do anything in the land of purgatory! ? Don’t dare to do anything! ?

“Fellow Daoist, take the liberty to ask, what do you want to do with the dísciple of Cave Mansion on Sunday?” Someone curiously asked.

“Of course I went to Zhoutian Cave Mansion to change people.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “A dísciple of Zhoutian Cave Mansion, for a creature of the six worlds, if one is not enough, then get more !”


Everyone was relieved that Jiang Chen was planning to do this.

However, someone reminded Jiang Chen that even if he caught a lot of cave mansion dísciples to change people, cave mansion would not change!

After all, the value is different!

Unless it is the Holy Son level dísciple that caught Zhou Tian Cave Mansion, Zhou Tian Cave Mansion will generally not take care of them.

“What a coincidence! This Fellow Daoist, as long as your price is in place, I will take you to find someone! If you can capture him, Zhou Tian Cave Mansion should replace you with you!”

At this moment, a creature covered in golden hair came over, carrying a rough stone stick in his hand, carefree, but golden light gleamed in his eyes!

“Ancient God Monkey Clan!”

“This clan had a war with Zhou Tian Cave Mansion. The casualties on both sides were very serious. If not for a few Transcenders, the two sides stopped War, otherwise the Great Thousand Worlds, the ancient god monkey clan and Zhoutian Cave Mansion, only one power can exist.”

“This clan…not to be trifled with!”


Many people whispered a few times, even more telling the origin of this creature.

“As long as you can lead me to find that person, the price I give will definitely satisfy you!” Jiang Chen said resolutely.

Jiang Chen is still so deductible, but you must know that the wealth in his hands is not comparable to ordinary people!

In Jiang Chen’s eyes, anything that can be solved with money is nothing!

“Let’s do it, I’ll pack it for you, not only take you to find that person, but also help you suppress it, when the time comes, give me a hundred rare treasures, what do you think?” The young man from the ancient god monkey clan said, waved the stone stick in his hand, and said: “That person is not something you can deal with.”

“Oh? Is it?” Jiang Chen eyebrows raised, thinking for a moment. , Said: “Take me to find him first, when the time comes, if I can’t deal with it, please ask you to do it again, okay?”

“Okay!” The young man agreed, and immediately pointed Refers to the east side of Purgatory City, saying: “Come on, right there, let’s go and block his door!”

“Uh…what’s so…in the city of Purgatory?” Jiang Chen was taken aback for a while , Looking at this young man being carefree, I never thought… it’s also a scam!

“Monkey, don’t you want to take him to the turnaround road of Zhoutian Cave Mansion?” Someone suddenly asked, the expression was rather strange.

all around, after a group of people heard the three words of Zhou Zhuan Dao, their expression became weird.

Because the Zhouzhudao is so famous in this Purgatory City!

Not only in the city of purgatory, everyone who enters the land of purgatory knows the way of turning!

“This person, I know, is the substitute Holy Son of Zhou Tian Cave Mansion.” Zhou Cang said: “The cultivation base entered God Venerable Realm long ago. Now so many years have passed. Its cultivation base should have improved a lot.”

“God?” Jiang Chen lightly said, then waved his hand indifferently and said, “It’s okay, if I get serious, it shouldn’t be a problem. “

“Oh, Human Race boy, the tone is not small.” The teenager of the ancient god monkey clan jokingly said: “When the time comes, don’t ask me to help.”

” It shouldn’t be .” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Then, under the leadership of the young man from the ancient god monkey clan, the Jiang Chen entire group came to a bronze house on the East Street of Purgatory City.

“The Turnaround Road is in this bronze house. Some time ago, he went out of the city to experience and seemed to be injured.” The monkey said, “But…even if it is injured, you can’t deal with it.”

“Heh.” Jiang Chen chuckled lightly and said: “It’s one thing whether I can deal with him. Now the key is…when will he come out?”

Rules, people in the bronze house, others can’t do it to him!

Nowadays, Jiang Chen can only make a move when he walks out of the bronze house by himself on Turnaround Road!

“You scold him a few times, and he came out.” The monkey smiled, scratched his head, and said, “Okay, I’ll call it out for you.”

After all, the monkey cleared his throat while leaning on a stone stick in one hand, and then opened his mouth to curse, and also reported his identity!

Zhou Tian Cave Mansion and the ancient god monkey clan already have enemies. At this moment, hearing the sound of the monkey’s curse, how can I resist it?

Immediately, the door of the bronze house was opened, and a boy wearing an azure daoist robe walked out of the bronze house.

I saw his expression gloomy, with killing intent in his eyes, staring at the monkey stubbornly!

However, before he could speak or wait for him to take action, Jiang Chen directly used the power of the lantern-bearer, like a dark shadow, and rushed to the front of Zhou Huan Dao in an instant!

However, the Turnaround Road reacted very quickly, and seeing a black shadow rushing forward, the silhouette moved towards the side quickly moved out.

At the same time, with both hands forming seals, a piece of Profound Light is like a sword, and moved towards Jiang Chen rushed!

“en!? The reaction is very fast, it seems that there is no less fighting in normal.” Jiang Chen lightly said, his hands were punched, and the punches struck out!



Under a few bursts, I saw the sky full of Profound Light shattered by fists, and Jiang Chen stepped out , Rushed to Zhou Huan Dao again.

“Who!?” Zhou Zhuan shouted angrily, his eyes opened and closed, and a beam of light full of fragments of the road burst out of his eyes!

Jiang Chen is fearless, with a big wave of his hand, a dragon shadow appears behind him!


Along with a dragon roar, Long Ying directly drowned that light glow!

But, in an instant, the rays of light soared, and it shattered Jiang Chen’s dragon shadow!


At this moment, Jiang Chen was shocked, his left hand condensed fist prints, dragon shadow appeared, right hand condensed palm prints, tiger shadow formed!

The palm of the fist was shot, the shadow of Dragon-Tiger came out, the roaring sound was accompanied by the surging divine force, and the strikes were on top of that light glow!



However, the rays of light shrouded in avenue fragments are so powerful that they once again shattered Jiang Chen’s fist Palm print!

At the same time, this light glow trend is not diminishing, and it is approaching Jiang Chen’s face!

“Hey, you can’t beat him. How about I help you? As long as you give me a hundred rare treasures.” The monkey shouted from the side, rubbing the stone stick in his hand, The vice be eager to have a try.

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