I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 1195

The time of three sticks of incense comprehended the three laws of order. This speed and innate talent aptitude, looking at the past and present, few people can match!

And the people in the dojo, who are not Tianjiao, can let them lower their stance and win over Jiang Chen, which is already a lot of face for Jiang Chen.

However, many people choose to be silent, and even look towards Jiang Chen with a killing intent in their eyes.

Both are Tianjiao, everyone wants to stand proudly on Peak and become the invincible person.

No one wants to see a person who is better than himself, let alone let him grow up!

“It’s a bit high-profile this time…” Jiang Chen sighed. I knew that. When the 2nd rule was comprehended, it was time to stop!

However, since the matter has already happened, you have to face it. Avoidance is definitely not a way.

“Fellow Daoist, you know that showing off one’s ability is not a good thing.”

At this moment, a young man spoke, and there was no hostility and killing intent in the words. Cover up.

At the same time, after the boy’s words were said, Jiang Chen suddenly felt that all around there were a lot of gazes with killing intent moved towards him!

At this moment, Jiang Chen knew that this time was a big disaster!

Jiang Chen remained silent. He thought about it for a long time, and finally laughed bitterly and said to himself: “Since the disaster is big, then…what’s the big deal? Maybe a miracle will happen. “

Think about it, Jiang Chen also disinclined to pay attention to all around, sitting cross-legged again on the spot.

After calming his mind into sedition, Jiang Chen began to comprehend Grand Dao Law and rules and order again.

As before, this time after Jiang Chen entered the Dharma, he simply didn’t comprehend much, and he realized a kind of Grand Dao Law!

And the time, the same as before, only took 5 minutes of time.

“This guy…”

“This…is 5 minutes of time again!? How did he do it!?”

“Wicked No! This can’t be regarded as an evildoer, this is a monster!”

Everyone in the dojo was alarmed, standing not far away one by one, looking up and down With Jiang Chen.

Even Long Xuanji, who is standing outside the dojo, has a dumbfounded look, staring at Jiang Chen in a daze, with stormy sea in his heart!

“This kid, if he waits until he grows up, what will happen to us in this age!?”

“If this child grows up, this age will be considered to us There is no hope anymore!”


More and more people showed killing intents to Jiang Chen. Until the end, even those who wanted to win Jiang Chen changed their minds. Up!

They cannot watch the rise of such a monster, otherwise they will be suppressed in this era, and there will be no future!

“Patriarch has a good vision, but can such a person really be able to keep it? Showing off one’s ability, too easy to break, it is too difficult to keep him!” Jiang Dongtian expression grave, in his heart Thinking about it, I have to rush this matter back to the clan!

“What!? Another one!?”


After another 5 minutes, the dojo is completely boiling!

Because Jiang Chen is very stable again, after 5 minutes of time, another comprehended rule!

This…is too regular? !

Be aware that even if it is like Jiang Dongtian, Long Xuanji and the others, it took half a year to comprehend a law the fastest!

Moreover, the Comprehend Law becomes more difficult as it goes to the back!

Especially after the Three Principles, some people want to comprehend one more, ranging from a few years to as many as a hundred years, or even ten thousand years!

And now, Jiang Chen’s speed is indeed too bad!

Of course, they don’t know that these Grand Dao Laws are all “find their own door”!

Jiang Chen is not very comprehend at all!

“In my previous lifetimes, how many Grand Dao Laws did I comprehended?” Jiang Chen was also shocked at the moment. He felt that if he continued to comprehend, he could comprehend more!

However, with his current cultivation base, he cannot accommodate so many Grand Dao Law!

Just like now, he has woken up and hastily sealed these rules!

Otherwise, his fleshy body, even soul and Dao Foundation will be blown up!

“Come on, make this a big deal, someone will eventually kill me, but…someone will choose to protect me too!” Jiang Chen lightly said.

However, Jiang Chen must save himself first!

He glanced at the people all around, and then his gaze fell on Jiang Dongtian.

“Come on, I will give you something.” Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Dongtian hearing this, did not hesitate, when he came to Jiang Chen’s side, he could see Jiang Chen forced out a ray of blood essence and sent it directly to him.

“Take it down.” Jiang Chen said.

“This…blood essence? Take it?” Jiangdong Heavenly God looked tight, shook his head hurriedly, and said, “Although my Jiang clan likes to swallow, but… you are the representative of my clan, I How can you swallow your blood essence!”

“Swallow it.” Jiang Chen stared at him: “You will be pleasantly surprised.”

Jiang Dongtian is hearing this, and there is no hesitation, after all Jiang Chen Chen is the representative of the Jiang family, he believes in him unconditionally.

Immediately after Jiangdong took the blood essence, in a flash, the expression suddenly changed.

After a few breaths, I saw wisps of black mist rising from his within the body, with an aura of decay and decay.

“This is…” Jiang Dongtian was shocked. As an evil race, he knew what the black mist within the body was!

That is the substance that all evil races within the body have. It is full of decay and decay. If it is serious, it will not only hinder cultivation, but also make itself ominous!

That kind of ominous, terrifying, the whole person may disappear, or it may become crazy, or even become another creature!

As I said before, the evil races have been devouring other creatures, in fact, to solve the strange substance within the body!

And now, Jiang Chen’s blood essence has caused part of the dark matter within the body of Jiang Dongtian to disappear!

This, how can he not frighten him!

“That…soul Mo Yuan, come here too.” Jiang Chen said.

Soul Mo Yuan hearing this, complexion is gloomy, coldly said: “What are you? I thought that the Jiang clan was covering you, and my soul clan would also respect you three points!?”

“The soul race is also an evil race, come here, he has a gift for you.” Jiang Dongtian realized what Jiang Chen is going to do, persuaded: “They are all evil races, there are some things that don’t need to be hidden from you. “

Soul Mo Yuan hearing this, came over with suspicion, and then Jiang Chen gave him a drop of blood essence.

Soul Mo Yuan hesitated for a while, and then took the blood essence.

After a few breaths, wisps of black mist evaporated from his body, and his soul became much clearer!

“This is…”

At this moment, Mo Yuan was shocked. He only said half of what he said, but Jiang Chen and Jiang Dongtian knew in their hearts about the remaining half. !

“Protect me, my blood essence is so much!” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

“Definitely!” How can Mo Yuan, the soul, dare not agree, to know that the black matter of the evil race within the body is like a reminder for them!

Now, as long as we can keep Jiang Chen, the black matter of the soul Mo Yuan within the body, it is possible to completely remove it!

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