I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1182

Among cultivators, the most important thing is cultivation.

Although Pingpachi and Luoshen were married, they were both busy with cultivation before, and they had never been in the bridal chamber.

even more how When the Great Tribulation of the Six Realms came, no one had the intention to do that.

Now, after hearing this, Pingpachi has been silent for a long time in the same place, and finally sighed, said with a bitter smile: “That’s all, it’s a joke.”

“Um…I also know that you are the only one of the Pingtian clan.” Jiang Chen lightly said, the expression was very serious, and he patted his chest to promise: “Don’t worry, I will let Pingtian The family is prospering! The Pingtian family’s breeding of offspring, give it to me!”

“Eh…” Pingba was taken aback for a moment. Jiang Chen is going to arrange the marriage for him?

However, although cultivators are mainly cultivation, the situation of Pingpachi is somewhat special.

He must reinvigorate the peace!

Although the Pingtian clan was destroyed, he is still alive!

As long as you “work hard”, it is not impossible to build a family of peace!

“This matter… also depends on fate.” Heihachi’s expression is weird. He just got rid of it, and started to care about his “lifelong major event” again?

“Small Fox, take good care of him. If you take good care of him, I will not treat you badly.” Jiang Chen looked towards Ling Huanyin, his eyes drooping slightly, and said: “Have you heard clearly? “

Ling Huanyin hearing this, pretty face blushed, seems to have misunderstood Jiang Chen’s meaning, and said in a very small voice: “I…not sell myself…”

” ……”



As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen and the others immediately became a little messy.

What is this Small Fox thinking about! ?

“It’s alright, he will live here in the future. You can do some miscellaneous things for him.” Jiang Chen said.

What Ling Huanyin dares to say, even shaking his head!

She also heard about Jiang Chen during this period of time, and now gives her ten courage, not dare to impudent in front of Jiang Chen!

She feels very uncomfortable and feels wronged in her heart. She thought that when she hadn’t met Jiang Chen, she was a mentor in Longteng Academy, so happy and happy……

Results After meeting Jiang Chen, everything changed.

“Let’s go.” Crown Prince said to the side, “Elder in the inner courtyard is still waiting for us.”

As soon as this word came out, Jiang Chen blinked his eyes. , Wondering: “Elder in the inner courtyard? What are you doing?”

“What else can you do, let you enter the inner courtyard.” Jiang Zixiu said angrily: “Those things you did, the whole Heavenspan Garden has been spread!”

“Many Elders in the inner yard have discussed it. With your strength, it’s not suitable to stay in the outer yard. Now let us go with you and handle the procedures for entering the inner yard. Procedure.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, immediately shook his head.

He knows that the competition in Heavenspan Court is very cruel and fierce, especially the inner court, which is simply a small purgatory!

Jiang Chen stayed in the outer courtyard well, so comfortable, I definitely don’t want to go to the inner courtyard!

Although Jiang Chen’s real battle strength is a mess, but let’s have a good day, what to do in the inner courtyard! ?

“The Great Elder personally ordered the inner courtyard, you either go to the inner courtyard or leave Heavenspan Court.” Crown Prince said.

“Uh… just leave.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “Before there was nowhere to go, now I have a place!”

Don’t talk about other things, Jiang Chen now If you leave Heavenspan Garden, you can still go to Zhou Mansion, and even Taixu and Jiang clan!

No matter how bad, if you pretend to be pitiful, you can return to Song Tingtao and the others.

As for the Heavenspan Garden, it doesn’t matter if Jiang Chen stays.

“Heavenspan Court’s inner courtyard is the real Heavenspan Court!” Crown Prince explained: “Although the competition is fierce, there are also many opportunities, especially the dojo left by the man, which is fantastic. Infinite, only those who have been in know how special it is.”

“That person? You mean…that person who is suspected to be a fairy?” Jiang Chen immediately got excited.

As everyone knows, the highest cultivation base in the world is Transcender.

And the strongest person in Transcender is the so-called invincible!

However, there is a legend that a peerless powerhouse once appeared in Great Thousand Worlds, which seems to have surpassed the realm of Transcender and reached a legendary realm!

And that realm is called “immortal” by later generations.

It’s just that, it’s all legends. The man disappeared after the breakthrough. No one knows where he went.

More rumors are that the person failed to take the last step and failed to hold on during the last breakthrough, leading to the soul flew away and scattered, which disappeared.

However, one thing is undeniable, that person is extremely strong!

Some people are even speculating that if that person confronts the invincible of the Ancestral Realm, between the two, it is not necessarily who wins and who wins!

“The road to cultivation is long and endless. Someone cultivated to bottleneck, no matter how hard it is, it does not mean that the path of cultivation has come to an end, but the personal path has come to an end.”

“If you want to go further, you need to explore, and the dojo that the person left behind, the rules and order inside, can allow people to continue to breakthrough.”

Jiang Zi Xiu explained: “Even if you don’t encounter bottleneck, you can quickly break through cultivation in the dojo, and the cultivation speed is not as fast as you can imagine!”

“The most important thing is that inside the dojo There is a stone book that no one has been able to open since ancient times. Some people say that the stone book may be that person’s Legacy Cultivation Art. Others believe that…the stone book contains things about immortals!” Crown Prince said: “No matter what, it’s worthwhile to enter the inner courtyard and go to the dojo.”

Jiang Chen was said by these two people that it was really heartwarming.

However, Jiang Chen also knows very well that the cost of entering the inner courtyard is very high!

Once you enter the inner courtyard, you have to face the entire Eastern Star Domain, and even other Star Domain’s peak arrogance!

And the battle strength of those Tianjiao groups can’t really be measured by ordinary people’s eyes!

As Tianjiao, it is natural to compare each other, and it is always a battle of life and death!

“With my current cultivation base, I entered the inner courtyard… I am afraid it will be low-key again.” Jiang Chen sighed.

Jiang Chen defeated Zhou Huan Dao before, so he thought he would no longer be low-key.

But now… he feels he has to keep a low profile!

Of course, Jiang Chen may have no idea about the word low-key…

“Go ahead, go to the inner courtyard. When the time comes, I will keep a low profile. Just do it, no matter what, you two when the time comes help me.” Jiang Chen said.

As soon as these words came out, the old faces of Crown Prince and Jiang Zixiu blushed slightly.

Just your battle strength, still need us to help you? !

Big brother, entered the inner courtyard, both of us evil races are powerless to defend himself!

“That… as long as you keep a low profile, don’t cause trouble after we go in.” Jiang Zixiu said resolutely.

“Yes, our three cultivation bases say whether they are high or not, and whether they are strong or not, they must be low-key after entering the inner courtyard.” Crown Prince nodded and said.

Jiang Chen is also nodded on the side, but these three guys are together… I’m afraid the meaning of the word low-key will be distorted…

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