I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1176

Monkeys are very excited to watch. This is related to the nature of their race. They are very aggressive!

However, Jiang Chen ignored him. Although he is only a main god now, his battle strength is extremely tough!

Today, he wants to try, with his current cultivation base, with all his strength, can he compete with a god!

“Today, I am in Great Thousand Worlds, the battle of fame!” Jiang Chen’s eyes condensed, Dragon-Tiger illusory clothes shadow possessed, like a battle on his body, The bright divine light rises into the sky!

Every inch of his skin is radiating brilliance, and in every pore, there is like a god sitting cross-legged, singing ancient scriptures!

This posture looks terrifying, one person is walking, like a million creatures accompanied by it!

This time, I saw Jiang Chen throws a punch, his fists were mighty, like a river of heaven running through, shattering the rays of light that were full of avenue locks!

Immediately, Jiang Chen stepped forward, like a king coming, with his hands dancing, the rose blossoms, accompanied by fist strikes!

“en? Lower main god?” Zhou Zhuandao was taken aback for a moment, he couldn’t understand why a lower main god had such battle strength.

You have to know that although he has stayed in the Low God for a long time, it is because of this that makes its foundation become very deep, Dao Foundation is unbreakable, and battle strength is far beyond ordinary people can contend!

Especially the rays of light that were full of avenue fragments hit before. That is Zhou Tian Cave Mansion’s Dao skill, divine sense cut!

Even the same realm cultivator, few people have the ability to shake this divine sense, let alone crush it with fleshy body!

“No matter who you are, if you dare to do it today, I will dare to kill you! This place is purgatory, and there are no unexpected things!” Zhou Zhuan said, his eyes opened and closed again, a wisp of Divine Sense slash out!

And this time, Jiang Chen’s chest rose flowers blooming, seeming to illuminate the past, present, and the future. This side world is shrouded by the rays of light of rose flowers!

The petals are shining brightly, seemingly soft, but in fact they carry endless rigidity!

The tiger shadow roars, as if it is going to materialize. Under the fusion with the rose flower, the cold-murderous qi suddenly soars!

Perhaps, as the world says, there is a tiger in the heart, sniff the rose!



Under a burst of noise, I saw the petals of the blossoming rose falling down, turning into a big river of petals, cutting with divine sense The transformed rays of light collided together!

After that, the two were annihilated!

At the same time, Jiang Chen rushed forward, extremely fast, like a phantom, rushing to the front of the Zhou Huan Dao!

Without any fancy movements, hands up, fists down, and strikes directly on the body of Zhou Huan Dao!



In an instant, the expression of Turnaround Road condenses, and blood is shocked out of the mouth!

He took a few steps back, a fierce glow appeared in his eyes, and a hint of surprise.

“I rely on!? Is this still the lower god?! This battle strength is comparable to a god!”

“Too strong! Enchanting!”

all around, the exclamation sounded one after another, even the monkeys were stunned.

He has seen many sturdy cultivators, but he has never seen one as sturdy as Jiang Chen!

Even, the monkey was a little confused. With battle strength like Jiang Chen, when someone was blocked in the bronze house before, it was completely unnecessary to arrange Formation. With this strong strength, he could sweep those people!

“Could it be that…he had been pretending to be weak before?” the monkey murmured.

At this moment, Zhou Huadao was full of fierce eyes, and with a wave of his hand, an azure long knife appeared in his hand!

“Here! His Dao Soul, Azure Dragon’s front!”

“This is more than his Dao Soul. It is said that he once obtained a secret technique to make Dao Soul Soul refining has turned into a thing of proof! Now the power of this Azure Dragon is far beyond the previous one!”


Many people exclaimed However, even the strength of the turnover road, half of it comes from this Azure Dragon!

Jiang Chen didn’t dare to be careless when he saw this. He thought that summon would come out of the imperial vine and undying bird, but these two guys were still in Nirvana, and there was no movement.

“It’s time to try it!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen didn’t hesitate, stretched out his hand and held it horizontally, and whispered in his mouth: “Greek!”




As soon as the voice fell, a greedy ghost appeared in Jiang Chen’s hands, and a brutal Slaughter Qi broke out!


“His Dao Soul… is actually a geek!?”


The exclamation sounded again, and some people wondered why Jiang Chen, who possessed a greedy ghost, was not swallowed! ?

They don’t know that the greedy ghost at this moment is actually the result of the fusion of the Nine Heavens and the greedy ghost, and it is also the thing of Jiang Chen’s proof!

“World’s First Slaughtering Dao, against the Azure Dragon, who is known as no stronghold one cannot overcome…Today’s battle is worth seeing.”

“Hey, If it is the same as the cultivation base, this battle is quite anticipated, but it is a pity that the gap between the two in the cultivation base is too large, and Jiang Chen is destined to lose in this battle.”


When everyone was discussing, they saw Jiang Chen holding a greedy ghost and slashed it out!

At the same time, the Azure Dragon front in the hands of Zhou Zhuan Dao counterattacked from bottom to top, colliding with the greedy ghost!




After several bursts of noise, everyone saw Zhou Zhuan Dao holding Azure Dragon Feng’s hand trembled slightly!

And Jiang Chen, was shaken back!

“What!? It’s just a step back!?”

“The hands of the Turnaround Road… trembled!”


At this moment, Jiang Chen ignored the sound of all around. He once again mentioned the greedy ghost, and within the body divine force broke out. Under the slash, a blood-stained evil spirit appeared!

With the sky full of sharpness, the bloody meaning blends with Slaughter Qi, with a single knife, this a side world is dim!

However, the turnover path is also very strong. He did not evade at all. The Azure Dragon swept out, vaguely seeing an Azure Dragon bursting out of the blade!



At this moment, a shocking explosion came out, many people covered their ears, and even closed their eyes .

Because the two collide, the rays of light and sound are too loud!



In a flash, everyone heard someone coughing up blood!

When they opened their eyes, they happened to see Jiang Chen half-kneeling on the ground, squeezing his body with a greedy ghost, with blood spurting out of his mouth!

Look at the Turnaround Road again, it stands in place. Although the hair is a little messy, it is like a rainbow in an imposing manner!

“I just said Jiang Chen couldn’t do it. The difference in the cultivation base between the two is too great.” Someone said, just about to continue speaking, but heard a very clear voice!

“What!? Broken!?”

“Azure Dragon…broken?”


This At a moment, everyone saw Zhou Zhuandao’s face gradually paled, and the Azure Dragon broke apart in his hand was inch by inch broke apart!

At the same time, the palm that originally held the Azure Dragon blade also exploded here. The broken Azure Dragon blade was left with only one handle and fell on the ground.

“The things of the Dao have been ruined. You Dao Foundation can break it. What else can you fight with me!?” Jiang Chen seemed to be struggling, but he also stood up slowly, his eyes burning , The hair is stained with blood, like a king-like murderer!

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