I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1180

In the great hall, after Hong Lingsha said this, Mu Fengnian and the emperor who shot before were all in cold sweat!

Especially the emperor, his heart is shaking!

He knew that as long as Jiang Chen nodded his head today, he would definitely die as an emperor!

Now, the only hope depends on Jiang Chen’s attitude!

“Jiang Chen Fellow Daoist, I was reckless before, and I hope Fellow Daoist will forgive me.” The emperor spoke, apologetic, and even more fearful in his eyes.

As an emperor, how powerful, watching one side, is another character at Overlord level!

But, at this moment, he has no powerhouse style!

For him, survival is king!

“Capital crimes are inevitable, but living crimes are inevitable.” Jiang Chen lightly said, looked towards the Valley Master Suzuin Valley, and asked: “What do you think?”

“Just keep me The child’s life will do!” said the master Lingyin Gu hurriedly.

When the voice fell, Jiang Chen didn’t hesitate. He connected the seal with both hands, and the cultivation base in Mu Fengnian was completely abolished!

At the same time, Jiang Chen shot out with a palm, a streak of divine light, like a sharp blade, cut off Mu Fengnian’s limbs!

“Deal with a man as he deals with you, the owner of the valley has no opinion?” Jiang Chen asked.

Before, Mu Fengnian sealed Pingba’s cultivation base and cut off his feet. Now, Jiang Chen abolished Mu Fengnian’s cultivation base and cut off his limbs, which can be regarded as an explanation for Pingba.

Pingba was very excited and clenched his fists. He knew that Jiang Chen did this for him!

And Pingba knew very well in his heart that if Jiang Chen hadn’t stood up for him, it would be difficult for him to take revenge in this life!

After all, the six realms have been destroyed, and he is the only one of the Pingtian clan. If he wants revenge, his cultivation base must at least step into the extraordinary.

Before the cultivation base reached Transcender, Heihachi wanted to take revenge with his own power, which was almost impossible.

“As for you…Cultivation to the emperor is not easy, before you do anything in the future, just think about it, and that’s it for today.” Jiang Chen looked towards the emperor, which can be regarded as leaving the last for Suzuin Valley A trace of face.

Although the lord of Lingyin Valley feels distressed that his son has been abolished and his limbs amputated, Lingyin Valley is also a Peak force, so naturally there is a way to help Mu Fengnian recover his cultivation base.

But this is too costly!

“Valley, we are going to recount the old times with Little Junior Brother, so let’s go down first.” Luo Shu said, there are some things that can’t be said in front of them.

After all, their current identities have not been exposed yet, and they have always regarded themselves as beings of Great Thousand Worlds.

“Well, you guys have a chat.” Lingyingu master nodded hurriedly, and hurriedly left with Mu Fengnian who had passed out.

At this moment, in this great hall, only Jiang Chen is left.

Of course, there is also an “outsider” Jiang Zixiu.

“Are you the dísciple of the Jiang family?” the ancestor of Heavenspan Church looked at Jiang Zixiu and asked.

“Return to Senior, it is.” Jiang Zixiu nodded and said.

“Then it’s okay, you can stay, if you hear something, it’s okay,” the ancestor of Heavenspan Church said.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s group of people’s expression became quite strange.

After all, the Jiang family belonged to Great Thousand Worlds after all.

And when they wait, what they say will naturally involve the Six Realms.

So, will Jiang Zixiu’s words cause some trouble?

The ancestors of Heavenspan Church seemed to see the doubts in everyone’s hearts, waved their hands, and said: “It’s okay, anyone in this world can betray the ancestral world, but the evil race will not.”


As soon as these words came out, Jiang Zixiu’s expression changed.

He is not a fool. Hearing the words of the ancestor of Heavenspan Church, he knew instantly that these people in front of him were not from Great Thousand Worlds, but from the ancestral world!

“This…Senior, I just pretend not to know some things.” Jiang Zixiu’s expression was a little nervous, he worried that he had heard something that shouldn’t be heard.

However, the ancestors of Heavenspan Church waved their hands and said, “Go back and ask your patriarch, and you will know what is going on. If not, what we say will not let you listen. Here.”

“patriarch?” Jiang Zixiu frowned, then nodded, and said: “Okay.”

“By the way…Didn’t you go to the ancestral world? Why are you here? “

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked towards Song Tingtao and the others with a look of confusion.

This world is so big, but sometimes it’s really small.

“A big problem has occurred in the Ancestral Realm, and we have all withdrawn.” Song Tingtao said: “Now, those who have withdrawn from the Ancestral Realm are dormant all over the Great Thousand Worlds.”

“We need to support some forces for our use. When the time comes, they rise up in one fell swoop and shake the Great Thousand Worlds!”

“This Suzuin Valley is regarded as our support The first force.”


Hearing these words, Jiang Chen was also curious about what was wrong with this ancestral world.

However, Song Tingtao and the others will not say.

Just because Jiang Chen has a feeling, his previous lives were mostly related to the ancestral world.

Those things are related to some Xinmi and taboos. Generally, Song Tingtao and the others will keep it from him.

Jiang Chen doesn’t care, anyway, he has been concealed for so long, he has long been used to it.

However, what makes Jiang Chen even more puzzled is what is the use of supporting the forces of Great Thousand Worlds?

When the time comes, the identity of Song Tingtao and the others is exposed, and the forces they support are willing to be loyal to the ancestral world?

This is obviously difficult!

Seeing the doubts in Jiang Chen’s mind, Luo Shu explained: “We are just using the name of Lingyin Valley to develop that’s all secretly. When the time is right, do you think this Lingyin Valley is still before? The Lingyin Valley?”

“Understood.” Jiang Chen is relieved. It seems that when the time is right, a group of high-level people in Lingyin Valley, and even the valley owner, will have to change!

“Only when the Great Thousand Worlds is in chaos and the Great Influences go to war, can the ancestral world catch a breath and hope to recover.” Song Tingtao said: “The Southern Star Domain has been in chaos. Now this Eastern Star Domain , It should be messed up.”

“Speaking of Southern Star Domain…is it messed up because of long songs?” Jiang Chen asked.

“This is nature.” Nodded and said, the ancestors of Heavenspan Church took a meaningful look at Jiang Zixiu and said: “In this regard, the Jiang family has also contributed.”

When these words came out, Jiang Zixiu looked dazed, even unable to believe it.

The Jiang family will help people in the ancestral world! ?

This… isn’t it?

Although the Jiang clan is an evil clan, they are also the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds. Even if they don’t deal with the people in the ancestral world, they won’t help the ancestral world, right?

“There is something, just go back and ask your elders.” The ancestors of Heavenspan Church said.

After speaking, he looked towards Jiang Chen, frowned again, and asked: “Have you…have never remembered anything?”

“Except for the previous life, other The memory of a few lifetimes is basically empty.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile: “This is really weird, why can I remember the previous life but not the earlier ones?”

“Maybe …There is something wrong with your previous life…” The ancestors of Heavenspan Church stared at Jiang Chen, and then there was a Strands of Divine Sense moved towards Jiang Chen in the depth of one’s soul!

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