I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1186

The calm in the cultivation room was restored, but everyone’s hearts were difficult to calm down.

Especially Yan Li, after hearing what Crown Prince and Jiang Zixiu had said, his heart never calmed down!

He is the God King Realm, and his battle strength is comparable to a normal god, and Jiang Chen is just the main god. There is a big gap between the two cultivation bases. No matter how enchanting Jiang Chen is, he does not believe that Jiang Chen can match How good is he.

But he also knows how Jiang Zixiu and Crown Prince are. These two people don’t like lying…

“This kid…is it possible that is really weird?” Yan Frowning, sitting cross-legged at the door of Jiang Chen’s cultivation room, thinking about it constantly in his mind.

“Not good! It’s a major event!”

“Elder personally ordered to check the cultivation room!”


Suddenly, someone hurried in, with an inner courtyard Elder behind him.

However, the Elder in the inner courtyard didn’t say much after he came in. He just said: “All the god-level dísciples will come out for me!”

Elder in the inner courtyard spoke in person. Those who were secluded cultivation did not dare to neglect, and they left.

After that, Elder in the inner courtyard took this group of God Venerable Realm’s dísciple and left here.

Outside the cultivation room great hall, I saw a group of God Venerable Realm dísciple standing together, and Elder in the inner courtyard standing in front of them with a very ugly face.

“Elder, why did you call us out?” Someone asked, and everyone looked confused.

“You still have a face to say!?” Elder complexion is gloomy in the inner courtyard, pointing to the sky above the cultivation room, and asking: “Who among you wants Transcending Tribulation!? This robbery cloud has been there forever! Cohesion!”

“Don’t you know that Transcending Tribulation is going to the dedicated Transcending Tribulation area, where Transcending Tribulation destroys the cultivation room, not to mention, it may hurt the innocent!”

Everyone was hearing this and looked at each other a few times, all in a daze.

They all know their own situation, no one at this time Transcending Tribulation at all!

“Elder, I just stepped into the God Venerable Realm. I just got through the catastrophe some time ago. Now that the cultivation base hasn’t broken through, how could it be Transcending Tribulation again? This Heavenly Tribulation is not mine.”

“It’s not mine either.”

“Elder, I have been waiting to enter the inner courtyard for a while. I know some rules of the inner courtyard, how could I be here for Transcending Tribulation.”



A group of people explained one after another.

However, Elder in this inner courtyard doesn’t believe it!

He pointed to the growing robbery cloud, said solemnly: “This kind of robbery cloud power, besides the god-level cultivator, who else can attract!?”


“Elder, if you don’t believe me, check it yourself, I’m really not yet at the time of Transcending Tribulation.”

“That’s right, Elder, as an emperor, I can lie to you. “


A group of people are very wronged, but their Heavenly Tribulation really hasn’t arrived yet!

And the Elder hearing this in the inner courtyard was also simply, a wisp of Divine Sense fell, and everyone was covered!

He is checking whether the breath of the people is related to the robbery cloud in the sky!

After more than ten breaths, the Elder expression in the inner courtyard became weird, frowned, and said: “Are all the gods dísciples here?”

“It’s all here, you All came here personally, who dare not be there.” Someone said.

As soon as these words came out, Elder’s eyes suddenly appeared in doubt.

Isn’t it the Heavenly Tribulation of the god dísciple?

But the power emanating from this robbery cloud is clearly the Divinity Venerable Level!

“Which God King Level dísciple is it?” Elder lightly said in the inner courtyard, then waved his hand and said: “Go call out all the Divine King dísciples in the cultivation room!”



Soon, these gods dísciple returned to the cultivation room. After a dozen breaths of time, the cultivation room All the Divine King dísciple shouted out.

In the face of this group of God King Level dísciple, this Elder’s attitude changed.

I saw him with a smile on his face and asked: “Who among you is going to cross the Heavenly Tribulation? Stand up, the old man will take you to the dedicated area Transcending Tribulation, and he can also help you Guardian.”

You must know that if the cloud is really attracted by the God King Level dísciple, then its innate talent aptitude and battle strength are absolutely comparable to the gods!

Divine King is comparable to a god, this kind of dísciple, Heavenspan Court is naturally very important.

However, a group of Divine King dísciple glanced at each other, and they all shook their heads.

At this moment, Elder’s face in the inner courtyard became completely black.

“You all know the rules of the inner court. If you do it in private, my inner court will not take care of you! But if some rules are broken, my inner court won’t show mercy!” Elder scolded angrily.

“Elder, I won’t say anything to wait, check it yourself!”

“Yes, unfathomable mystery!”


Many people were angry, and they were cultivation, but they were called out.

Especially those who are at the critical juncture of breakthrough, at this moment, they have resentment for this Elder.

“If you dare to lie, the court will take care of you!” Elder said coldly.

After that, his divine sense enveloped the group of people. After ten breaths, his face became even more weird.

“How about Elder? I didn’t lie, did I?”

“Yes, you are also an emperor anyway, I dare to lie in front of you?”


This Elder hearing this, his face is full of doubts.

He raised his head and glanced at that Jieyun, secretly thought what was going on?

The place where Jieyun appeared is indeed above the cultivation room.

Then, crossing tribulation is definitely in the cultivation room!

However, I checked the gods and other dísciples of God King Level, but no one wanted Transcending Tribulation!

“Elder, you see that the cloud is still condensing, and the power has reached the Middle God.” Someone said: “Could it be that the dísciple of God Emperor Level is about to Transcending Tribulation?”

“Yes, it should be God Emperor Level’s dísciple Transcending Tribulation, right? It may be at a critical juncture of breakthrough. When the breakthrough is complete, the power of this cloud will probably reach God Emperor Level.”


I have checked the gods and the God King Level dísciple, this Elder is also guessing at the moment, is it really the dísciple of the God Emperor Level about to Transcending Tribulation?

“Impossible! There is no God Emperor Level dísciple in the cultivation room!”

“God low-level dísciples are all in the comprehend cultivation of the dojo, how could they come here!”

Several gods dísciple said, and at the same time, a Strands of Divine Sense of Elder also fell in the cultivation room.

He probed it, and there was indeed no God Emperor Level dísciple in the cultivation room.

So…what is going on with Jieyun?

“It won’t be him…”

Suddenly, Crown Prince’s face condensed, and he looked up towards the robbery cloud, the weak whispered: “Elder, you say the Lord God The Jieyun, will there be such a power?”

As soon as this is said, it is not Elder, even the other dísciples have rolled the eyes.

The Jieyun of the main Divine Grade can have this kind of power! ?

You are so blind! ? I didn’t see the robbery cloud still condensing, the power is almost catching up with the robbery cloud of Middle God!

But, at this moment, Jiang Zixiu’s expression also became weird. He moved towards Crown Prince and took a look, subconsciously asked: “You said…couldn’t it be him?”

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