I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1192

This young man had a big heart, and he left without telling Jiang Chen his name.

Jiang Chen froze for a while, but also quite messy.

“This guy…can’t be considered easygoing anymore, he should be very casual.” Jiang Chen whispered.

After that, Jiang Chen took the token and entered the dojo.


As soon as he entered the dojo, Jiang Chen’s body was shocked, and a terrifying coercion fell on him.

This is a unique pressure in the dojo, and most people simply cannot bear it!

However, for Jiang Chen, as long as the coercive power does not exceed the gods.

“en? The middle main god?”

“How did you get in?”


At this moment, with With the arrival of Jiang Chen, many people’s eyes fell on him.

After all, this is the dojo, and the minimum requirement to enter here is God Venerable Realm.

Of course there are some special ones, such as Divine King can also enter here.

But it is really the first one with a low cultivation base like Jiang Chen.

“Boy, this is not a place where you can come.”

At this moment, someone came over, and the cultivation base reached High God.

He squinted his eyes, with a joking look, with contempt in his eyes, and said: “No matter where you got this token, from now on, this token is mine.”


After that, he stretched out a hand, shook it in front of Jiang Chen, and said: “Hand it over.”

“Can I do it here?” Jiang Chen asked.

“You can’t do it in the dojo,” the boy said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, there was also a smile on his face.

Since I can’t do it, why should I give you the token?

“Can’t do it, you want to grab my token? Are you confused?” Jiang Chen lightly said, constantly looking at the boy, and he was also a little shocked.

Because, this young man not only possesses the cultivation base of High God, but the imposing manner it exudes is not weaker than that of Low God or even Middle God!

“Sure enough, those who can enter the dojo are not simple things.” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

At this moment, this young man looked at Jiang Chen like an idiot, and asked after a few breaths: “I can’t do it, but… you are not afraid that after leaving the dojo, I will trouble you “

“Not afraid.” Jiang Chen shrugged indifferently and said: “High God, the cultivation base is indeed a lot higher than me, but if I really fight, I might not lose to You.”

However, even Jiang Chen himself did not believe this.

You must know that what he is facing now is not an ordinary cultivator, but the strongest group of dísciples in Heavenspan Garden!

Which group of people cannot leapfrog one another?

Jiang Chen can leapfrog and contend with the general gods, even overwhelming the gods, but facing the boy in front of him, Jiang Chen is not sure that he can beat the opponent.

But, as I said before, no hands are allowed in the dojo!

So, Jiang Chen is safe now!

Since it is safe, why should Jiang Chen be afraid?

As for what will happen after going out, Jiang Chen doesn’t bother to think about it at this moment.

Furthermore, this token is not his, it is rented.

“I rented this token. Even if you snatch it, the previous owner of this token will come to trouble you.” Jiang Chen said.

As soon as the words came out, the young man was taken aback, and subconsciously asked: “Who is the previous owner of this token?”

“This…I don’t know the name.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, but still painted the person’s face.

The young man hearing this, his expression changed suddenly, and he asked tentatively: “Does the person you mentioned give people a very casual feeling?”

” Yes, you know him?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Since it’s his token… Then… Excuse me.” The boy turned dark, and muttered a few times in his mouth: “It’s really bad luck! It’s his token!”


After that, the boy turned around and left.

This made Jiang Chen a little surprised. Is the previous owner of this token secretly thought very strong? It seems that the boy who can be compared to the Divine Emperor just now is very afraid of him.

“en? Why are you back? Don’t you want the token of the middle main god? That’s the Chinese cabbage delivered to the door.”

“Yes, it’s not like it You.”

At this moment, people all around saw this scene and asked the boy one after another.

The young man hearing this, laughed, jokingly said: “You want it? You go chanting.”

“A middle-ranked god that’s all, since you don’t want it, I want it. !”

Soon there was a High God statue coming over, obviously coming to grab Jiang Chen’s token again.

And this time, Jiang Chen was very straightforward. After directly describing the appearance of the previous owner of the token, this person was also foul-mouthed and left.

At this moment, many people’s expressions became weird.

“What’s the matter? It’s not like that among you guys. Now you don’t even dare to snatch a middle main god?” someone curiously asked.

“How to grab it? That’s a four-pole clean token! You can grab it!”

“And, that kid is a rented token, According to the rules, since Shi Wuchen has made this deal with him, Shi Wuchen will protect him!”


The previous boys spoke and said The identity of Jiang Chen as the previous owner of the token.

Jiang Chen was also quite puzzled in his ears.

Quadrupole? What race is that?

“Boy, you are blessed to make this deal with Shi Wuchen.” Someone had a dark face, coldly said, “If it weren’t for your token to be Shi Wuchen…hmph! “

“His cultivation base is similar to yours. Do you have to be so afraid of him?” Jiang Chen curiously asked.

“You don’t know Shi Wuchen? Then you have always heard of the Quadrupole family?” someone asked.

Jiang Chen hearing this, shook the head, how long has he been to Great Thousand Worlds, how can I know that many.

“The four-pole race is also a member of the evil race!”

“Their bodies are very strange, some are like hands, some are like feet.”


Many people explained, and when they mentioned the ontology of the quadrupole clan, many people showed weird expressions.

Just because, the ontology of the Quadrupole Clan… is really very different.

Jiang Chen is also confused, secretly thought that Great Thousand Worlds is really there is no lack of strange things, hands and feet can be the main body?

However, since it is an evil race, no matter what the body is, Jiang Chen will not feel very strange.

After all, the evil race is inherently strange.

“It seems that you should have just arrived in the inner courtyard, and you don’t even know how to clean.”

“That’s a fierce person, normally casual, but once you get serious ……Even the god Imperial Capital must be afraid of him by three points.”


After hearing these words, Jiang Chen realized that the token rented at this time can be described as Rented baby!

“hmph! What about the Quadrupole? Not with me, the Jiang clan is equally famous!”

At this moment, deep in the dojo, a rather aloof voice came.

Jiang Chen hearing this, he happened to see a boy wearing Bai Yi with a bald head, looking at him at the moment.

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