I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1187

Jiang Zixiu and Crown Prince both thought of one person at the same time, and that was Jiang Chen!

Furthermore, they also told Elder of the inner courtyard.

However, although Elder in the inner courtyard knows that Jiang Chen is very unusual, he does not believe that a trifling, the lower master god, can attract the god-level Heavenly Tribulation!

“Go! I can’t stay here anymore!”

After ten breaths, the Elder expression in the inner courtyard changed greatly, only because of the cloud in the sky. Completely condensed!

At this moment, the power emanating from this robbery cloud has reached High God!

“Is there anyone in the cultivation room?” someone asked.

“There’s another Yanqi.” Someone said. After saying this, the expression suddenly became weird.

Because they are wondering, could this Heavenly Tribulation be hot?

“What!? Yan Yan is still in the cultivation room!? Ask him to come out and gather, what is he doing!? Does he even defy the meaning of my Elder?!” Elder in the inner courtyard shouted angrily. silhouette disappeared in place.

After a few breaths, I saw him rushing out with Yanzheng, pointing to Jieyun above his head, and said: “Is this yours!?”

“I recently When I reach bottleneck, I haven’t had a breakthrough yet, how could it be Transcending Tribulation.” Yan Yu said.

“The people in the cultivation room are here, then this Heavenly Tribulation……”


When everyone was puzzled, someone suddenly spoke , Said: “No! There is one more!”


“That’s the kid who just entered the inner courtyard, the lower god!”


At this moment, everyone’s expression became weird.

Especially Yan Li and Qing Zhan, both eyes flashed a hint of horror.

Is it… really him?



At this moment, a roar sounded, the lightning in the sky was bright, and the big runes turned into wisps of flames burning !

tribulation thunder is coming!

No one dares to stay here, even Elder in this inner courtyard is shocked.

A group of people exited here and watched from a distance.

After a few breaths, when a thunder fell and the strikes were on the cultivation room great hall, an explosion resounded everywhere!

At the same time, the cultivation room that has been standing in the inner courtyard for thousands of years collapsed under this Dao Tribulation thunder!

“Damn! I knew that, so I should set up the Defensive Array in the cultivation room great hall all around!” Elder’s face in the inner courtyard was dark.

After all, who will not think that someone will be Transcending Tribulation in the cultivation room!

This is too bad!

“Someone came out!”

“It’s him!?”


Suddenly, many people exclaimed Stepping out, I saw a young man covered in dust, rushing out of the cultivation room grinning!

“Damn! You just dropped Heavenly Tribulation just after the breakthrough, God, you are really punctual!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen cursed, and he just broke through to the central god, power within the body I haven’t calmed down yet, and it’s too late to relax. I’m going to cross Heavenly Tribulation!

“Should I give him a rub? Is it really him?”

“This is…the middle main god!?”

At this moment, it’s not like a group of inner courtyard dísciples, even Elder in the inner courtyard is confused.

I made a mistake! ? How come there is another one in this cultivation room! ?

And…still a middle-ranked main god! ?

“This Heavenly Tribulation, is it really his?” Elder in the inner courtyard looked dumbfounded. He was the emperor and had seen many miraculous things, but at the moment it was also a little hard to accept, very It’s messy!

“He…has never been disappointed…” Jiang Zixiu said with a bitter smile.

Crown Prince is also a strange expression, secretly thought also said that entering the inner courtyard should be low-key.

You low-key… just like that?

“This kid, in the cultivation room Transcending Tribulation, now it’s good, the entire cultivation room is exploded! Even if he can survive the Heavenly Tribulation, the inner courtyard will not let him go!”

“That is the cultivation room that has gone through thousands of years, and its preciousness is unimaginable. If the cultivation room is rebuilt, it is estimated that the treasure house of Heavenspan Court will be empty!”


No Few people joked, and no one thought that Jiang Chen could succeed in Transcending Tribulation.

After all, that’s a god-level Heavenly Tribulation!

“Hey! Wake up! It’s Transcending Tribulation!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen is standing in the sky, shouting in his heart.

Jiang Chen is very clear that this god-level Heavenly Tribulation is not a big problem for him, but if his own “masters” do not take action, even if he has survived Heavenly Tribulation, He will also be seriously injured.

“Coincidentally, Emperor Vine and I have just been transformation successful.” undying bird Dao Soul said with a smile: “This Heavenly Tribulation, Emperor Vine and I will carry it for you!”

“en.” The Emperor Vine also spoke. This is the first time he has spoken!

“Oh? You can speak too? That’s all right. From now on, the undying bird will be in my Soul World, and I won’t be alone.” Jiang Chen joked.



When the voice fell, everyone saw a big tree covering the sky and the sun unfolding from behind Jiang Chen!

The whole body is red gold, the branches and leaves are luxuriant, and every leaf is covered with avenue-like lines!

The branches swayed, the leaves vibrated, and a cloud of scarlet gold rose into the sky, directly blocking the falling thunder!


At the same time, a long sound came out, and the undying bird was like a blazing flame, directly rushing into the cloud of robbery!

The tribulation thunder of the original pitch-black as ink turned red in an instant, and everyone seemed to see an ancient Divine Bird stirring the wind and clouds in the tribulation thunder, without any fear!

“That is…his Dao Soul?”

“That seems to be undying bird Dao Soul…but how can the ancient book be different?”

“That big tree…how does it look like a World Tree.” Someone whispered.

And when everyone was suspicious, Jiang Chen stood calmly among the robbery clouds, and had no intention of doing anything at all.

Because he could feel that he could cope with this Heavenly Tribulation with the imperial vine and undying bird alone.



But, suddenly, an azure edge burst from its top of the head, like a sword glow, it was cut directly Open Heavenly Tribulation!

When Heavenly Tribulation was split in half, everyone saw an azure lotus bloom, and then disappeared with the wind.


“This is over? Can you be more sturdy?”


This moment , Everyone was confused.

Use two Dao Soul Transcending Tribulation. Although this is rare, I have heard of it.

But what happened to the azure glow just now? It was like a sword that shocked the sky, it directly shattered Jieyun!

And, what is that azure lotus illusory shadow? Is it also his Dao Soul?

“Hey…what are you doing out there?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s face is black. The azure sharpness before is exactly the strand of Primal that turned into the second soul. Chaos Qi hit it!

However, Primal Chaos Qi was very calm and did not react at all.

“Is it worried that my Transcending Tribulation failed? It seems…you three strands of Primal Chaos Qi, I still feel sorry for me.” Jiang Chen believes oneself infallible whispered.

“You! Come over here!”

At this moment, Elder in the inner courtyard shouted, pointed finger towards Jiang Chen, and said: “Be quicker!”

“Eh…” Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment. As soon as he saw the other party’s cultivation base and clothes, he knew his identity.

Then, he took another look at the cultivation room that had been turned into ruins…

A drop of cold sweat fell silently in his heart.

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