I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1185

The inner courtyard also has some rules, especially in the cultivation room. Once the two parties have reached a deal, both parties are responsible for fulfilling their obligations.

Just as before, Jiang Chen and Qing Zhan reached a deal, then Qing Zhan will guard Jiang Chen for three days.

During this period, if someone wants to grab Jiang Chen’s cultivation room, Qing Zhan must unconditionally help Jiang Chen to block it!

As for whether it can be blocked, that is another matter.

Now, Fire Qilin Yanqi has reached a deal with Jiang Chen, so Yanqi has the obligation to guard Jiang Chen.

Yan Yu is a fierce reputation in the inner courtyard. As Fire Qilin, he is not only excellent in innate talent aptitude, but also extremely powerful in battle strength!

Even Qing Zhan, there is a sense of fear in his eyes at this moment!

He stared at Yan Lie, his expression was not good, and he knew that Yan Lie was powerful.

But, looking at the duck is it possible that let him fly away?

“Yan Li, are you trying to fight me!?” Qing Zhan coldly said: “Even if I don’t snatch him today, someone will snatch him in the future! Didn’t you see that? There are so many treasures in people, it will inevitably attract people who are fighting for it!”

“So what?” Yan Yan shrugged indifferently and said: “Since I have reached a deal with him, then the past few days During the time, he will be guarded by me.”

After that, Yan Li seemed to be provoking Qing Zhan and walked to Jiang Chen’s side, said with a smile: “You can enter the cultivation room, there is I’m guarding, I see who dares to come!”

“You!” A trace of anger flashed in Qing Zhan’s eyes, staring at Yan Li, but in the end he didn’t make a move.

“I want to see, how long can you keep him!” Qing Zhan coldly said.

As soon as these words came out, Yan Yan smiled and said: “As long as he has enough money, I can protect him from bankruptcy.”

“Oh? There is such a thing. What?” Jiang Chen was stunned, and then asked: “How much does it cost to protect for a day?”

“Um…are you serious?” Yan Yan didn’t seem to expect Jiang Chen to ask. , After thinking for a while, he said: “One hundred source crystals a day, converted into the rare treasure of the finest natural materials, that is, one hundred rare treasures of natural materials will guard you for a day.”

“Oh… What if someone who comes to trouble me is better than you?” Jiang Chen asked.

“If you can’t protect it, I won’t collect money.” Yan Li said.

hong long!


The voice fell, and everyone only heard a roar.

After that, a small hill fell in front of Yan Li.

At this moment, everyone looked in a trance, and their eyes were full of enthusiasm!

Because, this hill is actually a rare treasure, and there are more than a thousand pieces, and they are all top-level!

“You can count it yourself, there should be more than a thousand pieces. You can protect me for ten days.” Jiang Chen said.

“This…I like to deal with generous people.” Yan Yan laughed, almost falling from ear to ear happily.

In recent days, he has just arrived at bottleneck, it is difficult to break through in a short time, so he planned to go out and walked, and happened to meet Jiang Chen, which also happened to trade the cultivation room.

But he never thought that under this blunder, he would meet a big local tyrant!

“Everyone, his rare treasure, I accept it.”

At this moment, the smile on Yan Li’s face disappeared, followed by the expression grave, facing him very seriously The people all around said: “Counting the three days of the cultivation room, plus the ten days of rare treasure of these talents, if anyone dares to do something against him during these 13 days, it is an enemy to me. !”

“Yan Li! Although I am afraid of you, but you have to know that you are not invincible in this inner courtyard!”

“Keep him!? You can defend Live!? His money is exposed, and some people are jealous of him!”


All around, many people spoke, feeling angry, but also jealous.

Yan Lihearing this, snorted, said: “I am indeed not invincible in the inner courtyard, but there are invincible people!”

As soon as these words came out, Qing Zhan The expression is gloomy.

They know what Yan Yan means!

For a while, no one said more, but when looking towards the cultivation room where Jiang Chen was located, the greed in each eye was not concealed.

“Yeah, it’s not Yan Yan, long time no see.”

At this moment, Crown Prince walked out of the cultivation room, just in time to see Yan Yan.

Yan Yan also froze for a moment, looked up and down Crown Prince, and asked: “When did you enter the inner courtyard?”

“Three days ago.” Crown Prince said .

At this moment, Jiang Zixiu also walked out of the cultivation room, ugly complexion, said: “Can you pipe down!? It’s so noisy, how can I cultivation!?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Zixiu was also taken aback, because he also saw Yan Yan.

After that, Jiang Zixiu walked up to Yan Rong with a smile on his face, patted the other’s shoulder, and asked: “Where is your brother? How is it?”

“Uh… Very good.” Yan Yan blinked his eyes, and there was a layer of goose bumps on the place where Jiang Zixiu’s palm had been patted!

Especially looking at Jiang Zixiu’s smile, Yan Li’s heart panicked, always feeling that the other party wanted to eat him!

“What’s your expression? With your battle strength, you shouldn’t be afraid of me, right?” Jiang Zixiu’s face turned dark, staring at Yan Li, and said: “What? I haven’t discussed each other for a long time, or we two Go out to play?”

“No, I will stay here for thirteen days to guard a new kid.” Yan Li said.

Jiang Zixiu and Crown Prince hearing this, they glanced at each other, and then Jiang Chen’s eyes fell on the cultivation room where Jiang Chen was before.

From this look, the two of them immediately understood…

“The person you want to guard…did he walk out of this cultivation room?” Crown Prince Asked.

“Yes, I am very generous. I bought my cultivation room for three days and gave me a lot of rare treasures, so that I can guard him for ten days.” Yan Li said truthfully.

Speaking, Yan Yan also chuckled lightly, and said: “Thanks for me to leave the customs in time, otherwise the treasure on that kid will be snatched away by Qing Zhan.”


“What’s the matter?”


Crown Prince and Jiang Zixiu seem a little messy, secretly thought Jiang Chen now Is it so low-key? !

If someone wants to rob you, you don’t do anything, and you pay for a bodyguard?

This is… really low-key!

“The…the person you want to guard, maybe…you are not as good as him.” Jiang Zixiu said strangely.

Yan Yan was hearing this, his face turned dark, as if a little resentful, and said: “He is only a subordinate god, do you think I am inferior to him? What a joke!”

“This… …You may be really inferior to him.” Crown Prince said with a bitter smile: “Forget it, you’ll know after a while.”

Then, after the two chatted with Yan Yan for a while, He spent some more source crystals, renewed the fee, and returned to the cultivation room again.

At the same time, in the sky above the cultivation room of the inner courtyard, wisps of black fog appeared at some point. Upon closer inspection, it looked like a bunch of broken clouds, but pitch-black as ink , At this moment is slowly condensing.

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