I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1184

Those who can enter Heavenspan Garden are all talents, but it doesn’t mean they are rich!

Under normal circumstances, it takes only one day to trade the cultivation room, and it is rare to buy it directly for three days like Jiang Chen!

You know, three days means three hundred source crystals!

The dísciple in the inner courtyard of Heavenspan Court, although he has some money on his body, it only costs thousands of source crystals. Normally, how willing to spend it!

“Boy…you…very rich.” There was a green light in someone’s eyes, and they made no secret of their greed.

“Nothing else, just rich.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, then looked towards the Monster Race boy and asked: “Can I go in now?”

“Yes, I will guard you outside for three days.” The Monster Race teenager was nodded, but when he looked towards Jiang Chen, there was already a hint of unknown in his eyes.

At this moment, watching Jiang Chen switch to a cultivation room so easily, Crown Prince and Jiang Zixiu are not far behind.

After that, these two people opened their mouths one after another and used 300 source crystals to change to the cultivation room.

At this moment, the eyes of everyone standing in the hall are glaring!

“These three guys are very rich!”

“The two just now, one is Crown Prince from the Taixu clan, and the other is Jiangzi from the Jiang clan Xiu, not to be trifled with.”

“The Human Race boy who went in first…I can do it.”


At this moment, almost everyone has this idea in their hearts!

Of course, they have stayed in the inner courtyard for cultivation, and now they don’t know what major event happened outside.

If they knew, I am afraid they would not dare to have any thoughts about Jiang Chen.

However, this is not absolute!

After all, Heavenspan Court has its own rules. No matter how high your status is, you are dead if you die in Heavenspan Court. No complaint!

“Get out of here! This person is my prey!”

After ten breaths, a flash of the Monster Race boy guarding the door of Jiang Chen cultivation room flashed in his eyes Fierce.

He saw that many people moved towards here, which was obviously going to grab Jiang Chen!

“Qing Zhan, we give you face, and we won’t grab the cultivation room in these three days, but if he comes out of the cultivation room after three days, don’t blame us when the time comes! “

“He doesn’t understand the truth that money is not exposed, but don’t you understand? Since you have exposed money, you should have the consciousness of being robbed!”



A lot of people came all around, and the cultivation base was in Divinity King Realm.

But the imposing manner they exude is extremely strong, especially a few. The imposing manner of the Divine King cultivation base is comparable to the gods!

And this boy named Qingzhan Monster Race after hearing this, the complexion is gloomy came down and said, “Even if he comes out, it will be my prey!”

“Qingzhan, It’s not good to eat alone. There are so many people here.” Someone said, “not equal to me. We rob him together. When the time comes, we can split equally, so as not to hurt the peace.”

“Yes, This kid is very rich at first glance, with a lot of treasures on him, so it’s fine if we can’t separate together.” Someone agreed.

However, Qing Zhan’s attitude is very tough, and the killing intent emerged in his eyes, and said: “I said it for the last time, get out!”

“You! Qing Zhan! Eat alone, not afraid to choke you !”

“hmph! Qing Zhan, let’s take a look!”


These people all around seem to be very jealous of Qing Zhan, one After a few curses, they didn’t grab them, and they retreated to the distance.

As for Qing Zhan, he is guarding at the door of Jiang Chen’s cultivation room, waiting for him to come out quietly.

As long as Jiang Chen comes out, then he will take action and grab Jiang Chen!

However, on the 3rd day, when Jiang Chen was about to come out, he heard Jiang Chen’s voice in the cultivation room: “Continue for three days.”

After saying this , Everyone saw that three hundred rare treasures of top-grade natural materials were thrown directly out of the cultivation room, like a hill, falling in front of Qing Zhan.

Qing Zhan was taken aback when he saw this, frowned, and said: “No more, I want to use it myself!”

After all, Qing Zhan rared these natural materials again. Promoted in the cultivation room.

Be aware that there are also rules in this cultivation room. Once Qing Zhan receives these rare treasures, it is tantamount to renewing the lease.

When the time comes, Jiang Chen doesn’t have to come out, and Qing Zhan has to guard for three days!

For Qing Zhan, it is not worth it!

After all, as long as Jiang Chen is robbed, everything about Jiang Chen belongs to him!

Now, Qingzhan can look down upon these 300 rare treasures!

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen pushed open the door of the cultivation room with a look of confusion, looked towards Qing Zhan at the door, and asked: “Why not continue? Is the price given not in place?”


“I want to use it myself. You can come out of the cultivation room first.” Qing Zhan said.

“Four hundred rare treasures of top-grade natural materials, continue for three days, how about?” Jiang Chen asked.

Jiang Chen breakthrough has been a long time since the master god, and after the past few days cultivation, he is about to break through!

Now letting him out, wouldn’t it interrupt his cultivation process?

“This…no! I want to use it myself!” Qing Zhan said solemnly: “Get out!”

“Five hundred pieces.” Jiang Chen increased the price.


At this moment, Qing Zhan was indeed moved.

After all, he only needs to stay outside the cultivation room for three days to get 500 pieces of rare treasure!

However, he can also see that since Jiang Chen can afford this price, he must have more rare treasure!

Thinking about it, Qing Zhan directly shook his head and said: “You come out.”

“Six hundred.” Jiang Chen increased the price again.

At this moment, Qing Zhan hesitated!

He is heartened again!

However, without waiting for him to speak, a voice came from a cultivation room opposite, saying, “It’s okay if he doesn’t renew the lease, you come to me for six hundred and three days!”

“Oh? That’s okay.” Jiang Chen didn’t hesitate, anyway, these things are useless on the body, and it’s best to spend them.

However, at the moment he stepped out of the cultivation room, he saw Qing Zhan directly violently, with a palm like a grinding disc, moving towards Jiang Chen suppressed and left!

“Hmm!?” Jiang Chen expression condensed, he was already on his guard, and his footsteps moved horizontally to avoid Qing Zhan’s attack.

After that, he stared at Qing Zhan, coldly said: “What? I fell in love with my baby. If I don’t renew the lease, I want to steal it all?”

” Don’t you know if the wealth is not exposed?” Qing Zhan coldly said: “a trifling, you should give up resisting, otherwise…don’t blame me, don’t show mercy!”

“Qing Zhan, I Now that the deal with him has been completed, he is regarded as my customer. Do you still want to deal with my customer?”

At this moment, the door of the cultivation room opposite was opened, and then a long one grew. Dragon horn, a red-haired boy came out.

When he walked, an extremely terrifying imposing manner permeated. Although there is only the cultivation base of the High God King, the imposing manner is comparable to the High God!

“Fire Qilin, Yan Li!”

“tsk tsk tsk…… Yan Li is a ruthless man in the inner courtyard, Qing Zhan is going to be in trouble now……”


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