I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1194

Long Xuanji left after saying this, not at all to continue cultivation in the dojo, but came outside the dojo.

He just stood quietly like this, obviously waiting for Jiang Chen to go out.

Jiang Dongtian complexion is gloomy, staring at Long Xuanji, his eyes condensed, coldly said: “After he goes out, if you dare to hurt him a bit, I will do everything I can to make you pay A heavy price!”

“You, no.” Long Xuanji was very arrogant, even confident.

He is the Holy Son of all Dragon Races in Eastern Star Domain, he has absolute strength and confidence!

However, if there is a fight, it is really hard to say.

After all, Jiang Dongtian also not to be trifled with, and it is also a well-known figure in this generation of the Jiang family!

On the other side, the soul Mo Yuan glanced at Long Xuanji, and then at Jiang Chen, and finally closed his eyes and stopped talking.

At this moment, Jiang Chen is also a little confused, why Long Xuanji wants to talk to him.

Is it possible that is related to Long Dade?

“It shouldn’t be embarrassing me.” Jiang Chen secretly thought, and Long Xuanji’s lacking hatred and enmity, the reason why he is waiting outside now is mostly because there are really important and confidential things to do ask him.

“Representative Jiang, don’t worry, everything is fine with me!” Jiang Dongtian said resolutely: “No matter how strong he is, I have the power to fight him!”

“It’s okay, you should hit does not raise.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

After that, Jiang Chen sat cross-legged and started the comprehend Grand Dao Law and Order Rule in the outer area of ​​the dojo.

After calming his mind and entering concentration, Jiang Chen suddenly felt that there was a mysterious substance floating around him.

Under the divine sense, these substances are like runes, but they are broken, as if they were broken.

However, each rune exudes a unique breath, like a different lifeform.

“Is this the Grand Dao Law and the rules and order?” Jiang Chen lightly said.

These rune fragments are derived from the Grand Dao Law and the rule order.

It’s just that these all are incomplete. You need to slowly find and understand by yourself, and then connect these broken runes together to turn them into complete rules and Order Rules!

And this process is very difficult and very long!

Three Thousand Great Dao, there are three thousand rules and orders.

Ordinary people, as long as they can comprehend one, they can break a day and become a Divine King!

After comprehending the three points, you can break through three days and become a god!

Going up, there are nine points, making the Divine Emperor!

As for how to become an emperor after the Divine Emperor, it is difficult to say clearly.

But one thing is certain. If you want to become a Divine Emperor, what is not simple is the order of Comprehend Law.

Otherwise, if a person lives long enough and slowly wears down, he can become an emperor.

Time is passing slowly, Jiang Chen’s constant comprehend perception.

I don’t know how long it has been, like in a flash, and like endless years.

Until then, Jiang Chen saw the rune around him suddenly gather together!

Look carefully, these runes are like a drop of blood, but they are like a fleshy body, constantly changing!

Jiang Chen is very familiar with a rune. This is exactly the Grand Dao Law that he comprehend after becoming the Divine King-power!

You must know that Jiang Chen understood the law of power in his previous life!

In the previous life, the path that Jiang Chen took was also the path of strength breaking myriad laws that the ordinary people said!

Now, although it is reincarnation and rebirth, the Grand Dao Law that the previous life comprehend is still there. It only needs a little comprehend to find the law of power!

“In Nine Heavens God World, you only need to open one day to achieve something. But in Great Thousand Worlds, you need to open the entire Great Thousand Worlds.” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

In this way, perhaps this law of power will allow Jiang Chen to step into the position of the Divine King, but it will definitely not allow him to step into the gods!

So, only by comprehend more rules, Jiang Chen can go further and become stronger!

“Blood cloud! Fleshy body illusory shadow… How long has he been comprehend now, the law of comprehended power!?”

“This speed… enchanting!?”



At this moment, Jiang Chen is still comprehend, but there is a noise in the dojo.

Many people are stunned. You must know that it has only been 5 minutes since Jiang Chen entered Ding to the present!

5 minutes of time, as far as the law of comprehended power is concerned, this speed is rare in the ages, rare in the ages!

Of course, what they don’t know is that this law of power was comprehended by Jiang Chen as early as his previous life!


“What is this!?”

“That is…light!?”

” No! It’s the law of speed!”


After another 5 minutes, everyone suddenly saw Jiang Chen’s body, floating one after another with a cloud-like rune brilliance .

The brilliance is like a river of time, jumping out from Jiang Chen within the body, flashing and flashing, as if traveling through the void of time!

This is speed! The law of speed!

At this moment, although Jiang Chen didn’t wake up, he was shocked.

Just because he comprehend this quick law, he didn’t “work hard” at all.

It seems that the law of speed came out on its own and merged with him. Everything is so strange, but so simple and normal.

This makes Jiang Chen very puzzled. Why did this law of speed suddenly appear?

“Could it be that one of my previous lives has understood this law of speed?” Jiang Chen thought, it should be so.

So, if this is the case, would Jiang Chen stay in the dojo without deliberately going to the cultivation comprehend, the previous Comprehend Laws will automatically appear! ?

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but get a little excited when he thought of this!

“The law of art!”

“Oh my god! What is this!? The time of the three stick incense, comprehend three rules of order!?”


After another 5 minutes, as Jiang Chen expected, the law of the third technique appeared by itself!

However, with the emergence of the law of surgery, Jiang Chen clearly felt something wrong with his body!

There is a crack in the fleshy body, and even the soul is shaking!

Obviously, with his current cultivation realm, he cannot accommodate so many laws and orders at the same time!


At this moment, Jiang Chen woke up in a hurry, connected the seal with both hands, and sealed the law of the technique in his soul.

At this time, his fleshy body and soul recovered.

The people who are all around are stared wide-eyed at this moment, all staring at Jiang Chen.

Three sticks of incense time, comprehend the three laws, this innate talent aptitude, this comprehension ability, from ancient times to the present, several people can compare! ?

“No wonder patriarch made him a representative of the Jiang family, this person… is too extraordinary! He looks like a great emperor!” Jiang Dongtian was amazed.

Rao is that his innate talent aptitude is extraordinary, and he ranks in the inner yard, but now compared with Jiang Chen, his innate talent aptitude is simply nothing.

Even Long Xuanji standing outside the dojo is stared wide-eyed. He didn’t expect that there will be such a person in this world. Three kinds of laws are understood in the time of Sanzhuxiang!

“cough cough…you guys, didn’t you bother you?” Jiang Chen coughed a few times, secretly thought it was necessary to keep a low profile, the result…

“This Fellow Daoist, if you need any help in the inner courtyard in the future, just speak up.”

“Fellow Daoist, I see you are destined, so I can be a friend.”


At this moment, many people threw out an olive branch, trying to win Jiang Chen!

After all, people like Jiang Chen, as long as they don’t die, they will definitely be a giant in the future!

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