I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1188

Everyone was shocked by Jiang Chen’s performance, but at this moment, they all showed a hint of joking.

Destroying the cultivation room of the inner courtyard, this is a big crime!

However, when Jiang Chen came to Elder in the inner courtyard, the first sentence of Elder in the inner courtyard was: “Are you injured?”

For a moment, Jiang Chen There was a slight illusion, as if the inner courtyard Elder standing in front of him was his most kind elder…

As for the people all around, they were already messed up.

That’s wrong, Elder, someone ruined the cultivation room. This was your first sentence?

“I…nothing.” Jiang Chen reacted, pointing to the cultivation room that had been turned into ruins with an awkward look, and said: “That…I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s okay, it’s just the cultivation room.” Elder said with a smile in the inner courtyard: “It’s fine if you have nothing to do.”

“Isn’t it? Elder, the cultivation room are destroyed, not saying it will affect I’m waiting for the speed of cultivation in the future, just this loss…you don’t count it with him?”

“Yes, are you too eccentric?”

… …

Many people said, Elder’s attitude towards Jiang Chen in the inner courtyard is too much, right? !

“Cultivation lies in personal diligence and has nothing to do with the cultivation room.” Elder said: “Every dísciple who enters the inner courtyard is a person of the emperor, and I care more about it in the inner courtyard. It’s dísciple, not the cultivation room.”

However, when this is said, few people really believe it!

Many people have been in the inner courtyard for a long time, and they all know how heavy the rules of the inner courtyard are!

Like Jiang Chen, destroying the cultivation room, not to mention the capital crime, abolishing the cultivation base is the most basic thing!

But now…nothing!

“Elder, I rushed out just after the breakthrough. It was not intentional.” Jiang Chen said aggrieved.

“It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt, people just do.” Elder said: “Cultivation room can be rebuilt.”


“Naked eccentricity! “

Everyone is slanderous, but in fact they all know that Elder is a pity!

A middle main god who can attract god-level Heavenly Tribulation can survive safely. Based on this, Jiang Chen is worthy of the favor of the inner courtyard and even heavy cultivation!

It’s just that, they all didn’t expect, and Elder actually came here clearly.

Those of us don’t want face! ?

“Cultivation room will be rebuilt during this period. You will find a place to live, and wait until the reconstruction room is rebuilt.” Elder said to everyone, then a smile appeared on his face, looked towards Jiang Chen said: “You can go to the dojo for cultivation.”

As soon as this word came out, everyone was dumbfounded!

Be aware that only the Peak group of people can enter the dojo in the inner courtyard!

Moreover, there are also requirements for the cultivation base, at least Divinity Venerable Level!

And Jiang Chen, is just a middle main god, what qualifications does he have to enter the dojo cultivation! ?

“Elder, you did this…it’s a bit out of compliance!”

“That is, he just entered the inner courtyard and ruined the cultivation room. Punish him and let him go to the dojo for cultivation. What do you make me think in my heart!?”


Many people have spoken. For this Elder’s behavior, it is true It was resentful!

“Who is Elder?” The Elder scolded angrily: “If you don’t agree, go to the dean! Don’t chirp me here!”

After that, Elder He took out a token and handed it to Jiang Chen, saying: “Holding this token, you can enter and leave the dojo at will, but remember… the inner court is cruelly competitive. If this token is gone… I will not replace it. Go find it.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, his hands trembled suddenly, secretly thought this thing is really a hot potato!

He knows what Elder means, and giving him this token in front of so many people, and saying this, is obviously encouraging everyone to grab him!

Before Jiang Chen revealed his wealth, it attracted a lot of people’s jealousy. Now he is holding such a token, Jiang Chen feels that he is already in the crowd!

“Elder, can I do this token?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I gave this to you, can you not?” Elder expression straightened and said: “Keep it in peace.”

After all, this Elder patted Jiang Chen Behind his shoulders, he left like this.

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked at the token in his hand, and then looked towards all around the people, his expression was already black and messed up!

“This token…Who wants it? I will give it to you.” Jiang Chen said hurriedly, looking at these inner courtyard dísciples, especially those god-level dísciples, that is There was green light in their eyes!

The voice fell, Jiang Chen threw the token directly!


“Go away! This is mine!”


At this moment, no one Follow Jiang Chen again, a group of people seem crazy, moved towards that token rushed away!

However, those who dare to fight for tokens are the ones with the highest cultivation base among this group of people, and they are all gods.

As for the others, they knew they couldn’t do it, so they didn’t try to do it.

However, after these people waited on the spot for a while, they turned their eyes on Jiang Chen again.

“Boy, I can’t wait to grab this token to the dojo, but the treasure on your body……”

“hmph, can survive the God-level Heavenly Tribulation again How? The real battle strength was created!”


At this moment, dozens of Divine Kings surrounded Jiang Chen, with greed in his eyes. Meaning.

“Everyone, he is the representative of my Jiang clan walking outside. His existence is equivalent to my Jiang clan patriarch! Do you really dare to snatch him?” Jiang Zixiu hurriedly said.

“He is also the highest worship of my Taixu clan!” Crown Prince said solemnly.

However, this is Heavenspan Court, and there are rules here!

Here, even the dragon has to lie down!

Rao is how high your status outside is, it’s all the same here, equal!

“Crown Prince, Jiang Zixiu, don’t you two have a bad brain!? Don’t know if this is Heavenspan Garden?!”

“Here, I’ll wait even if it’s killing It’s okay if you lose him. Free Heavenspan Court will support me!”


Everyone sniffs, and they don’t care about Jiang Chen’s identity at all.

At the same time, someone has already taken a shot, and between his fingers, a cold glow is approaching Jiang Chen away!

“Dare you guys!”

At this moment, I saw Yan Yan rushing from the side, blocking the blow for Jiang Chen, and at the same time his body exploded in an imposing manner, one after another The flames are fighting around him!

He received Jiang Chen’s rare treasure, and he reached a deal with Jiang Chen. Now, counting the time, he still has to guard Jiang Chen for more than ten days!

“If you move him, Crown Prince and I will not sit back and watch!” Jiang Zixiu coldly said: “If you cause our consequences, think about it yourself!”

” I said…a group of people snatched something from a middle-ranked main god. How shameful it would be if it were spread out? The people present are all famous Heaven’s Chosen Child, are you afraid of being treated as a joke?” Jiang Zixiu lightly said: “Yes Ability, you guys go up and grab them one by one!”

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