I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1191

The higher the cultivation base, the more cultivation resources are needed.

If you want to get more cultivation resources, unless the whole force is vigorously cultivating you, otherwise you can only find a way by yourself.

After all, each force will give more and the best cultivation resources to only one dísciple, and only cultivate one, so as to cultivate the strongest dísciple in the shortest world!

The general dísciple does not get much attention in the influence, even if it is a high status, but as long as it can’t be a Holy Son, it must be a lack of cultivation resources.

If not, there is also an impossible force like Academy in this world.

Even the dísciple who entered the inner courtyard of Heavenspan Court are not of the Holy Son level in their respective forces, so they will come to Heavenspan Court in order to obtain more cultivation resources.

It can be said that here, as long as you have money, you can do anything!

“Let’s take you to the outside of the dojo first. We will wait there.” Yan Li said, “As long as someone comes out, you can discuss with him and make a deal.”

“Also.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

Crown Prince and Jiang Zixiu did not go there together, they just cultivation on this mountain, and they have no interest in the dojo.

Of course, I said that I was not interested, but it was actually because of my own cultivation base and financial problems.

The inner courtyard is very large, and the dojo is on the mountainside of the inner courtyard.

Floating mist is floating here, there are colorful clouds flowing in the sky, and the gathering of Power of Heaven and Earth turns into a natural barrier.

In the depths of the mountainside, there is an ancient and dilapidated temple. According to legend, the last place that man appeared before he disappeared was in that old temple.

The so-called Daochang is five ten meters around the ancient temple.

After Jiang Chen and Yan Li came here, they were stopped by guards because they had no tokens.

Of course, even if there is no guard, the natural barrier here is enough to stop Jiang Chen’s footsteps.

“We are waiting here.” Yan Li said: “People will come out often, when the time comes, just ask.”

“En.” Jiang Chen lightly Said nodded, but his eyes were locked on the ancient temple through layers of mist!

The gate of the ancient temple has long been broken and you can see the scenery inside the ancient temple.

And above the shrine of the ancient temple, there is a palm-size statue.

The statue is covered with dust, but under the dust there are wisps of divine light hidden.

It’s just that this statue is really ordinary, maybe because the age in the dojo is too old, so it is stained with a trace of divine light that’s all.

However, Jiang Chen has been staring at the statue ever since he came here.

He could see clearly that the statue was cast from the most ordinary clay!

Of course, this is not the point!

The point is that there is a breath that makes Jiang Chen very familiar on the statue!

This breath is very weak, it can even be said to be nothingness!

However, Jiang Chen felt it!

This makes Jiang Chen feel weird. Why does he feel familiar with the statue when he comes here for the first time?

Could it be that he was here in a certain life?

“Yes…My previous lifetimes were not necessarily in the Six Realms. Maybe some lifetimes were in the Great Thousand Worlds.” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

“Are you looking at that statue? Don’t look at it. The emperors of Heavenspan Garden and even Transcender have studied it. They are the most common statues.” Yan Li said.

“It’s just curiosity.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “In such an extraordinary place, you said that there is a most common statue on the shrine…Don’t you think it is strange?”

“Because of the strangeness, there are emperors and Transcenders who have come to study, but… I haven’t researched anything.” Yan Li said: “Maybe the ancestors put it on it at will.”

“Oh…” Jiang Chen lightly said, is that really the case?

Next, the two waited quietly outside. It was not until the past day that they encountered a young man walking out of the dojo.

“Yanli, I have been comprehend inside for a long time, and both my body and mind need to rest and rest, settle down, you can go in.”

This person came to Yanli, After giving a token to Yan Li, he couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Chen a few more times.

“Big brother, this is a new friend of mine. I brought him here to do some business and see if I can borrow the dojo token.” Yan Yu said, and introduced Jiang Chen a bit.

It turned out that this person is also of Fire Qilin Race, Yan Li’s brother Yansen, and now his cultivation base has reached the Low God Emperor!

“Dojo tokens are very expensive, and the dojo is quite messy, so be careful after entering.” Yansen reminded.

After all, Yansen didn’t talk to Jiang Chen, so he left.

“Then…this…I went in first?” Yan Lin was embarrassed. He was originally with Jiang Chen, but he happened to meet his brother out…

“It’s okay, You go in first.” Jiang Chen said: “I will wait outside.”

After that, Yan Li entered the dojo, and Jiang Chen stood outside the dojo, waiting quietly.

Time is also slowly passing by.

Until three days later, a teenager finally came out.

Jiang Chen was also waiting anxiously, and hurriedly walked over and said: “This Fellow Daoist, can I borrow your dojo token, I will give it.”

He was taken aback for a moment, looked up and down Jiang Chen, his brows frowned, and said: “You, the cultivation base, if you enter the dojo, you can only comprehend cultivation at the outermost periphery, don’t go deeper.”

” Many thanks reminder, then…this price…” Jiang Chen asked, rubbing his hands.

“It just so happens that I’m going out for a trip, and come back in ten days. It doesn’t matter if you keep this dojo token in your hand. You can just give it the price.” This boy seemed very casual He looks very easy-going.

Jiang Chen saw that the other party was so easy-going, and it was not easy to give less. He couldn’t help but tentatively asked: “Three hundred source crystals a day?”

“Uh… yes. “The boy froze for a while, it seems that he didn’t expect Jiang Chen to give such a high price.

However, Jiang Chen also told the other party that he didn’t have that many source crystals, so he could only exchange it with the equivalent rare treasure.

Who knows, this young man waved his hand indifferently and said, “It’s okay, you can give it to me when you have it.”

After that, he gave the token Give it to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen is holding the token and standing in place, a little messy.

This is… what’s the situation?

Just give him the token? Is this guy too good to talk? !

“By the way, if the people inside want to grab your token, you just say that the token is mine.” This person said.

After all, the silhouette of this young man flashed and disappeared.

At this moment, Jiang Chen is completely messy!

Yes, I know this token belongs to you, but you didn’t tell me your name!

What do I say! ?

Fortunately, Jiang Chen remembered the dress and appearance of the other party. When the time comes can’t tell the name, you can describe it…

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