I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1181

The ancestors of Heavenspan Church are the dísciple of Daoist Heavenspan, also known as Demon Sovereign.

Jiang Chen will not have any suspicions about him. At this moment, let the other party’s divine sense enter his Soul World.

“en? Three Dao Souls…Primal Chaos Qi…”

After a few breaths, the ancestor’s expression condensed, and a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Dao Soul is rare at first, but Jiang Chen has three at once!

And, among the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi, one of them turned into the second soul of Jiang Chen!

This kind of thing, even if this ancestor has lived for several times, has never seen it!

However, he did not come to Jiang Chen’s Soul World to see these things.

He is looking for the truth!



However, after a few more breaths, a roar erupted from Jiang Chen’s Soul World!

After that, the expression of this ancestor changed drastically, and the Strands of Divine Sense was shattered by the lantern bearer!

You know, this is a Strands of Divine Sense of Transcender, how can it be easily shattered! ?

“Perhaps…” The ancestor opened his mouth, but in the end he still didn’t say a word.

After a few breaths, he looked towards Jiang Chen and asked: “Dao Soul of your previous life was also Myriad Transformations Tianzhan?”

“Yes, the previous life All of his memories are there, it is indeed the Myriad Transformations Celestial Lamp, but the Myriad Transformations Celestial Lamp of the previous life has not been lit.” Jiang Chen said truthfully.

This ancestor, hearing this, waved his hand and motioned to Jiang Chen to stop talking.

A glint flashed in his eyes, as if clearly understood where Jiang Chen’s problem was.

However, he seemed to have some scruples and did not tell the truth.

“Your memory is always there.”

Finally, the ancestors said such a sentence and then walked out of the great hall.

Everyone looked at his back, all a little confused.

Why did you leave after half talking?

Don’t… Don’t you want them to see his face at the moment?

Jiang Chen felt hesitating, and realized it at this moment. Perhaps the key to the problem lies in the Myriad Transformations Celestial!

At this moment, Jiang Chen would like to ask people who have met him in previous lifetimes, and ask them whether his other lifetimes also possessed Dao Soul and whether they also possessed Myriad Transformations Celestial Light!

“Little Junior Brother, don’t worry, you will know when you know it.” Luo Shu comforted: “Now, you should think about what is in front of you.”

” Senior Brother, what are you going to do next? Are you planning to stay in Lingyin Valley?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I will use the hands of Lingyin Valley to recruit some cultivators and establish a power belonging to the ancestral world.” First Senior Brother Heavenspan said: “There is no special situation, we shouldn’t be leaving Here.”

“Then…I will stay with you.” Jiang Chen said.

After all, everyone is from the Six Realms, and Jiang Chen this life has also come to Heavenspan Church.

Being able to be with the senior brother and senior sister, we can also take care of each other.

However, everyone unanimously refused!

“You… or go back wherever you came.” Daxiong’s expression is extremely weird, and said: “You are too troublesome. Staying here may cause some serious trouble.”


“I think…you didn’t cause trouble in God World…”

“That…Little Junior Brother, this is not for you.”

… …

Listening to the words of a group of senior brothers and senior sisters, Jiang Chen was shocked, his face turned black, and said weakly: “I’m very good…”

However No one believes this, even Jiang Chen himself!

Be aware of what Jiang Chen has done since he came to Great Thousand Worlds!

I won’t say anything about the pack dragon world, it’s just a little thing.

But what was a trivial thing about what Jiang Chen did in Heavenspan Garden and Zhoufu? !

Even, not long ago, I went to the land of purgatory and suppressed a turnaround to come back…

“Then…I left Heihachi here, but Good?” Jiang Chen asked.

“No, Pingpachi’s identity has long been exposed. If he stays, I’m afraid I won’t be able to hide my identity for long.” Song Tingtao directly refused, saying: “It’s better to let him be with you. “

“I…can’t take care of him.” Jiang Chen whispered.

As soon as these words came out, Pingba’s face was dark, staring at Jiang Chen, and asked: “What is your cultivation base?”

“Uh…that…I said On the contrary, you can’t take care of me anymore.” Jiang Chen reacted, and now Pingpachi has restored his cultivation base!

“Don’t talk about it, it’s rare to reunite, today a few have a drink together, and I will send you away after drinking.” Song Tingtao said.

When the voice fell, Song Tingtao waved his hand, and took out a lot of rare treasures, as well as fine wines.

After that, a group of people directly sat down in the great hall and started drinking and eating…

And on this day, Jiang Chen was drunk.

When he woke up, he found that he had been thrown in front of the gate of Heavenspan Garden. Heihachi was lying flat on the side, still full of alcohol.

“I’ll take a rub? I’m afraid that I won’t come back, and deliberately put me drunk and threw me back!?” Jiang Chen was taken aback for a while, slandering the Heavenspan Church entire group. !

What the hell is this! ? Do you treat your Little Junior Brother like that? !

“Oh…you two finally woke up. I thought you had passed out!”

At this moment, Jiang Zixiu and Crown Prince came from Heavenspan Garden Came out.

Jiang Chen has been in a coma for one day. If Jiang Zixiu and Crown Prince hadn’t been watching, maybe Jiang Chen and Heping eight had been slaughtered!

“The group of people are too pitted!” Jiang Chen said angrily, pushing Pingba a few times, and after waking him up, several people entered the Heavenspan Court.

“Heavenspan Court can bring relatives in, right? Pingba, you will go to the relatives area of ​​Heavenspan Court when you wait and live with a Small Fox.” Jiang Chen said.

Pingpah has no problem. Now he is also homeless in Great Thousand Worlds. Just give him a place to live.

However, when Jiang Chen brought Pingba to the kinship area and saw Ling Huanyin, a Nine-tailed Fox, Pingba’s face condensed and said, “This…may affect my cultivation. .”

“What’s wrong? Are you not enough concentration?” Jiang Chen teased: “Nine-Tailed Fox Race are all like this. They are naturally charming and just exercise your concentration!”

“I…I am a person with a family.” Heihachi said solemnly.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen was taken aback for a while, and immediately puchi laughed out!

The so-called family of Pingba, isn’t it just married to Luoshen!

Jiang Chen really didn’t expect. Now Pingpachi still doesn’t know that Luoshen is a man!

“Um…Pingpah, I have to tell you something.” Jiang Chen coughed a few times, forced himself to laugh, and said: “Luo Shen… is actually a man It’s.”


Pingba hearing this, immediately froze in place.

He stared at Jiang Chen blankly, thinking that Jiang Chen was cracking a joke…

But looking at Jiang Chen’s serious expression…

“Should I give you a rub?”

At this moment, he was always calm and calm, and couldn’t help but explode!

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