I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1190

The group with the highest cultivation base is competing for the token to enter the dojo. Although the rest of the group are very strong, they are also afraid of Jiang Chen at this moment!

It is natural to win, and everything about Jiang Chen belongs to them.

However, if you lose, not only will you lose your source, you will lose your face!

After all, the realm of these people is a lot higher than Jiang Chen. If they lose to Jiang Chen, can they still hold on to this face?

“Since no one has taken any action, then today’s affairs are over.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

However, as soon as I finished speaking, I saw a High God rushing down in the air. Without saying anything, he moved towards Jiang Chen with a punch!

This person was also fighting for the Dojo token before, but seeing hopelessness, he simply came to grab the treasure from Jiang Chen.

However, this talent just shot, Crown Prince and Jiang Zixiu, and Yan Li shot at the same time, this person was intercepted!

“Why? Do you want to fight?” Yan Yan raised his eyebrows, coldly said: “I took his money, so naturally I want to protect him.”

“Oh, I’m too empty to move Before the highest worship of the clan, you have to think clearly! The inner courtyard of the Heavenspan Garden is not the only one of the Taixu clan!” Crown Prince said.

Jiang Zixiu on the side also looked contemptuous, saying: “If you are really determined to do it, I can’t wait to stop you. But… if you dare to leave this Heavenspan Garden for a while, It must eat your flesh and swallow your blood!”

As soon as these words came out, the expression of this High God-ranked youth suddenly became gloomy.

He knows that there is another person from the Taixu clan in the inner courtyard, and that person is stronger than Crown Prince, and is now comprehend cultivation in the dojo.

Similarly, in Fire Qilin Race, there is also a person who is also cultivating in the dojo. That person is Yan Li’s brother!

Throwing away these two things, Jiang Zixiu’s words alone are enough to make this person jealous!

Be aware that not every force can be fearless of evil races!

Especially now that we look at this situation, the two evil races, which are old enemies, seem to be an alliance because of Jiang Chen alone!

“We are not the only people in the inner courtyard!” The young man coldly said: “You can keep him for a while, but you can’t keep him forever!”

“hmph! Not everyone is afraid of you Evil race!”


Many people spoke eccentric, but they didn’t do anything.

After all, Crown Prince and Jiang Zixiu, these two people, came forward to support Jiang Chen. This deterrence is really a bit big.

even more how, now it’s one more hot!

“The token is given to you, don’t bother me if I have nothing to do in the future.” Jiang Chen lightly said, with a headache.

He knows that if this is happening today, he is afraid that there will be no peace in the inner courtyard from now on.

You know, there are more people in the inner courtyard!

Those who are extremely powerful, the true powerhouse in the inner courtyard is not here!

In the end, Jiang Chen entire group left, and no one else chased it down.

The inner courtyard is very large, with continuous mountains and rivers, and there are also palaces.

Jiang Chen entire group randomly found a hill and built a few simple wood houses, and planned to live here temporarily.

After all, the cultivation room is ruined, and now I really have to find a place to settle down.

“Speaking…what is the situation in that dojo? Why do those people desperately want to enter the dojo cultivation?” Jiang Chen asked.

About some things about the dojo, Jiang Chen already knows about immortals.

But, if only because of this, Jiang Chen feels that those people don’t have to desperately want to go to the dojo.

“There is an ancient Xuanling Formation in the dojo, which can not only condense World’s Essence Qi, but also Grand Dao Law, and even some supreme Order Rules!” Yan Li explained: “This is useful for future cultivation Great help!”

“After becoming a Divine King, if you want to further cultivation, you need to open the sky.” Jiang Zixiu said: “Ordinary people, open the sky dozens of times, it is difficult to succeed, especially to become After the gods, if you want to step into the God Emperor Realm, you have to open nine days!”

“The key to open the sky is to comprehend enough Grand Dao Law and even the Order Rule! Otherwise, simply don’t think about opening up the sky!”


Hearing this, Jiang Chen also feels the same.

In the previous life of Jiang Chen in Nine Heavens God World, his cultivation base reached the High God King, so he opened the sky and wanted to break through!

However, when opening the sky, Jiang Chen was besieged to death by 36 main gods, so now, he has not truly succeeded in opening the sky.

Furthermore, the heaven of the six worlds is actually incomplete.

A long time ago, the six worlds were destroyed by the five worlds, leaving only the “Heaven” of Nine Heavens God World.

In this way, even if you are successful in God World, you will step into the gods from the Divine King, but in the essence, it is not a god.

This also led to the cultivator of the Six Worlds, whose strength is generally weaker than that of Great Thousand Worlds.

Only because the six realms open only a piece of sky, and what Great Thousand Worlds is going to open here is the sky of the entire world!

“The six worlds can be opened in one day, and then you can break through. In Great Thousand Worlds, the strength and foundation required to open one day are simply unimaginable!” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

And Jiang Chen also knows that the key to the success of Kaitian is how much he understands the laws of the Dao and the Order Rule.

If you have more understanding, you will naturally “understand the sky”. Equivalent to finds the key, and opening up the sky is naturally much easier.

If there is less understanding, it is tantamount to bludgeoning, unless one’s own strength is really too strong, otherwise it is difficult to open the sky!

“When you look at this inner courtyard, there are actually many High Gods, and some even entered High Gods a hundred years ago.” Yan Xi said, “But… what they understand There are not many Grand Dao Law and Order Rule, so it is difficult to break through.”

“For those people, entering the dojo cultivation can further breakthrough!”


At this moment, Jiang Chen is also relieved.

However, Jiang Chen’s current cultivation base is only the middle main god and is far from the High God king.

Even if I go to the dojo cultivation now, it is of little use.

However, if you prepare early, it won’t be bad.

However, there is no token now, and Jiang Chen’s cultivation base is not enough to enter the dojo cultivation…

“If you knew that the dojo is so mysterious, you should get the token yourself. And.” Jiang Chen whispered.

However, this is nothing serious.

With Jiang Chen’s current strength, in the situation just now, simply cannot keep the token!

After all, the god-level dísciples in the inner courtyard are not good characters!

Even, someone can use the power of the gods to shake the ordinary Divine Emperor!

“That…I don’t have a token, but is there a way to get one?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Simple, as long as you have money, you can do it!” Yan Li said: “Those people who are cultivating in the dojo will come out to relax and calm down the emotions brought about by cultivation from time to time. When those people come out to relax, as long as you can afford the price, they can lend you their tokens.”

“Oh? It’s that simple?” Jiang Chen was taken aback, secretly thought this Great Thousand Worlds is really good, whatever you have money will do!

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